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Thread: FMs - Ghost/Perfect Thief Results (Part 9) [SPOILERS]

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    FMs - Ghost/Perfect Thief Results (Part 9) [SPOILERS]

    This thread will be used to post the results of players' attempts at ghosting fan missions (FMs) whether wholly successful or not. The Official Rules for Ghost and Perfect Thief modes of play can be found HERE. Each post of ghost results should record the FM name, the FM's game (T1/G, T2, T3, TDM), the user's play mode (regular Ghost, Supreme Ghost, Ironman etc), the end-mission statistics, and any comments regarding the ghosting of the fan mission. Well written comments are appreciated.

    SPOILER WARNING: Discussions regarding how the mission was ghosted (or not) probably contain spoilers. Please do NOT use spoiler alerts in this thread. Everyone reading should be aware of that fact. If you want to simply know if a mission was ghosted successfully or not, just read the statistics portion of a post.

    Replying to a reported ghost result is appropriate, but hurrah messages should be kept to a minimum. Discussing how to ghost a mission not yet reported here should be done in that specific mission's thread, or in the general ghost rules discussion thread HERE. The idea is to report ghost attempts and perhaps to discuss failures and possible solutions but not to produce a lot of fluff within this thread. Please note that nobody requires a mission to be ghostable. Ghostable missions are not necessarily a good thing. When made so deliberatly, they tend to be too easy. Comments about whether or not a mission is ghostable do not reflect negatively on the mission. Ghosting is just a means of raising the level of difficulty in the play.

    Links to previous ghost report threads in this series:
    Part 8,
    Part 7: Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (incomplete), 7, 8, 9, 10 (incomplete), 11, 12
    Part 6: Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
    Part 5: Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
    Part 4: Page 1, 2, 3, 4
    Part 3: Page 1, 2, 3, 4
    Part 2: Page 1, 2, 3
    Part 1: Page 1, 2, 3
    Supreme Ghost Report on Calendras Legacy and a Call to Play!

    Links to ghost reports for OMs:
    Thief Gold Ghost/Perfect Thief Results (2000-2001)
    Thief 2 Ghost/Perfect Thief Results (2000-2001)
    Original Mission Ghost / Perfect Thief Results - Raising the Bar (2002)
    OMs - Ghost/Perfect Thief Results (2011-2013): Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


    Below is a complete list of all the ghost reports submitted by Thief players at the Eidos, Square-Enix and TTLG forums. Hopefully, this newly assembled collective work of ghosters can inspire others to follow suit. The record spans all the way back to November 2001. The list is organized alphabetically and by game. Each mission title is followed by the player’s name, linking to the specific report. If multiple reports exist for one mission, the links are put in order from oldest to newest. For the archived Eidos threads, it is not possible to link directly to the actual ghost report; only to the page where it was posted. Names in bold link to a successfully ghosted mission, while regular fonts link to ghost failures. This work was started by Hexameron back in 2008, but due to dead links needed a complete overhaul.

    UPDATE: In August of 2019, Square-Enix without warning removed all current and archived Thief related forums from their servers. These threads contained years of Thief related discussions and ghost reports, tracing back to the original Eidos forums from the early 2000s. Nearly all of those threads have been recovered through cached pages or from Wayback Machine, but two of them are still incomplete. Currently, 32 reports are still unrecovered. Please post here or PM me should you come across or be able to find any of those lost pages. I have and will continue to host any recovered pages on my website. All dead links have been marked in RED.

    The post after this one lists all the missions for which there are no existing ghost reports.

