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Thread: Fast climbing ladders?

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    Fast climbing ladders?

    I was watching some old videos, and noticed two instances of the player climbing a ladder extremely quickly.
    At 27:29 Travis Whitsitt climbs out of the hidden room in Soulforge after pressing the switch.
    At 5:30 Lytha appears to climb the ladder almost as if mantling up the entire length.

    These seem to be much faster than simpling "running" up and down ladders. Is this perhaps a trick exclusive to OldDark?

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    Ladders do behave oddly in OldDark. There is one method that is guaranteed to result in a fast climb and it is to drop an object while climbing, e.g. a potion or a mine.
    Also related to ladders, in OldDark you can swim very quickly by sticking to a ladder underwater and detaching. The best area to practice that is the very beginning of The Lost City.

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    Thank you, I suspected NewDark may not have this. I guess in ghost plays, stacking might be the best way out of the hidden room in Soulforge, or it may be best to not open it in the first place.

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