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Thread: New Arx Fatalis patch & free copies

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    New Arx Fatalis patch & free copies

    To celebrate Arkane's 20th annivesary, they're giving away free copies of Ark Fatalis, albeit requiring one to download the Bethesda launcher.

    There's also a new patch:

    Arx Fatalis Patch Notes - May 28, 2020
    • Updated to run on Windows 10
    • Stability improvements
    • Various bug fixes

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    I see that there's an update for it on Steam, so the new patch is for all platforms, not just the free version.

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    Yup, it got an update on GOG as well.

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    Weird. Anyone know what the differences are between the new patch and say, Arx Libertatis? I'm really hesitant to uninstall the latter when it worked splendidly on my most recent playthrough.

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    Yep, I'm really interested to know whether this release has any connections with Arx Libertatis, which is still being actively worked on despite the last release being many years ago.

    Does the new release make any mention of Arx Libertatis? That change log of three bullet points is far too vague to be useful.

    Aside from the cross-platform support, Arx Libertatis fixed some really significant bugs from the original game, so it would seem truly weird if this new release didn't build on top of all that excellent work, unless this release is a really minimal set of changes over the original code to get it running on Windows 10 (in which case the "various bug fixes" and "stability improvements" may well have just been dealing with some low-hanging fruit noticed while implementing the "run on Windows 10" bit).
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    Well it's clearly unconnected with Arx Libertatis. A couple references, with comments from A.L.'s maintainer (dscharrer):


    [2020-05-29] 22:31:26 <dscharrer> neat
    [2020-05-29] 22:41:19 <dscharrer> I wonder what fixes they made in 1.22
    [2020-05-29] 22:41:34 <dscharrer> it's definitely a new executable
    [2020-05-29] 22:42:36 <dscharrer> but the changelog is pretty vague
    I like that IRC bot they have -- it clearly notices Arx-related activity in several places (although not here, seemingly) and provides links; so the channel logs include not only any A.L. chat, but aggregated Arx activity from elsewhere as well.

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