    Thief 1/G A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    Thief 2 # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    Thief 3 A-Z

    The Dark Mod A-Z

    Thief 1/Gold

    Admiral’s Compass (Galaer)
    Alcazar (marbleman)
    Amida (Galaer)
    Apache’s Mission Pack 1: Ramirez’s Revenge (Vanguard) (Old Man) (Galaer)
    Apache’s Mission Pack 2: Stowaway (Vanguard) (Old Man)
    Apache’s Mission Pack 3: Hunt for Montrose (Vanguard)
    Apache’s Mission Pack 4: The Keep (Vanguard) (Vanguard) (Vanguard)
    The Armory of Sir Gilbert (Galaer)
    The Artefact (Galaer)
    Ascend the Dim Valley (Galaer) (marbleman) (klatremus)
    The Assassin at Lord Garnish (Vanguard) (Vanguard) (RiCh)
    The Assassination (Galaer)
    Augustine’s Revenge (skacky)
    Autumn In Lampfire Hills (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Awaken! (RiCh) (Vanguard)
    The Awakening (Vanguard) (Galaer)

    Basic (Galaer)
    Between These Dark Walls (marbleman) (klatremus)
    The Black Parade, Mission 1: Return to the City (klatremus)
    The Black Parade, Mission 2: Where Old Faces Fade (ultravioletu) (klatremus)
    The Black Parade, Mission 3: Trial of Iron (ultravioletu) (klatremus)
    The Black Parade, Mission 4: Death’s Dominion (ultravioletu) (klatremus)
    The Black Parade, Mission 5: The Brand (ultravioletu) (klatremus)
    The Black Parade, Mission 6: Kept Away From View (klatremus)
    The Black Parade, Mission 7: The Long Shadow Falls (klatremus)
    The Black Parade, Mission 8: Jaws of Darkness (klatremus)
    The Black Parade, Mission 9: Arcane Sanctum (klatremus)
    The Black Parade, Mission 10: The Black Parade (klatremus)
    Bloodflowers (Galaer)
    Bloodstone Prison (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    The Blue Star (Galaer)
    The Bracelet of Melody (Galaer)
    Brainchild (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Burglary In Blackbrook (Vanguard)
    The BurgoMaster (Vanguard) (Sneak) (Peter Smith)
    The Burning Bedlam (klatremus)
    Business at Midnight (Vanguard)

    Calendra’s Cistern (Vanguard) (klatremus) (klatremus)
    Captured By Beasts (Galaer)
    The Careless Hand (Vanguard)
    Castle of the Dead (Galaer)
    Cataclysmic Revelations – Mission 1: Cataclysmic Revelations (Galaer)
    Cataclysmic Revelations – Mission 2: The Mission (Galaer)
    Cataclysmic Revelations – Mission 3: Salvation (Galaer)
    Cataclysmic Revelations – Mission 4: Shine On You (Galaer)
    Catacombs of Knoss Part 1 (marbleman)
    Catacombs of Knoss Part 1 (Remastered) (marbleman)
    Catacombs of Knoss Part 2 (marbleman) (Galaer)
    Catacombs of Knoss Part 2 (Remastered) (marbleman)
    The Chalice of Souls 1: With the Snow As Sole Witness (klatremus) (marbleman)
    The Chalice of Souls 2: Beyond the Secluded Passage (klatremus) (marbleman)
    Circle of Strain (Vanguard) (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Circle of Strain 2 (Vanguard)
    Circle of Strain 3 (Vanguard)
    The Crazy Priest (Galaer)
    Creature Clash (Galaer)
    Cult of Resurrection (Vanguard)
    Curse of the Ancients (Vanguard) (Galaer)

    A Dark Secret (Galaer)
    The Dark Temple (Galaer)
    Darkness Walk With Us! (Galaer)
    Darkwalker (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Dead Night Sweet Delight (Galaer)
    Deadly Darkness (Vanguard)
    The Death of Garrett (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    The Deceptive Scepter (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Dewinder Manor (Galaer)
    Dirty Money (marbleman) (klatremus)
    The Docks (All Aboard!) (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Dock Land (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    DOOM (Galaer)
    Down In the Old Vault (Galaer)
    Downtowne Funk (Galaer)
    Dread (Old Man) (Vanguard) (Galaer)

