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Thread: Mafia: Definitive Edition

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    Mafia: Definitive Edition
    $70 Aus for Steam copy.

    Definitely keen on this! Hopefully it uses modern mechanics rather than porting over archaic BS from 18ish years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvaUnit02 View Post
    Hopefully it uses modern mechanics rather than porting over archaic BS from 18ish years ago.
    I have mixed feeling about this actually. The controls in the old Mafia felt a bit clunky even back in 2002 and they need changing, and of course they will be changed. However, it'd be a shame if this turned out to be a yet another 3rd person shooter with typical cover mechanics, bullet-sponge player/enemies, and auto-regenerating health. Despite of the clunkiness, I loved the unforgiving (sometimes even unfair!) nature of the shootouts in the original! I even liked the sluggish cars in the beginning of the game, because they made me appreciate the better ones that you got later on even more, and they kind of felt authentic... not that I've ever driven or even seen a <s>Bolt Model B</s> Ford Model A, so what do I know!

    I'm sure that the remake is in good hands, but of course there's always a chance that the devs get a bit carried away with this task. One thing that I probably would not want to see is that they bring in some more "open-world" features - Mafia III was a worse game for that. Then again, I remember the original Mafia being criticised for not being GTA 1930's, but for me, Mafia is almost all about the story. I don't need to be distracted by too many side quests and I certainly don't want to run after collectibles and stuff. That doesn't mean that I don't want to see any side activities and a lot of little details in the game world (for example I always thought that the public transport system in the original Mafia was a really nice touch, even though it was hardly essential!), they just shouldn't steal the focus from the main thing; the story.

    But yeah, I'm very much looking forward to this remake!

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    I thought cover-shooting and regenerating health fit the later Mafia games just fine, wouldn't mind seeing them in this remake. The cars should definitely be period-appropriately sluggish and unwieldy, but there's a way to do that while still having them be fun to drive. The original Mafia's cars just weren't fun to drive.

    I liked Mafia a lot but there's plenty of room for improvement, so I'm looking forward to this one.

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    I have to admit that Mafia never did much for me, because the game always felt derivative of the mob movie genre, like Godfather fanfic with the serial numbers filed off - well written for a game, that sort of thing. I've not minded that with other games (many games clearly ape this series of films or that genre), but in this case the discrepancy in quality between the films the game was imitating and the game itself was bigger than it often is IMO, and I didn't particularly enjoy the gameplay, so the latter (gameplay) didn't compensate for the former (derivative setting, story).

    Having said that, I'd be lying if I said the Mafia remake didn't look very appealing. Depending on how good it feels to play, I could imagine that the remake would work better for me.

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    I remember Mafia 1 being very much the first time we got a serious mob story with good production values in gaming, and it was a good one - at least from the vantage point of being a 19-year old when the game released. I haven't really played it since, so maybe the me of today is going to arch an eyebrow at that, but anyway - if you separate the story from the game, sure, either's not going to be very extraordinary, but the magic happened in the combination of the two. I think the unforgiving difficulty made it a frustrating pain in the ass but also seared into my brain the idea that everything in this gig was a hard scrabble fight for your life, with death always dogging you even when you thought you were clear of immediate danger. That, combined with how the story goes, made it extremely memorable.

    I think I appreciated the smaller details more than the stupid combat, like when reloading a gun when you hadn't emptied all its chambers meant you lost those unspent bullets. I hope some of that returns in the remake, though I won't hold my breath. Recharging health vs. health packs doesn't make a terribly big difference to me, honestly, but I could do with less stupid difficulty.

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    Oh, I don't think Mafia's story was *bad*; it was reasonably well executed (it sleeps with the fishes, ba-dum tish!), but at the same time it was *exactly* what you'd expect from a mob story. The magic you mentioned, that didn't happen for me, but that may also be because I only played the game half a dozen years after it first came out, so it lacked the wow factor and the gameplay felt rather clunky. It's well possible that I would have liked the game much better if I'd played it when it was first released.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    I liked Mafia a lot but there's plenty of room for improvement
    Absolutely! You're right about cover-shooting, I found it to be very enjoyable in Mafia 2 for example. I still disagree about regenerating health though, at least if it's done in a same way than in most games (Mafia 2 included); your health instantly starts regenerating when you hide behind a cover, so in most cases you just put your head down for a while, wait for a few seconds until your health is full, and then start the killing again. Gunfights would feel much more intense if you could only heal yourself outside combat. I suppose it's no gamebreaker for me though, whatever they choose to do.

    Quote Originally Posted by Thirith View Post
    I have to admit that Mafia never did much for me, because the game always felt derivative of the mob movie genre, like Godfather fanfic with the serial numbers filed off - well written for a game, that sort of thing.
    Yeah, you've got a good point there actually - I don't actually think that the Mafia 1 script is a true masterpiece or anything either. It does recycle a lot of old mafia cliches from Godfather or whatever, and the story really is quite predictable, but maybe that's exactly what gives me such strong mafia vibes in the game. However, the execution of the story and how it all blended with the gameplay was something that I hadn't experienced before Mafia 1 - it was like watching an enjoyable mafia flick where you get to play the most fun parts, shootouts and car chases and so on. There was really nice variety in the missions too.

