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Thread: I am not sure where to post this, i think you might like it.

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    I am not sure where to post this, i think you might like it.

    Hello thief fans,

    I am owl, i am new to this forum and its rules.
    I kept myself to a thread called "what are you making" for a while now.

    I am working on a thing that you would definitly like but that has no connection to the thief universe at all.

    If it isnt ok to post this here then please let me know, i am very sorry.
    Maybe we need to move this to another category?

    The project
    I am working on a heavily thief/Splinter Cell inspired game.
    I am doing that since beginning of february.
    I have alot of videos for you to watch!

    Id like you to be a judge here and maybe become a fan of my work?

    Please ask me any questions you might have.

    Latest Video


    The annoying owl.

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    Looks great so far, you've made some serious progress in a short period of time. I know it's very early, but do you have any ideas or plans on a setting for the game at this point?

    I still need to go through all the videos, but this one seems like the best showcase of features to date:

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    I am trying to work out an industrial setting.
    I decided to drop the steampunk stuff and instead go for magitek/Technomancy.
    That means there is electricity but people are sorta moving very slow in general technology.

    I find it important to go a similiar but expanded route that thief went.
    I want a world that is believable but i also want to tell a big story.

    I am studying thief fanmissions for over 2 years now and i am getting a very detailed hang of the general setup and feel.
    I dont want the missions to be "theater" acts, i want them to push the story mainly.
    There shalld be twists, challenges, scary and normal missions.

    I spend time studying garrets personality too and i think i can grab myself a few core ideas.

    Generally i want to make one thing very clear: I dont want to make thief 4 or anything like that.
    I dont think any of the thief games is perfect or even very good.
    And i dont believe i could ever make a perfect thief game.
    So i just did what i think was best and mixed splinter cell with thief for a final tweak.


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    Hope some day we can play a thief-inspired game of yours!.

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    I like what I saw - the game mechanics looks very good overall, considering how short in development this project is. One question though - I couldn't see the arrows flying - are they so fast, or do you simply shoot arrows, as if they were bullets? Hope you can add actual arrows with ballistics and all that.

    As for the setting, story and art design - is this something you want to tackle yourself too? Or you're looking to expand the team? You'd have to be a super genius, to be able to flesh out all the aspects of a game design to the same high level. Don't get me wrong - geniuses happen, but it's a rare combination of skills required... This project looks the most promising so far of all the thief-like fan made game projects I've seen so far. (maybe except The Dark Mod, which is mature and content-rich, but I'm thinking more of full games, not a tool-set).

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    And thanks again.

    I will address 2 things:
    Story and Arrows

    Alot is still in the grey but i dont want to make large steps.
    I am focussing on 1 mission currently which i want to serve as a demo and proof of concept.
    In the future id like to have a small Team with me, this game is impossible to make alone.

    I still have trouble with their physique, its not that they dont work its just that they are not broken enough to worry.
    They can be calculated with accurate ballistic impact and it is very similiar to thief 3.
    But sometimes they have weird impact rotations and the main code for shooting arrows is not my best work.

    When i fix the bow animations and the bow mesh i will fix the entire arrow topic forever.


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    Hello friends

    I wanted to share my big update with you.
    Today i finished my first concept milestone.
    I finished a flat/apartment scenario with objectives and art.

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    Ah, that looks great!

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    That looks intimidating, Nice work.

    You are creating this on your own?

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    Looks great, and you have some interesting innovations there.
    The pop-up instructions aren't as immersive, but they let you control more and look interesting for gameplay.
    And you have a really good aesthetic and consistent art direction for it & everything else.

    I wish you good luck with the project!
    I hope to get to play it someday.

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    Thank you guys!

    I feel honored from the comments but i cant take all the praise.
    I specificly studied stealth games from the past and analyzed criticism towards them.
    That is how i make innovation, i read what fans think and based on mistakes other people make i grow.

    I definitly know how to do this all clean and how a game flow works but all these innovations are really mostly what fans asked for or liked.

    I hope this wasnt weird.

    My main part where i shine is story and coding.
    I hope i can grow a followship so that i can get funding to build a team.

    Thank you so much!

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    Looks great, but's essentially Thief, essentially The Dark Mod really.

    What's the plan?

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    He does mention some of his plans earlier in the thread, but I'm guessing the main thrust is just to create a game/toolset with Thieflike mechanics using a modern engine.

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    Nah. Just Thief in a new engine would be very boring to me. I am doing my own thing here,

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    So, what's the big plan. I don't get it from what you've previously posted.

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    In the case you are a GERMAN speaking person.

    Tommorrow on may 9, i will be taking part in an online event where german developers present their games and talk about development.

    I will be there and speaking about Project Spectre, maybe you want to join!


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