    Elemental Excursion (Galaer)
    Elevator Mission, V1: (Vanguard) (Galaer) V2: (Galaer)
    Endless Rain (klatremus) (marbleman)
    An Enigmatic Treasure With a Recondite Discovery (Galaer)
    The Enterprise (Vanguard)* (Galaer)
    Escape: The Bear Pits (Vanguard)
    The Eternal Candle (Galaer)
    Events In Highrock (Vanguard) (Galaer)

    F (Galaer)
    Fall of a Chook (Galaer)
    Falling, In Love (Galaer)
    The Fiend (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    The Final Crusade (Galaer)
    Fishmonger (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Five Minute Thieves Guild (Vanguard)
    The Four Emperors (Galaer)
    Friends In Shadow (Vanguard)

    Garrett’s Revenge (Galaer)
    Gathering at the Bar (Peter Smith) (Vanguard) (klatremus)
    The Gauntlet (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Geller’s Pride (Vanguard)
    The Gem (Galaer)
    Gems of Provenance 1: The Valley of the Burned (marbleman) (klatremus)
    Gems of Provenance 2: The Widow’s Ire (marbleman) (klatremus)
    Gems of Provenance 3: City Public Water Works (marbleman) (klatremus)
    Gems of Provenance 4: Mercenaries (marbleman) (klatremus)
    Gerome of the Woodlands (Vanguard) (clayman)
    Gold In Fort Knocks (Galaer)
    The Golden Book 1: Fire And Ice (Galaer)
    The Golden Book 2: Clockwise (Galaer)
    The Golden Book 3: Extinguisher (Galaer)
    Good vs Bad (Galaer)
    The Great Tree (Vanguard) <- Report titles it as ‘The Big Tree’ (Galaer)
    Guardhouse 1 (Galaer)
    Guardhouse 2 (Galaer)

    Hammer and Garrett (Galaer)
    Hammer Asylum (Galaer)
    The Hammer Skull (Galaer)
    Hammerhead: Return to the Docks (Vanguard)
    The Hand of Glory (Galaer)
    Hard Luck (Vanguard)
    Haunt Stadium (Galaer)
    The Haunted Church (Galaer)
    Heart and Soul by StinkyKitty & McTaffer (marbleman)
    Heart and Soul by xarax (Vanguard)
    Hell 2: The Lost Age (Galaer)
    Hell’s Motel 1 (Nightwalker) (Vanguard)
    Hell’s Motel 2 (Galaer)
    Hellerhouse (Galaer)
    Hero Quest (Galaer)
    The Hideout (Galaer)
    Holy Hammer (Galaer)
    House of the Architect (Galaer)
    The Hunt, Part 1: Search (Galaer)
    Hush...Hush, Sweet Harlot (Vanguard)

    The Immoral Immortal (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    In & Out (Galaer)
    In the Loom of the Doom (Galaer)
    Information (Vanguard)
    Inheritance (Vanguard)
    Intertheft (Galaer)
    Invitation to Castle Morgoth (Galaer)
    The Item (Vanguard)

    Journey 1: Escape From Guilesatpeak (Vanguard) (Nightwalker) (Galaer)
    Journey 2: Tuttocomb’s Tomb (Galaer)

    K (Galaer)
    Keeper of the Bell (Galaer)
    The Killing of Timer (Galaer)
    The Killing Time (Galaer)
    Koobze (Vanguard)

    LaFrenier, Real Criminal Boss (Vanguard)
    The Library (Vanguard) (RiCh) (goldsla)
    Lighthouse Shed (Galaer)
    The Living City (Vanguard)
    Living Nightmare (Galaer)
    Lone Rock Outpost (Galaer)
    Lord Alan’s Basement (Vanguard)
    Lord Bafford’s Manor CE (Galaer)
    Lord Beilman’s Estate (Galaer)
    Lord Binclair (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Lord Edmund Entertains (Vanguard)
    Lord G (Galaer)
    Lord Robert’s Painting (Galaer)
    Lorgan’s Web (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Loser (Galaer)
    Lost Among the Forsaken (klatremus) (marbleman)
    The Lost City of Gazing Glass (Galaer)

