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Thread: TG Mission - The Hammer Skull 19 May 2020

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    TG Mission - The Hammer Skull 19 May 2020


    I am pleased to announce my latest mission, The Hammer Skull. It is a TG Hammerite mission which was supposed to be for the 20th TG Anniversary contest in 2018, but I am too slow a builder. I guess I missed the date by a bit.

    Garrett is hired to break into the Hammerite Compound and steal something special. Lots of loot and lots of exploration.

    Get it here on DropBox (Updated V3)

    Also, V3 at Southquarter:

    I hope you enjoy.
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    Woot! A mission from the future!

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    How do you download it ? Might need to fix that link.

    Edit: I figured it out - got it now. Not very good direction on download. Just arrow above a line if anyone else has problems.

    Bare bones install ?
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    uhhh, it isn't the 19th of august there my man. Close though! Guess quarantine days are blending together lol

    It's May :P

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    Congrats on the release, Bryan! Really looking forward to this!

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    WOOHOO! Congrats on the release, Bryan! I am looking forward to playing it! Hopefully before this weekend.

    Also, I fixed the month in the title.

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    Magnificent! I've been eagerly awaiting this since before the TDP20AC. A new FM from the master of 'old-school' Thief perfection: always a treat!
    EDIT: I'm also getting a lot of blue 'jorge', and the monolog says that a number of textures from various families are failing to load. But, a lot of FMs are shipped right after removing textures, so it's hard to tell which are meant to be missing.
    If an update is required, I have one small but important suggestion: make the bank doors metal, so they can't be broken down with the sword. I'm certain the intended sequence is to go through the Hammerite compound first, and not have the bank be accessible until afterwards (a much more rewarding sequence, and in line with previous bbb classics)... but if this was intentional, all is good.
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    I'm seeing a lot of jorge around the mission, did you perhaps forget to package some textures or has something gone horribly wrong with my installation?

    Either way, looking forward to playing this.

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    Wow, a mission from bbb how fantanstic so thank you and congratulations.

    Yet another new mission, that's 18 mission so far this year not counting TDM. I know i'm going to enjoy this one, just not sure when i'll find the time to play.

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    Nice with new FMs
    I also have that "problem".

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    I'm not encountering any graphical problems, but the loot amount on Expert varies between when objectives are first displayed (get 10000 loot) and then in-game after that (get 12000 loot).

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    Disappointing that there are some issues after good testing. I would say a few things:
    1. Testers had a few issues with textured but installing the latest TFIX seemed to solve the issue.
    2. The difference in the loot objective was a problem identified by the testers and fixed, but I must have not included the most recent mission file in the zip. I will send an update.


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    I'm playing with latest TFix installed but still am seeing Jorge textures.

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    Did you install TFIX with enhancement packs checked? I think that is what you need.


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    If the mission uses any non-stock textures, it's best to ALWAYS package them with the mission, even if it's some you can get from ticking a box on tfix (a lot of sensible people don't tick those boxes )

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    For what it's worth, I have the jorge problem and use only plain NewDark (latest version), no TFix or enhancement packs. I'm not sure why that would cause this issue since - as far as I'm aware - the EP only replaces existing textures and models. I'd think that since I'm playing without the EP, it would just show the original versions of those textures.

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    With latest TFix and AngelLoader, if I check 'disable all mods' there are missing textures. Without that checked things look ok but may not be using the intended textures.

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    Mission completed in 1,5 hour. I got 17189 loot, I think I missed only tiny ring somewhere. I encountered a lot of blue textures. No idea if it's intentional or something wrong with my installation of TFix. There is small problem with loot objective on Expert - 10000 changes into 12000 after starting the mission, but it's not a problem. There is a lot of loot in this mission. Secret levers are too obvious, it's very easy to find them. Switch levers most of the time turn off lights when they are in down position, but sometimes they work oppositely and up position turn off the lights. Also 4 levers are covered by wall and only their red handle is visible (in Waterworks near Hammerite Compound, on top floor of Hammerite Dormitories and on Ground Floor in Church). Also when you drop item, it teleports far away from Garrett and land there instead of landing near Garrett. Also I found it weird, but good looking doors from Casino make metal sound when I whack them with blackjack. I'm pretty sure it should be wooden sound.

    So mission needs a bit of polishing, but overall it was enjoyable experience.

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    Ah, it seems you used some T2 textures when designing the mission, which are contained in their own little FAM folder in /mods

    copying over that fam folder and putting it into the FMs/HammerskullV1 location ( like so -> fixed the jorge issue for me on my TFix Lite installation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psych0sis View Post
    a lot of sensible people don't tick those boxes
    I'm definitively not sensible but with both TDP and TMA 20th anniversary contest missions requiring vanilla textures, like me a lot of people reinstalled TFix + T2Fix prior to the contests without checking any of the mods, and never bothered reinstalling the patches with the mods they were used to.

    Reminder to self: Reinstall both patches with water enhancement mod, EP2 and everything else I have missed for the last 2 years.

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    Yes, you should never really be required to install any kind of enhancement pack to make a mission work properly. Everything should be included in the original zip and work on a vanilla install. FM Packaging 101.

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    ANOTHER new mission?

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    I have the same texture problem. I wonder why your beta team didn't find this and other issues: I could easyly climb out of the map and smash a wooden door in the upper floor of the church ...
    However ... still searching for the skull ...
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    Classic bbb city loot hunt.

    Overall an enjoyable medium sized relatively easy mission which in comparison to some of your previous missions that were either massive (Three Crowns + Mighty Joe Young) or frighteningly confusing (Lord Matt), makes me feel this arguably your weakest mission but it was overall a fun experience which could have been made a lot more of a challenge if the levers for all the hidden areas were a little bit better hidden, maybe even just change them to arc levers making them more difficult to see.

    PS. Will post a lootlist at end of June.
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    i cannot find the armory or the entry to the armory. this should be in the starting area is this correct?

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