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Thread: How can I overlap glyph in thief gold?

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    How can I overlap glyph in thief gold?

    I'm going to try korean translation, but it is need at least 2350 glyph in general. so many retro game to translated korean use method of overlapping glyph.

    I wonder if it is possible.

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    Unfortunately Thief's fonts are bitmap-based and don't support overlapping glyphs at all: the glyph width for layout is always the same as the width of its bitmap subrectangle for rendering. In addition, Thief's fonts can have no more than 256 glyphs (I'm not sure of the exact upper limit, but it does not exceed 256), as its texts all use a cp850 encoding.

    Someone was attempting a Korean port of System Shock 2 a while back, and discussed font issues in this thread. I don't know if they ever came to a workable solution for fonts. However, the graphics solution they suggest in that thread would not work in Thief.

    However, if you limit your translation mod to using NewDark, one possible solution would be to bake the text of every page of every book to a .png with transparency; then your mod's own book .str files could have, for each page, an empty text string, and a decal of the appropriate .png. See "Additions to Books/Readables (T2)" in modders_notes.txt in NewDark's docs for details.

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