    Madness of Wolfgang Handspiegel (Galaer)
    The Mages Area (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Making a Profit (Galaer)
    Mansion of Chaos (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    A Meeting With Cutty (Galaer)
    Mine Shock (Galaer)
    The Monastery of St. Fera (RiCh) (goldsla)
    Morning Light (Galaer)
    Mother Redcaps’ Last Request (Galaer)
    Mr Chuz (Vanguard)
    Murder In Featherstone (Galaer) (Galaer)
    The Mystery Man (Galaer)

    Nigel’s Hidden Treasure (Galaer)
    A Night In Old Quarter (Galaer)
    Nightwalk (Galaer)
    N’Lahotep’s Tomb (Galaer)
    A Noble Death: The Death of Lady Gilder (Vanguard)

    Oblivion (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Ochiru (Galaer)
    The Odium (Galaer)
    Order of the Dew (Galaer)
    The Order of the Vine (klatremus)
    Out For a Walk (Galaer)

    Payback! (Vanguard)
    The Phoenix Hath Risen (Galaer)
    Plot, Mission 1: The Jewelled Sword (Galaer)
    Plot, Mission 2: To the Meeting (Galaer)
    Plot, Mission 3: The Kill For Life (Galaer)
    Poor Lord Bafford (Vanguard) (goldsla) (Wizd3m)
    Prisoner’s Revenge (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    The Prodigal Corpse (Galaer)
    Projekt Hammer (Galaer)
    Prowler of the Dark (Galaer)

    Ranstall Keep (Galaer)
    Recipe for Turmoil (Galaer)
    Reminiscences, Mission 1: The Attack of the 50 Foot Crayman (Galaer)
    Reminiscences, Mission 2: The Doldrums (Galaer)
    Reminiscences, Mission 3: Dogdays (Galaer)
    Reminiscences, Mission 4: Shiver Me Timbers! (Galaer)
    Reminiscences, Mission 5: Childhood’s End (Galaer)
    Reminiscences, Mission 6: The Glow (Galaer)
    Reminiscences, Mission 7: The End of the Line (Galaer)
    The Restored Cathedral (RiCh)
    Retrieval (Galaer)
    Return of Ramirez (Galaer)
    Return to Bafford Manor (Galaer)
    Returning a Favor (Peter Smith)
    Returning the Lockpicks (Galaer)
    Rigging the Votes (Vanguard)
    Robbing a House (Galaer)
    Rogue’s Honour (Vanguard)
    Rose Garden (klatremus) (marbleman)
    The Rose of Bantry (Galaer)

    The Saint of Redmound (Galaer)
    Saving Private Rye Anne (Galaer)
    The Scarlet Cascabel (Version 1) – Mission 1 (Galaer)
    The Scarlet Cascabel (Version 2) – Mission 1 (Galaer) (marbleman)
    The Scarlet Cascabel (Version 1) – Mission 2 (Galaer)
    The Scarlet Cascabel (Version 2) – Mission 2 (Galaer) (marbleman)
    The Scholar’s Hand (WheretIB)
    Schulmod (Galaer)
    A Secret Affair (Vanguard)
    Secret Connections (Project Hammer: Part 1) (Galaer)
    The Secret Way (Galaer)
    Seeds of Doubt (Galaer)
    Sepulchre of the Sinistral (Galaer)
    The Serpentine Amulet (Galaer)
    Shadow Business (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Shadow of Doubt 1: Walking the Edge (Peter Smith) (Galaer)
    Shadow of Doubt 2: Tears of Blood (Galaer)
    Shadow of Doubt 3: All Astir (Galaer)
    Shadow of Doubt 4: Broadsword of Sheol (Galaer)
    Shadow of Doubt 5: Nightcrawler (Galaer )
    Shadow of Doubt 6: Tuttocomb’s Tomb (Galaer)
    The Shadow of Lord Rothchest (dafydd) (goldsla)
    Shadow Play (Galaer) (marbleman)
    Shadow Politics (marbleman)
    Short Sewer (Galaer)
    Shunned: Fistral’s Story (Galaer)
    The Skull of Herzeloyde (Vanguard)
    The Skull of Lysander (Galaer)
    The Sound of a Burrick In a Room (marbleman) (klatremus)
    Station to Station (Galaer)
    The Storm (Galaer)
    The Sword of Drakul (Galaer)

