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Thread: Thief City Re-Created in Minecraft

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    Thief City Re-Created in Minecraft

    Hey guys, I bet this has probably been posted here before. But if you didn't see this yet, it's a hidden gem! Some backstory: I was looking for a Minecraft medieval city map completely unrelated to the Thief game, & I stumbled across a map called "Oakhold".

    Well this Oakhold is a complete replication of the Thief city with multiple iconic places & lore from the various game & is also a stunning city. I am actually blown away by the amount of detail in this.

    You can download map at & the gun who made it also runs a Reddit page at

    Lets send this dude some love!

    I actually resell Minecraft accounts but because I love the Thief community so much if you guys if you don't have a Minecraft account send me a message & I'll send a free one your way just so you can check out this map, TTLG exclusive offer lol.

    Best wishes, & happy thieving!

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    I do tinker about with Minecraft. I will definitely give this a look. Thanks for posting, Leozero!

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    Looks like I have a reason to reinstall Minecraft :O

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    this is just what iv been looking for thank you for sharing this !!

    in case any one has any issues with the map from what i read on reddit you have to use minecraft version 1.14.4 other wise some stuff breaks.

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    is there a youtube video i can see of a tour of this city as i don't have minecraft game

    nevermind tons of videos on it,and wow,its very impressive

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