    It's been at least ten years since I last played the first Mafia game though, so I hope it's not just the nostalgia talking!

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    My favourite part of Mafia ended up being the race that so many people hated. I hated it for a bit as well, but in the end I absolutely loved it! I realised that all the problems I'd had were my own fault, and after that it was magic. Then they nerfed the difficulty, so I didn't love it as much. I don't think the unskippable cutscene beforehand ever stopped being irritating, mind (although once I'd learned how to race, I wasn't seeing that quite so frequently :)

    I would gladly have purchased a dedicated period racing game based on that.

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    I'm hoping whatever changes they make are more in line with Mafia 2 than Mafia 3. I can always go back and play the original whenever I want to, so it's not a big deal if they made it more Mafia 2 like mechanically.

    And yes, the race was awesome. Especially pre-patch. TBH, I found the stealing the car mission that came before it to be way more of a PITA difficulty wise.

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    Brand new gameplay footage!

    I must say that it's looking really good. I mean, really good. The gunplay looks similar to Mafia 3, but toned down a bit, so I'm glad that they haven't got all shooty-shooty bang-bang with this remake. No driving physics on display just yet, but everything else in this video makes me feel confident. The story is apparently faithful to the original, and even though I'd love to see some new twists and turns, I'm cool with that. Even the racing mission seems to be there!

    The game's coming out on September 25th, exactly two months from now... I think this will be a day one purchase for me, or even pre-order, something that I hardly ever do nowadays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Moyer View Post
    And yes, the race was awesome. Especially pre-patch.
    Please. The only way to win the pre-patch race was to ram the fastest driver in the first corner and then try to not let him past you for the whole of the race. If that is awesome for you ok, but for most people it was nerve wracking and extremely hard to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zajazd View Post
    Please. The only way to win the pre-patch race was to ram the fastest driver in the first corner and then try to not let him past you for the whole of the race.
    Utterly untrue. You never needed to interfere with the other cars, or 'cheat' in any way. All you needed to do was drive like a race car driver, and bear in mind that the physics simulation was actually pretty robust. As hard to believe as it might be, the pre-patch race was pretty darn forgiving when you drove it well -- I remember the first time I got it mostly right being an exhilarating nail-biter because I made a bad error on the final lap, spun out, and came to a halt facing the wrong way -- by the time I'd righted myself and picked up speed, the competition was hot on my heels... but even after all that, I won. I drove it again immediately afterwards, avoided making any significant errors, and the opposition honestly never stood a chance -- I think the next car was about 30s behind me by the end of the race.

    Thematically it didn't really work, because like a race driver you needed to know the track and the car, and your character is going in pretty blind. I totally understand why so many people hated it, because it also frustrated me hugely to start with (I too spent a long time looking for ways to 'cheat'). Once I realised what I should have been doing instead, it all fell into place.
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    Utterly untrue. The 'wrong' unpatched version was released only in Eastern Europe and we had no theoretical chance to win the race with a fair game, that's why there is so much confusion about this race and some say that it was actually pretty easy. I dare you to try win 'our' unpatched version the way you described.

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    If you say so. I'd be interested to see a reference for that, as I couldn't find one.

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    I remember the race level being pretty tough too, and definitely quite frustrating, but not like impossibly hard as some people say. It must have taken me quite a few tries, and I guess the level didn't really fit into the game, but in the end it was quite rewarding too. I beat the level again a couple more times - it was never easy, but got much easier with a bit of practice. I don't know which version of the game I had, I bought it on DVD (not at the release but maybe a year later, so perhaps it was already patched by then?) and can't remember manually installing any patches.

    Senior Producer Denby Grace describes a meeting with the writer and director of Mafia, Daniel Vavra, who asked him what he thought of the game. "Maybe after a few more beers," said Grace.

    He says he eventually admitted that he liked the game as a whole, but hated that damn race car level.

    According to Grace, Vavra simply nodded his head and said "I know."

    As for why that mother-loving level was so hard, Denby says he took a tour of the studio in Brno, Czech Republic and finally discovered the answer: The designers responsible for many of Mafia's original levels - including "The Race Car Level" - were all sitting at computers with racing wheels.

    "Those guys were making a race car game," he says, adding that the difficulty curve is an aspect of the original game they've heavily adjusted for the sequel.

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    I may be wrong but I think our prepatched race was set on Extreme as a way to say *uck you to Eastern Europe because we had some 99.99% of piracy at the time, you couldn't buy legal copies of most of games even if you wanted, while the rest of the world had the prepatched race set on Normal.

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    Hang on... so the extremely difficult race level was only in some pirated version of the game? That's the best anti-piracy method that I've ever heard of.

    Or are you claiming that they released a special "Fuck You Edition" in Eastern Europe only? Somehow I doubt that very much...

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