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Thread: T2 FM: Malazar's Inscrutable Tower (18th July 2020)

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    its here
    also those guys who want to try may be it works at your pc

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    Quote Originally Posted by trefoilknot View Post
    Maybe it's because Garrett only has 2 health left- his legs are probably all banged up!

    But in all seriousness, I agree with Galaer. It looks like you just need to back up on the bench, and run/jump at the ledge. It doesn't look like anything is off with your paramaters. (NewMantle is on, I presume?)
    Quote Originally Posted by Galaer View Post
    If you watch nicked's video very carefully, you will notice that after jumping on bench he moved slightly backwards. If you worry about falling from bench you can crouch and tap backwards. You can also move backwards on angle (turn 45 degrees to the side and move backwards). You can also turn around, move very slowly forward away from wall, turn around again and do the jump.

    Thank you guys, I did it now and got the key, I dont know how...but i did it somehow from left side I climbed up
    Sorry Nick to disturb you, I go forward now

    Nick Dablin you are great !Once again, you are the best, your works are not just fm but amazing beautifull world, its art, absolutely love them all, 1st place Whispers
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