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Thread: Just a list of Deus Ex mods.

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    Just a list of Deus Ex mods.

    So, Off-topic Productions (the nameless mod folks) forum went down, which is a shame cuz there was list of Deus Ex mods I liked.

    Luckily someone archived it, so I'll post it here:
    The links within that archive link probably don't work, but just having the names of the mods themselves helps alot in searching for them.

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    Still need to finish The Nameless Mod one day. It's quite the time capsule.

    Also didn't Eidos Montreal give them exclusive screenshots to Human Revolution for them to put into the mod?

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    I suspect the OTP outage is temporary. The creators are working on TNM 2.0, an upgrade. It's on Steam Workshop.

    IMHO, TNM doesn't need a 2.0, just a few minor updates to catch up with current tech e.g. HUD scaling. But I'll play it again anyway when they're done.

    You really should finish TNM. I know some people are put off by the plot, which is a parody of gaming forums. And the first level is almost too open-ended. But the gameplay is 100% Deus Ex and it's as long as the original. It's a better sequel than Invisible War, and I'm one of the people who liked IW.

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