    Talisman of the Keepers (Galaer)
    The Temple of the Forgers (Vanguard) (RiCh)
    Thief’s New Year 2014 (Galaer)
    A Thief’s Training (MayheM)
    The Thieves Quarter (Galaer)
    To Whom the Bell Tolls (Galaer)
    The Tomb of St. Tennor (Campaign) (Galaer)
    Tom’s Fun Level (Galaer)
    Torben – The Traitor (Galaer)
    Tower of Illusion (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Tower of St. Moria (Galaer)
    Treachery (Galaer)
    The Treasury (Vanguard)
    Trial by Night (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    The Trickster’s Return (Galaer)
    TSR-1000 (Galaer)
    Turning the Tables (Galaer)

    UFO (Galaer)
    Ultimate Burglary (Galaer)
    Undeadland (Galaer)
    Unforgiven (Galaer)
    Uninvited Guests (Galaer)
    The Unseen (Galaer)
    Up In the Bonehoard (Galaer)
    The Upward Spiral (Galaer)

    The Varyx Obelisk (Galaer)
    The Vigil (Galaer)
    Virtual Asylum (Vanguard) (Galaer)

    Wanted: Dead or Alive (Galaer)
    Whispers Below the Cobblestone (klatremus)
    The Whistling of the Gears (marbleman) (klatremus)
    WoodKey Resthouse (Galaer)
    Working Late (klatremus)

    Yakuza (Vanguard)

    Thief 2

    3 Distinct Adventures – Mission 1: Caprica’s Outpost (Galaer)
    3 Distinct Adventures – Mission 2: Talisman’s Temple (Galaer)
    3 Distinct Adventures – Mission 3: Rescue (Galaer )
    4th Planet (Galaer)

    The Abandoned Castle (Galaer)
    The Abominable Dr. Dragon (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    About Rats, Spiders and an Escape (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Abysses (Galaer)
    The Acid Trip (Galaer)
    Ack! There’s a Zombie In the Basement (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    An Adventure In Eastport (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Adventures of Burrick Boy (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Affairs of Wizards (klatremus)
    After Dark (Galaer)
    After the Party (Vanguard) (Danventry)
    The Airship (tacky) (Vanguard) (Danventry)
    A.K.A. Noah (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Akhenaten’s Tomb (Vanguard)
    Alchemic Allusions (Vanguard)
    All for a Night’s Sleep (klatremus)
    All Torc (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Alliance (Vanguard)
    Alterna Crystallis (Galaer)
    Amnesia (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Among Two Storms (Galaer)
    Amoral Dilemma (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Ana’s Secret (Galaer)
    Anna to the Rescue (Galaer)
    Annihilated (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    L’Anniversaire de Joelle (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    L’Anniversaire de Yan (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Anybody... Home? (Galaer)
    L’Arsene (dafydd) (goldsla)
    Arac Attack (Galaer)
    The Art of Thievery (Vanguard) (Old Man) (Nightwalker) (goldsla)
    The Artifact Returns (Galaer)
    Ashcourt (Galaer)
    The Ashen Age Part 1 (Deadfall/Hexameron) (klatremus)
    Ashes and Dust (klatremus)
    Assault at the Gas Station (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    At the Royal Rumble Show (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Auldale Chess Tournament (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Aurumpendo (Galaer)

