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Thread: COSAS M3:9YS Design Document and M5:SR Prototype

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    Registered: May 2003
    Location: West Seattle
    When I try to load the mission itself T2 crashes. The menus load, but not the level. Everything should be up to date.

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    Registered: May 2008
    Location: Southern,California
    need some help,at train station how do i get train to work? i see a lever is stuck
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    The lever problem is a bug; unfortunately, Switching Rails is incomplete and will remain so. If you reach the lever at all, you can call the playthrough a win and move on.

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    Registered: May 2008
    Location: Southern,California
    thank you i figured mission was not complete once i explored

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    Registered: May 2013
    Location: Poland
    I've started mission 1. I don't have any objectives and weapons. I can't frob anything. What should I do?

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    Registered: May 2008
    Location: Southern,California
    just explore,mission is not complete,a rough alpha stage i would say

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    @Vera - Sounds like your installation is messed up. What do you see on screen, are you in a jail cell?

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    Vera: If you don't see any objectives, then your install is definitely bugged. I've played this mission many times over and never had that issue. Did you wait for the initial conversation to end? That will release you from the sequence and let you explore. You're not supposed to have any weapons to start with.

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