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Thread: Custom Start Page

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    Custom Start Page

    Yesterday I saw an ad on the new tab page in Chrome. It was just a small line of text below the search but it kind of broke the camel's back. I decided to write my own startpage.
    I've done that now and I would like some feedback. If you encounter a problem, it would be helpful if you said what you did, what you expected to happen and what actually happened.

    You can test the page by simply following the link or bookmark it. If you eventually decide to use it as your new tab page (as it is intended), you'll need an extension to override the default browser page.
    Firefox: New Tab Override
    Chrome: New Tab Redirect

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    I kind of expected the search to search within the saved links, not on Google.
    Maybe that's just me.

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    Interesting point. Just like the search bar on a regular new tab page this one is also kind of useless to me, because I would always prefer to search in the browser's URL bar, where I can get results from bookmarks, custom searches and history.
    I could have it search through the saved links as you expected, but I'm not sure if anyone would ever put enough links there to warrant a search. I'll have to think about this some more.

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    It looks good in Waterfox (a sort-of fork of Firefox that still works with legacy Add-ons that I didn’t want to say goodbye to when Firefox updated long time ago).

    I also dislike adverts and avoid Google like the plague so my own poor attempt is
    I have a blank page as default for new tab page etc with the settings:
    When Waterfox Starts : “Show a blank page”
    and (as you can't set Home Page to a blank) I have
    Home Page : file:///C:/Blank.html

    with a file called Blank.html containing
    in the root of C: drive.

    I have DuckDuckGo as my default search engine in the top right corner of the browser at the end of the URL bar. Although I can search directly from the URL, and remove the search bar, old habits die hard. And I can easily change to one of about 10 saved search engines (some specialist) but I mostly use DuckDuckGo because of its privacy etc.

    I have a Bookmarks toolbar underneath which goes on forever down the right side of screen (if I click an arrow). Not sure how, or if, I can search them but I know they were really really important links when I saved them.

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    If you like you can save the page I wrote to your computer. It's just that one HTML file, no dependencies.

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    I put more work into this, fixed bugs (with newly added items not being draggable or deletable), added site searches and most importantly backwards compatibility. From here on out anyways.

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