    Bad Blood (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Bad Blood 2 (Galaer)
    Bad Debts (Peter Smith) (goldsla) (klatremus)
    Bad Hangover (Galaer)
    Bad Intentions (klatremus)
    Bad Man (Galaer)
    Bafford’s Bone Collection (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Bafford’s Curse (Vanguard) (dafydd)
    Bafford’s Last Stand (Nebs) (Galaer)
    Bafford’s Town House (Galaer)
    Balfour’s Secret (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    A Bank Job (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    The Bar (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Bassett’s Keep (Vanguard)
    The Bath House (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Bathory Campaign 1: Prologue (Galaer)
    Bathory Campaign 2: Blood and Ice (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Bathory Campaign 3: All Souls’ Day (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Bathory Campaign 4: Menial Faithfulness (Galaer)
    Bathory Campaign 5: Pagan Fear (Galaer)
    Bathory Campaign 6: Fallen (Galaer)
    Bathory Campaign 7: Epilogue (Galaer)
    Batman (Galaer)
    Beginning of Era Karath-Din (Galaer)
    Behind Closed Doors (Galaer) (klatremus)
    Being Thief (Galaer)
    Benny’s Dead (Vanguard)* (Galaer)
    Bertrand’s Forgotten Tomb (Galaer)
    Best Defense (Vanguard)
    Bestest FM (Galaer)
    Bestest FM 2: Fairground Attraction (Galaer)
    Bestest FM 3: In a Link of an Eye (Galaer)
    Bestest FM 4: Wishy Washy! (Galaer)
    Bestest FM 5: Those Dirty Rats! (Galaer)
    Betrayal: Voices (Galaer)
    Better Off Dead – Parts 1 & 2 (Galaer)
    A Better Tomorrow (klatremus) (klatremus)
    The Black Frog 1: Songs and Laughter (klatremus)
    The Black Frog 2: The Portrait (klatremus)
    The Black Frog 3: Tears and Sorrow (klatremus)
    The Black Frog 4: The Lady and the Thief (klatremus)
    The Black Frog 5: The Black Frog (klatremus)
    The Blackheart’s Recording (Galaer)
    Bloodmist Tower (Galaer)
    Bloodsport (Vanguard)
    Bloody Flounder’s Inn (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Bloody Ruins (Galaer)
    Bluecoat’s Training Facility (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Body Snatchers (Galaer)
    The Book of Prophecy - Part 1: Dead Letter Box (goldsla)
    The Book of Prophecy – Part 2: The Hidden City (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Bonds of Mine (Galaer)
    Bones Episode 1: The Old Quarter (Galaer)
    Borrington’s Castle (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Box (Galaer)
    A Brawl In the Tombs (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Vanguard) (Peter Smith)
    Breaking and Entering (Vanguard) (Danventry)
    Breaking the Stone (Campaign) (Galaer)
    Breakout (Peter Smith) (Vanguard)
    Breakout From Apocalypse Prison (Galaer)
    Breathing Corpses (Galaer)
    Broken Hammers (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Broken Heart (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Broken Triad, Part 1: Arkford (goldsla) (klatremus) (marbleman)
    Broken Triad, Part 2: Tempest Isle (goldsla) (klatremus) (marbleman)
    Bruder Snuck (Galaer)
    The Builder’s Hammer (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Builder’s Paradise (klatremus)
    The Burrick’s Head Inn (Deadfall/Hexameron) (goldsla)
    By Order of an Unknown (Galaer)

