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Thread: Arx Insanity

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    Arx Insanity

    I see that this project is aiming for a release in late 2020.

    Arx Insanity is a remaster and immersive sim mod for Arx Fatalis. Improved gameplay, remastered and detailed HD graphics, enhanced lighting, expanded lore, quests, remastered soundtrack, original music, overhauled sounds, environmental effects and thousands of total changes. Adding new elements inspired by Arkane games and style, you can play with a variety of new approaches and choices.
    It's based on top of Arx Libertatis (which seems like the sensible starting point), and otherwise I don't know anything much about it, but it sounds like it would be a fun variation for fans. They've evidentially been chipping away at it for a long time and can actually see an end in sight, which is always a huge achievement in and of itself for any such project.

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    Not a fan of casually mixing English and Latin, but the mod itself looks very tasty.

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    You would prefer Arx Absurdum?

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    No, bad Latin is even worse.

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    Interesting mod, and already know the exact release date?

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    October 2020 apparently.

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    Perfect, the release is coming soon!

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    Sorry for too late answer, but Demo aviable:

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    Thanks for the link!

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