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Thread: DromEd Discord server

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    DromEd Discord server

    There is now a Discord server dedicated to Dromed, kind of like hanging out here except it's real-time chat. We already have over 50 members, most of them being the same folks who frequent here, so we invite all who haven't joined yet to come do so! You can share screenshots and ask technical as well as aesthetic and gameplay design questions, and get answers quickly. Please also note the rules, which are to avoid any off-topic posting or personal attacks, so in other words basically the same way we mostly behave here in The Editor's Guild. I hope to see everyone there.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Such a nice place! Hope to see more peeps joining

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    If you're wondering why this forum seems very inactive these days... it's because most of us are over on Discord discussing Dromed and the Thief universe in general. Come join us!

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    Just joined! I'll see you guys there!

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    It keeps thinking I'm not human. Can't seem to complete verification process via e-mail OR phone number

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    Have you considered that maybe it’s right…?

    But as an actual suggestion, have you tried using a different browser (if you’re using on a computer)? I’ve been having issues lately with chrome getting stuck in captcha cycles.

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    When I click on the link above, it takes me to a Discord page and shows an invite from KuroNeko. I can go to Discord directly and sign in though.

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    That invite should be correct - KuroNeko runs the server.

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    Ok when I clicked on the button Discord says it doesn't work. I'm in Discord already anyway so that might be the issue.

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    I have mixed feelings about the Discord server. It's handy for a quick chat, and it's very easy to just paste in a screenshot. On the other hand, it's not so good when it comes to discussing actual things, like tips on reducing cell count, or scripted events etc, because we can end up with comments about two different topics all mixed together, and they can become very spread out over time.

    It's also made this forum even quieter than normal, which is a shame as I still think message boards are the best way to discuss subjects.

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    I completly agree with RSoul.
    I miss the good old days here.

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    Whenever I need answers TEG is my go to site, but with beta testing I think a discussion is easier if it is live and responses appear as they are sent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightshifter View Post
    I miss the good old days here.
    Me too.
    To paraphrase that Ramirez guard:
    "Now we're just a bunch of guys wishing for the old days."

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    I like the real time chat on Discord but still spend more time on TTLG because it has a post count and I haven't given up on getting my numbers higher.

    I found a feature on this site that supposed to give you post notifications immediately but doesn't seem to work. The email notification setting works great but that is slow and cumbersome. TTLG would be better with a few upgrades that I am totally incapable of performing.

    It is disappointing to post in multiple threads on here only to see several days later there are no other responses. This problem reminds me of volunteering for organizations that only have old people in them. They pine for the old days and such a huge age gap has been created that younger people are scared away because of the icky old people and nobody in ages in between. Did we do this to ourselves?

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