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Thread: Breakable floors and AI

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    Breakable floors and AI

    Anyone had any luck making a breakable floor that can be used to trick an AI into falling to their death?

    I've set up a little test - added some Catwpiece1s over a chasm, and made sure they're pathable to AI. Then I've got a guard with a proximity-based radius stim on him. When he gets close enough to the catwalk, the catwalk has a receptron that destroys itself. This all works great. The only problem - the AI doesn't care that the catwalk has been destroyed. He'll just keep happily running on thin air.

    Is there any way to get the AI to fall, but still be able to path onto the object before it's been destroyed, or am I asking too much of the engine?

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    Solved thanks to Firemage - elevators!

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    Uh... did Firemage post the solution then delete the post?

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    No, they had their correspondence elsewhere. Perhaps if you ask nicely, one of them will post a full explanation here. (But I'm guessing you're not actually concerned with that.)

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    The solution I've gone with is:

    - Platform is an elevator that travels 200 units downwards really really fast.
    - Lowest TerrPt is triggered by stim and response to a proximity-based stim on the AI.
    - Also damage the AI at the same time to give a convincing death scream.
    The platform drops like a stone with the AI on it, because the AI can handle elevators as moving terrain, but isn't so good at handling pathable terrain disappearing entirely.

    Another solution that worked but didn't look as good:

    - AI proximity triggers slaying the platform.
    - This also slays the AI.
    - AI is corpse-linked to its own archetype.
    The newly spawned AI has no memory of the platform being there, so correctly falls to its death. The downside is that they spawn in T-posing, and drop so fast it almost looks like they disappeared.

    You could maybe do something with emittertraps too, but elevators are working fine for my purposes.

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    Hey this is cool. Thanks for posting the fleshed out idea. I could use this.

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