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Thread: T2 FM: The Violent End of Duncan Malveine (18th May 2020))

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galaer View Post
    2) Search roofs near targets for newly spawned blue chest.
    You are kidding me !

    *goes to look*

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    Quote Originally Posted by csamba View Post
    Missive #9: it's in one of the prison cells.
    Ah, thanks so much. Not even a 'secret' and I must've walked past it half-a-dozen times!
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    Hi, I WAS looking for the 6 of clubs.

    Which particular chimney pot is it leaning against? Do I have an impossible jump ahead of me (I hope not!) UPDATE: I found it - no spectacular jumps required. Go to the northeast tower, get on the roof, go south over a low roof to a chimney with two pots - it's at roof level to the left of the chimney, on a ledge. This rooftop also is reached by going up from Lord Duncan's bed area via the ladder to the roof.

    Update: I also WAS in the same state as radogoal earlier - I was looking for the 9 of clubs; I found the secret passage allowing me to find the room next to the smoking room behind the library fire but no 9 of clubs anywhere in that passage. UPDATE: Found it - to the right of the shaft containing the ladder going down.

    - prjames

    Update: I've now found all cards.

    Also, I'm curious for the location of Missive page 8; I have all the other pages. BUG: When I finished the mission, the statistics claimed I had 13 out of 13 pages, although Missive page 8 was definitely not in my inventory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prjames View Post
    I'm curious for the location of Missive page 8
    Missive page #8 is in the basement wine cellar: mantle up on the workbench and open the grate.
    Once you find the last page they are replaced by one single item (the full Diary) in your inventory, so it's easy to check.

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