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Thread: Thief 2X: Down Among Dead Men key bug

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    Thief 2X: Down Among Dead Men key bug

    I'm playing Thief 2X right now, mission 7: Down Among Dead Men
    I found Mausoleum key, found Mausoleum doors, opened the lock, used the switch on the wall near the lock
    The door opened. I didn't went through but instead walked away to explore the rest of the level
    When I finally came back to Mausoleum - the door is closed and the key is missing from the inventory (and I didn't dropped it anywhere). I cannot use switch again
    What I can do now??
    Is there any way/cheat to go through this doors or acquire the key again without the need to restart whole level?

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    That's the only mausoleum key I'm afraid. Have you got a save? Might be able to see what's happened.

    Had a look in Dromed and the lockbox has both a 'Slay Result: Destroy' linked to it, which I'm pretty sure it means the key is meant to be used only once, worse the lockbox has a timer linked to it which means you must frob the lever by the lockbox and enter the mausoleum within 8 secs otherwise you are permanently locked out of the mausoleum. So no it's not a bug but an intentional design feature, albeit a nasty one.
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