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Thread: Deadly Shadows won't run

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    Deadly Shadows won't run

    Hi all,

    Since the lockdown I finally have had some time on my hands to enjoy the classics like Thief 1 and 2, both with the HD patches.
    However, when trying to run Deadly Shadows, either with or without the Sneaky Upgrade, all I get is a black screen.
    I'm running an Intel Core i5 8500B with integrated UHD 630 graphics, could this possibly be the reason?

    All my other games from that era do run just fine, so I can't discern what the problem is.


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    Tried to run it with the HD 610 of my CPU and it started with no problems(1.1 from Steam, no upgrade).
    Maybe try to upgrade the driver. Might also be the case that it was so slow that it refused to start for whatever reaons. After re-installing Intel drivers it ran at a decent speed(and an integrated GPU from these days should be able to handle a game from 2004).
    Which version do you want to run? CD/DVD, GOG, Steam? Which OS? (although AFAIK all these things shouldn´t be an issue)
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