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Thread: Emergency Light always emissive?

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    Emergency Light always emissive?

    I'm trying to use the Emergency Light in my level and I've done the usual AnimLight setup and connected it to a switch which correctly turns the light on/off but despite setting Self Illumination to 0 the light itself is always emissive. I'm quite new to DromEd. Am I missing something or does the Emergency Light just behave differently to other lights?

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    The archetype has the property Render Type: Unlit, which just means that instead of the object being affected by light/shade, it's fully lit. This overrides anything the AnimLight script does.

    A while ago I made some improved versions with the necessary change:

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    Ah, I see. I set the Render Type to Normal and Self Illumination to 1 and that fixed it. I'll check out these updated models too. Thanks!

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    Actually the Self Illumination on this object is 0 and changing it to 1 doesn't change anything.

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    Ah, you're right, setting the self illumination isn't required. When I first tried setting the render type to normal it didn't appear to work so I assumed self illumination was part of it, but I must have messed it up when I tested it because it works the same even after I remove SI like you said.

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