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Thread: Quick dev texturing workflow

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    Quick dev texturing workflow

    This workflow won't suit everyone by any means, but it's useful for me, so I'm sharing it here in case it's useful for anyone else:

    Previously I blocked out my map using only Jorge and a few stock fam textures, but this time around I made a set of simple dev textures so I can more easily tell different parts of the map apart by colour, and measure room sizes by eye. But the whole point of dev textures is that I shouldn't have to stop to think, so having to apply them with the texture palette or typing numbers into the gfh was awkward and annoying. But no longer!

    I've set up a simple workflow where I can press shift+t to fully reset the selected brush back to Jorge, or t to assign my currently chosen dev texture.

    The hotkeys are set up in default.bnd:
    edit bind t "run .\cmds\SetTexture.cmd"             ; Set specific texture.
    edit bind t+shift "run .\cmds\ResetTexture.cmd"       ; Set default texture.
    The ResetTexture.cmd script is straightforward:
    ; Reset all faces and set default texture to Jorge:
    set_brush_def_tx 0
    The SetTexture.cmd script assigns the texture according to the index in 'tx' config variable; if 'tx' has not been set yet (in this session) it will change nothing but instead print a warning to the monolog:
    ; Reset all faces and set default texture to 'tx'
    ifdef tx reset_brush_tx
    ifdef tx eval tx set_brush_def_tx %s
    ifndef tx mprint 'set tx NNN' to change default tx.
    I'm typically using one texture for the whole exterior of each building, and another for interior rooms. I can easily type :set tx 99 to select texture index 99 for the current dev texture, and apply it to as many brushes as I need by selecting each and hitting t:

    (Note that because 'tx' is not a built-in config variable, it doesn't get saved back to a .cfg file, so I either have to set it each session, or add a default to dromed.cfg (t.g. tx 1) or Startup.cmd (e.g. set tx 1). For now I'm just setting it each session, cause I'd rather have no default than a default that I will always want to change anyway.)

    (In fact I went a little further and made my SetTexture.cmd script use another variable for the 'bottom' texture of the brush, so that floors and walls are more distinct from each other. But that's probably overkill!)

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    Wait, I never realized that you could use config variables in Dromed commands nor the ifdef/ifndef statements!
    That's some more power to the commands system, otherwise extremely limited.

    Good job with this setup. I guess I need to come up with one to change scale on all the sides of a brush to a set value.

    Thanks for sharing the idea.

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    Unfortunately I don't think there's any Dromed commands to set the texture scale

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    Oh, no... There isn't any indeed...

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