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Thread: Coil whining when making brushes

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    Coil whining when making brushes

    Hi taffers,

    So I noticed that whenever I create a brush with the mouse, my graphics card instantly starts to make a noise (I think it's coil whining). It makes the same kind of noise when I for example play a game where there is no fps limit and it goes to 200+ fps. Or just when I play a really demanding game.

    Also the GPU usage instantly jumps to 100% until I let go of the mouse button.

    Is this in any way bad for my graphics card? I have a GIGABYTE Aorus RTX 2080ti.

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    Maybe the fan is running and is clogged up? I don't think dromed is very intensive though so maybe all of the dust needs to be blown out of your pc. Also try updating the drivers.

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    Cleaned the entire PC and graphics card already, and using the latest drivers

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    My copy of Dromed never goes above 60 FPS. I don't know if I changed something a while ago or if it's a fluke, but cam_ext.cfg has lots of search results for the word 'frame'. Many of them are aimed at the game, but one of them may have an effect on Dromed.

    Also see if your graphics card has a config program that can limit framerates for specified programs.

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