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Thread: T2 FM: The Violent End of Duncan Malveine (18th May 2020))

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicked View Post
    If you are dying/seeing mission failed right at the start, i could use more info, or a save to try and figure out what's happening. It's not a problem that has ever occurred during testing. Does it specify a particular objective that has failed?

    I also have the "don't kill anyone" objective that fails at the beginning of the mission.

    -> I tried to download from both Google Drive and SouthQuarter mirrors
    -> I use FMSel to install the FM.
    -> I use T2fix 1.27d
    -> Here's a link to the save to (maybe) reproduce : I did not buy anything, i chose Expert mode. Just pass the first door, then select the apartment door, and it should fails some seconds later.

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    Thanks; I'm taking a look.

    This is very strange - I can see that the No Kill objective is failed right at the start. The mission doesn't fail until using the door because that's the point where the failed objective becomes visible.
    What's actually triggering it, I'm not sure yet.

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    I haven't yet been able to get to the bottom of why this objective has failed immediately upon mission start. Everything looks ok in the save as far as I can tell.

    I have made a brute-force fix though. Here is a zip containing an updated .mis file:

    All this does is force the state of the No Kill objective back to zero when you use the apartment door. From a cursory check that seems to have fixed the mission failing, but it still doesn't tell me who died to trigger the fail in the first place. Basically, it's a murder mystery, which has got to be the most ironic bug I've ever encountered.

    Feel free to give that a go (you will need to start a new game, it won't fix existing saves). If anything else breaks later on in the mission, let me know. If I figure out what's actually caused the problem, I'll get a proper fix released.

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    Thank you very much!

    It probably has to do with a third party script or something... I hope i won't encounter the dead body of someone who should not be dead.

    I'm now advancing in the mission, but it should take me some times. I'll tell you if I find something unusual.

    I love some new little details I hadn't encountered (atleast not often) in other FMs (and i played A LOT), such as the "sleeping guard on a stool" position (slumped), the toilets room with the crates of toilet paper, the room with the "narguile" and the use of the fog, the floating glass in the water of the pool...
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    What a wonderful mission this was!

    I consider it a bonus mission of the Thief2 20th Anniversary contest, since it was intended to be part of that celebration.

    The architecture of the mansion/palace was stunning and beautifully designed and thought out.
    I was constantly saying to myself, "I just want to remove the people, turn on all the lights, and wander around and gawp like a tourist."

    The way the controls of the Watchers worked was a fine idea.

    The card hunt could have been tedious, but it wasn't.

    The creepiness factor at select times was a nice bit of spice. The narrative in Gilbert's pages was well written and engaging.

    The "some kind of rubber device" was. . .well. . .special.

    The murder mystery was engaging, but a lot of information to process. My wife made notes as we found clues. Eventually we correctly identified the murderer. (Framed the cook for the theft. I felt a little guilty about that.)

    Beautifully crafted, designed, thought out, and implemented. A very worthy companion to the Thief2 20th missions, and I'm sure it would have placed highly in the competition.

    Well done!

    P.S. A hell of a lot of fun to play. I must not forget to add that!

    Missed three secrets and about 800 loot and two of Gilbert's pages, but got the (other) bonus objective (wink wink).

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    Can anyone point me to my last remaining cards:

    - 4 of hearts
    - Jack of clubs
    - King of clubs

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    Plus a couple more

    I have a couple of cards missing, too, if I can piggyback on to that request:

    4 of spades
    Ace of diamonds


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    Sorry, don't have an answer to the card issues posed, but I do want to comment about this FM in general. I'm playing this as a long game, taking it really slow. I started on August 22 and play 3x a week for an hour or so. Total time so far is about 4 hours on the save clock. Real play time is more like 18 hours I figure I'm 75% done. It's a fun FM that makes me want to continue playing it. I almost want to just start over and run through it quickly. I've had many "duh!" moments. I really do like that it not not so linear that one must proceed in a planned way. I've found alternate inroads into rooms and balconies, far after I ghousted a camera, or black jacked my way forward. I'm now just collecting the rest of the cards I can find... and visiting rooms I was not able to get to before. Most of the populace are "sleeping" now. Enjoying the game play. Addictive, but in a good way. One of the best FMs I have played in a long time.

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    Sorry it's late, I've been on holiday.

    4 of Hearts: Inside the castle diorama
    Jack of Clubs: Secret passage next to Father Turton's room
    King of Clubs: Behind a crate on the balcony above the pool room.
    4 of Spades: Inside the secret room accessed from the Ground floor security room.
    Ace of Diamonds: Tucked behind a training dummy out on the top of the top of the Old Tower.

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    I never did post about it here at the time when I played it, but I have to agree that this was a really great mission.

    There's tons of detail stuffed into the mission. Something hidden or some small detail in almost every corner of the massive mansion. Multiple routes to/and from most locations, which is a must considering how many times I had to traverse and re-traverse the area to find everything!
    I liked how you could look at the map before playing and choose your entrance route (even if it doesn't really make much difference in the grand scheme of things.)

    It looked great as well, which is especially impressive given that it was mostly stock resources.

    I guess my one complaint would be that the mansion was a little bit too big. I think it would have benefited from being a little smaller and more concise (and probably would have saved Nicked a few grey hairs from fighting with DromEd to make such a huge mission too!)

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    I've been all over the roof after performing the "leap of faith" -- can find no blue chest. Can I get a specific location? Thanks!

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    The leap of faith has nothing to do with a blue chest, it's just a bonus. There is a blue chest related to a different bonus objective though.

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    Thank you nicked! With those last cards I could finally allow myself to finish the mission, and I guessed the murderer correctly! I loved exploring every room, and the card hunt added an extra hour or two of fun. I liked that the guards turned lights back on; it made me more careful about hiding bodies. The monster in the walls made me jump a few times too. Nice mission.

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    Thanks for a great FM, nicked. I correctly identified the killer Leon with the shovel. One theory I had, where he was killed, the Terraced gardens. If you look up, there on the roof are plant boxes with large bags of compost, which I thought he could of dropped one from the roof and killing him outright. I framed the Butler, because he had the vault code and despised the family

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    OMG What a mission, what a mansion! 5 hours 15 minutes to get: Loot 4621/5011 Secrets 08/11 Pages 12/13 Cards 52/52 I don't know if the killer is changed based off starting location but I did correctly frame the one I had, set them up for the fall as well. Those metal sounds and flashes of things!! It must have taken 5 forevers to build this mission!

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    What an incredible mission!!!!! I'm in mission 1 I know I'll never make it with the card keys, I only need to know who hired "me"

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    For the person who hired you, check in the area that is under renovation.

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    Ok, went back to the game and d'oh...... I had to reinstall thief Nicked, can you be a bit more specific pls? I'm there and found nothing........

    Well........ I had the scroll in my inventory but probably I hadn't read it before..... sorry!!!!!
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    I really like this mission, nicked! Since I'm fond of detective stories and the Thief game I was happy to see them brought together. In my playthrough the murderer was Bridget Crawford the opera singer and I identified her correctly. At the "mission stats" screen when I ended the level her name was written as "Father Bridget Crawford"... a small and funny mistake, but it made my day.

    Thank you for making this level!

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    Haha yeah that's a copy-paste error from "Father Abraham Turton"!

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    Fantastic mission with excellent story, gameplay, writing and visuals. I enjoyed every minute of my leisurely 7 hour playthrough. Loved the spooky scares and the dark unkempt garden area outside near the old tower. That mix of old and new really reminded me of old manor houses from real life. The 2 and King of Diamonds gave me the most trouble.

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