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Thread: Thief Fan Mission Forum MEGA-STICKY Thread

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    Thief Fan Mission Forum MEGA-STICKY Thread

    This mega-sticky thread replaces all of the old permanent stickies, and is merely a collection of categorized links to them so they can be found easily. This also allows us to add links to other important threads which weren't quite worthy of sticky status previously.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Thief Fan Missions FAQ
    Official Dark Mod FAQ

    Fan Mission Listings
    Thief Fan Missions Information Links
    Brief Summaries of all the missions. T1/TG/T2/T3/TDM
    Kamyk's Mission by Type Thread (2021 Revamp)
    Upcoming & Abandoned FMs List
    Walkthroughs, Loot lists and Lets Plays...All in one place!
    Thief Contest Collection Thread

    Fan Mission Discussion
    General Fan Mission Review and Discussion Megathread
    Thief Fan Missions: Where to Begin (marbleman)
    How to Play Thief Fan Missions (by Nick Dablin)
    Thief Podcast (mostly discusses FMs)
    Looking for the name of a fan mission? Ask here!
    Why Thief Is Still Alive: Fan Mission Retrospective

    Thief 20th Anniversary Contests
    Thief: The Dark Project - 20th Anniversary Contest
    Thief 2: The Metal Age - 20th Anniversary Contest

    Dromed Discord Server
    Thief FM Authors, check out the Dromed Discord server

    If you have a thread which you think should be added to this mega-sticky, please PM Yandros.
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