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Thread: V-V-V-VOTrap, V-V-V-VOTrap, VOTrap, VOTrap

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    V-V-V-VOTrap, V-V-V-VOTrap, VOTrap, VOTrap

    I don't know what the deal is. VOTrap was playing more than once.

    Took an object, put StdBook script on it to display text when frobbed (no book art, just on screen) and TrigWorldFrob so I could link it to a VOTrap to play a Garrett phrase.

    Every time I frobbed, the text came up. That's fine.

    But the VOTrap plays when I frob it over again too.

    I had to put a RelayTrap between the obj and VOTrap with TrapControlFlags "Once" in order to make it only play once.

    What did I screw up so that the VOTrap's TrigSchemaDone script didn't work?

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    OnSchemaDone just broadcasts a TurnOn through the VOTraps outgoing CD links. It doesn't intrinsically do anything to prevent the VOTrap firing again.

    I believe the usual thing is link the VOTrap to a DestroyTrap to destroy them both after the first play.

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    This or having "play_once" option in the schema

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    That property is generally inherited by any VO schema if it's assigned the proper archetype in the schema definition.

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    Yeah, VO's are made to only play once. I just created a regular VO from the regular Trap Trig Archetype>SoundTrap>VOTrap. Never run into this situation in building 10 missions. It's jerry rigged with the Relay for now. I was just curious if anyone could think of why.

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    Well, is the schema you're playing not under PLYR_SCRIPTED in the hierarchy?

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    Yeah, I had this problem in TROTB 2. It will keep using the VOTrap. I'm thinking that it might be from what version the gen.osm you have. I didn't have this problem in TROTB 1. I had a book that had StdButton added to it and it only triggered it once. So, what I did in TROTB 2 is to have a DestoryTrap get rid of the VOTrap after it played.

    I could be wrong about the gen.osm file. It also might be a script conflict.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GORT View Post
    . It also might be a script conflict.
    This possibility crossed my mind too. Relay Trap with Trap Control Flag "Once" is working, so I'm not gonna dick with it.

    When I have the chance though, I'm going to do the exact same setup in cow with one room and see if it happens again, maybe dick around with it to see if I can work it out.

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