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Thread: Hardspace: Shipbreaker

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    Hardspace: Shipbreaker

    It's a busy week for big videogame releases. Desperados 3 just came out, The Last Of Us 2 is coming out tomorrow, and out of nowhere this zero-G ship-salvage-sim shows up and steals my attention away from everything else.

    Y'know, I WAS GONNA MAKE THIS! Although I was envisioning it as a 2D game, like Asteroids but you'd control a little ship lasering and grappling big chunks off derelict spaceships. (I might still make that one)

    Anyway, I've played 90 minutes of this and confirm it's good stuff. It's still in EA tho. Quite polished but you can't rebind controls, so I ended up playing with gamepad as some of the keyboard bindings didn't sit right with me. The production values are great and it's surprisingly story-heavy for something you'd assume is a straight-up sim. Between this and Snowrunner I'm loving Focus' dedication to turning weird niche sims into sleek and sexy big-budget productions.

    I see some other TTLGers have picked it up as well. How ya liking it?

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    That's such a henke game ;P Looks pretty cool actually. reminds me of Tom Francis's Heat Signature

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