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Thread: Ricebug Walkthroughs on Southquarter

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    Ricebug Walkthroughs on Southquarter

    Ever since he retired from Thief, I've seen a lot of requests for Ricebug's walkthroughs, and a lot of the old links to them in the forums here are dead. So I contacted him, and he sent me everything, and I put it all in an folder on Southquarter so everyone has access to them:

    They are sorted and organized by year. Most are in pdf format, and you can just click on them an view them right in your browser.

    Thanks Terry...

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    Thank you Brethren

    I've just started work on catching up on all the missing walkthroughs from when Terry retired, I'm starting with the missing 2017 missions. I also intend to make lootlists for all the walks Terry made that he didn't make lootlists for, I'll post those here as well

    Missing 2017 Walkthroughs

    A Short Night's Work
    Home Sweet Home
    FTM Life**

    2020 Walkthroughs
    The Hammer Skull TG Mission

    Lootlists 2017 to Present
    TMA20 contest
    Derelict Dock District
    Vault Chronicles: Scorched Earth
    Ravens Creek (mission 2)
    Behind Closed Doors
    Bertrand's Forgotten Tomb
    New Sheriff, The

    To follow shortly
    Precarious Business
    Five Nights at Dayport
    Deaths Cold Embrace

    ** Includes updated lootlist as v_1.2 has different loot values from v_1.0 but the loot placement is the same, so the lootlist in zip is still viable.
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    FYI, your numbers seem just a bit off. I show 9 missions in 2018 (in addition to 24 missions released for the TDP20AC contest). I also see 10 missions released in 2019 (one of which is Patriot, which includes 11 missions by itself).

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    Only had a quick look, thought it was a little on the low side, I presume you have all the releases on your site.

    Edit: Ricebug's walks only cover T2 missions, Checked Southquarter and the only mission I was missing was Mortous Liber campaign (2018)

    PS. I've already done lootlists for every T1/TG mission up to and including latest releases, available here
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    Thank you Brethren!! I really missed Ricebug's walkthroughs since then were taken down. I like to complete missions without help, but when you end up walking around in circles in a mission and can't progress, a quick look at a walkthrough often will avoid deleting the mission and moving on to another.

    Nice job.

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    Thank you, Ricebug and Brethren, for preserving the Walkthroughs. Thank you, fortuni, for writing new ones. These can be a lifesaver (for Garrett), and indeed can be useful when frustrating parts of a mission lead to thinking about abandoning it.

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    Thanks for this, Brethren!

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    Thank you very much for your hard work! I didnīt know ricebug retired from thief, thats pretty sad cause his FMs are some of my favourites

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