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Thread: TG Mission - The Hammer Skull 19 May 2020

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    It's behind the yellow brick tower, 2nd area after where you start.

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    There's a house on the side of the square opposite the bank's front doors, with two barred windows one above the other. A man patrols in and out of the lower room, and a bookcase is visible in the room above. That house has an unfrobbable wooden door which, when bashed in with a sword, just reveals a wall. Is it possible to enter that building (on Expert)?

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    @Marbrien: No I'm afraid not.

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    how can i get into room with great loot inside the bank?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Psych0sis View Post
    Ah, it seems you used some T2 textures when designing the mission, which are contained in their own little FAM folder in /mods

    copying over that fam folder and putting it into the FMs/HammerskullV1 location ( like so -> fixed the jorge issue for me on my TFix Lite installation
    That fix worked for me. Fun mid-sized city mission. Way too much loot, but that's entertaining in its own way.

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    Texture Problem Fixed

    Texture problem is fixed. For those who are interested, it was a matter of loading T2 textures when I originally installed TFIX years ago. Brethren helped me with the fix and I thank him very much for his efforts.

    Also, I would like to thank my testers who are always a big help in getting the mission more playable.

    I hope you enjoy.


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    You probably already know about these but playing V3 there are a couple big issues:
    - You tampered with the size of the playerfactory marker, which results in objects being dropped very far away if you drop them.
    - You have several arrows that have an incorrect StackCount value, like the Armorer's rope arrow or the broadhead at the hotel in the bullseye. This results in these being infinite.

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    I can confirm both of those issues^. Also a lot of roombrushing errors (first kitchen room in the greenbrick building roombrush both leaks through the wall and also cuts out halfway into the room thus no sound. There are other such examples of this.) The map seems to be wrong, as it says the weapons are north of the spawn, but they're actually south so ?.

    I enjoyed it though, felt like I teleported back to 1999. It's cute and charming. Would have been a definite welcome addition to the contest.

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