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Thread: TG Mission - The Hammer Skull 19 May 2020

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    AngelLoader and NewDarkLoader will do the same, I believe (I use FMSel though).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brethren View Post
    AngelLoader and NewDarkLoader will do the same, I believe (I use FMSel though).
    Neither one of those loaders work with Linux. Darkloader and FMSel are the only two that work with Linux. I have a Windows 10 computer but the lighting is terrible with Newdark and this display - the lighting in Newdark is much better with Linux. I have another display but it's older and smaller so i don't use it. I found with FMSel, if i forget to uninstall the previous mission, it will cause problems with the next fan mission i play so i have to completely reinstall the game if forget to uninstall it. It's sad that darkloader is no longer updated because it always worked well for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drakhat View Post
    According to one specific scroll the key to the bank's vault is brought to the Locksmith. Is this the small room by the water channel with one window which shutters are partially closed? How I'm supposed to get inside that room?
    I've got this problem as well, I can't seem to find the Locksmith

    --EDIT-- Never mind, found the key to the main vault

    hint for those still looking there's a moving set of shelves in the bank
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    Fun mission. I'll give you a compliment, it felt like Thief!

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    This one was fun. Definitely felt like the first game.

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    Thanks for the mission. It was nicely done and fun to play.

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