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Thread: T2 FM testers wanted

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    T2 FM testers wanted


    I'm looking for a few people to test my mission, it's a pretty small map so shouldn't take to much time to test. Post here or message me if you're willing.


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    Location: France
    If thereís still room Iíll join in on the testing

    Shoot me a message to the forum/discord youíll be using if you want to

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    Location: Sweden
    Nice to see new FMs If you want, i'm in for it. Is it happen at SouthQuarter?

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    I can if you are still interested. Same name on Southquarter and Shalebridge.

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    Location: France, Paris
    I'm in if you still need testers (same name on SQ)

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    If you wish, I can also test your mission

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    Is the testforum up already?

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    Testing forum now up on Southquarter, I should have given everyone who asked access, pm if you can't get in.

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