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Thread: Ricebug Walkthroughs on Southquarter

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    Ricebug Walkthroughs on Southquarter

    Ever since he retired from Thief, I've seen a lot of requests for Ricebug's walkthroughs, and a lot of the old links to them in the forums here are dead. So I contacted him, and he sent me everything, and I put it all in an folder on Southquarter so everyone has access to them:

    They are sorted and organized by year. Most are in pdf format, and you can just click on them an view them right in your browser.

    Thanks Terry...

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    Thank you Brethren

    I've just started work on catching up on all the missing walkthroughs from when Terry retired, I'm starting with the missing 2017 missions. I also intend to make lootlists for all the walks Terry made that he didn't make lootlists for, I'll post those here as well

    Missing 2017 Walkthroughs
    Deaths Cold Embrace
    Five Nights at Dayport
    FTM Life**
    Home Sweet Home
    Precarious Business
    A Short Night's Work
    Unexpected Detour
    ** Updated lootlist as v_1.2 has different loot values from v_1.0 but the loot placement is the same, so the lootlist in zip is still viable.

    Lootlists 2017 to Present
    TDP 20th Anniversary contest
    TMA20 Anniversary contest
    Behind Closed Doors
    Bertrand's Forgotten Tomb
    Derelict Dock District
    New Sheriff, The
    Ravens Creek (mission 2)
    Return to the Lost City
    Eye of the Gem: Shadow + Fog
    Vault Chronicles: Scorched Earth

    2020 Walkthroughs
    Ascend the Dim Valley TG Mission
    The Hammer Skull TG Mission

    Important: Until Jax releases the next T2Fix with an updated FMdml package none of the dml's for the above missions that need one will be automatically loaded, to install them you'll need to manually install them, you can find the codes in their respective threads or check the Brief Summaries thread for links.
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    FYI, your numbers seem just a bit off. I show 9 missions in 2018 (in addition to 24 missions released for the TDP20AC contest). I also see 10 missions released in 2019 (one of which is Patriot, which includes 11 missions by itself).

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    Only had a quick look, thought it was a little on the low side, I presume you have all the releases on your site.

    Edit: Ricebug's walks only cover T2 missions, Checked Southquarter and the only mission I was missing was Mortous Liber campaign (2018)

    PS. I've already done lootlists for every T1/TG mission up to and including latest releases, available here
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    Thank you Brethren!! I really missed Ricebug's walkthroughs since then were taken down. I like to complete missions without help, but when you end up walking around in circles in a mission and can't progress, a quick look at a walkthrough often will avoid deleting the mission and moving on to another.

    Nice job.

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    Thank you, Ricebug and Brethren, for preserving the Walkthroughs. Thank you, fortuni, for writing new ones. These can be a lifesaver (for Garrett), and indeed can be useful when frustrating parts of a mission lead to thinking about abandoning it.

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    Thanks for this, Brethren!

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    Thank you very much for your hard work! I didn´t know ricebug retired from thief, thats pretty sad cause his FMs are some of my favourites

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    The link in the original post doesn't seem to work anymore. Can you take a look at it, Brethren?

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    He pulled all walkthroughs to free server space.
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    Brethren uploaded a complete package of all of Ricebugs walks onto Southquarter only a few months ago, that link should be good. It would appear that Southquarter is down.

    In the meantime you can get all of Ricebug's walks from my Gdrive here
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    I'm in the process of switching from Godaddy to InfinityFree. Should have most everything back up soon.

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    @ fortuni

    Ok, deleted my post, sorry for the mistake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brethren View Post
    I'm in the process of switching from Godaddy to InfinityFree. Should have most everything back up soon.

    Hello there. I'll try to update the Southquarter FM links on the wiki once you're back with the new version of your site, on new hosting. Also, I'd like to thank for sharing that link to Ricebug's directory. I'll try to add some walkthrough links to the individuals FMs covered on the wiki.

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    Thank you Brethren and Fortuni!

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