    Calendra’s Legacy 1: A Meeting With Basso (Vanguard) (Sneak) (klatremus)
    Calendra’s Legacy 2: Midnight In Murkbell (Vanguard) (Sneak) (klatremus)
    Calendra’s Legacy 3: A Winter’s Eve (Vanguard) (Sneak) (klatremus)
    Canvassing the Neighborhood (Galaer)
    Captain of the Guard (Galaer)
    Careless Little Fly (Danventry)
    Carkess Escape (Galaer)
    Carkess Revenge (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Carneval (Galaer)
    The Cash Box (Galaer)
    Cashing In (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Castle Michele, Mission 1 (Galaer)
    Castle Michele, Mission 2 (Galaer)
    The Cathedral (Peter Smith)
    Cathedral of St. Vincent (Galaer)
    Cathedral of the Damned (Vanguard)
    The Cave Artifact (Galaer)
    Cell 6 (Galaer)
    The Cell Next Door (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Chain of Events (Galaer)
    Chasing Sergeant Chase (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Chasse A L’Homme (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Chat Noir (Galaer)
    Children of the Future SE (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Chon Migoroshi (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Choose Your Own Adventure (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Christmas Present (Galaer)
    Chronicle of the Metal Age 1: Clefts On the Hammer (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Chuffy Train (Galaer)
    The Cinder Notes (klatremus)
    The Cistern (Peter Smith)
    Citadel of Douro (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Citadel of Wrath-Amon (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    City Conflict 1 (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    City Conflict 2 (Galaer)
    City Conflict 3 (Galaer)
    City Conflict 4 (Galaer)
    City Conflict 5 (Galaer)
    The City Square (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Claire’s Harbour (Galaer)
    The Clean Out (dafydd)
    The Clocktower (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Cloister of St. Lazarius (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Close Encounters (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    CNSD – The Game! (Galaer)
    Coalport (Galaer)
    Coaxing the Spirit (Galaer)
    Cold Feet [Ice Base 2] (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Collector’s Greed (Vanguard) (Deadfall/Hexameron) (dafydd)
    Complicated Cargo (Galaer)
    Complications (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Compulsory Egress (marbleman) (klatremus)
    Cop In the Shadow (Vanguard)
    A Coterie of Smokers (dafydd)
    Counter-Thief (Galaer)
    Cracks In the Glass (Galaer)
    Cragscright Prison (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    The Crazy Maniac Mr. Timms and the Wooden Shack (Galaer)
    Creature Clash 2 (Galaer)
    The Creepy Temple (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Crooked Town (Galaer)
    The Crypt of St. Lucian (Galaer)
    Cryptic Cravings (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Cryptic Realms (Galaer)
    The Cube (Galaer)
    Cult of the Damned (Bane 2) (Galaer)
    Curiosity (Vanguard) (Peter Smith)
    Curiosity Shop (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Curse (Galaer)
    Curse of the Carnival (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    The Curse of the Falcon (dafydd) Part 1: (Peter Smith) Part 2:(Peter Smith)
    Curse of the Hammerites (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    The Curse of the Skull Goblet (Galaer)
    CZSK Council (Deadfall/Hexameron)

    D (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Damsel In Distress (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Dance With the Dead (goldsla)
    Dancing With the Dead (Campaign) (Galaer)
    Dangerous Conditions (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Dark Messiah (Galaer)
    A Dark Night (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Darkstone Gem 1: Looking For Info (Galaer)
    Darkstone Gem 2: Broken Gears (Galaer)
    Darkstone Gem 3: A Heretic’s Intervention (Galaer)
    Darkstone Gem 4: Stealthy Business (Galaer)
    Darkstone Gem 5: Nobles and Craftsmen (Galaer)
    Darkstone Gem 6: Unexpected Detour (Galaer)
    Darkstone Gem 7: Point of Entry (Galaer)
    Darkstone Mine (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Darkwood (Galaer)
    Darkwood 2 (Galaer)
    The Day Worker (Galaer)
    Dead Flower (Galaer)
    Dead Night Sweet Delight (Galaer)
    The Dead of Winter (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Deadly Cure (Galaer)
    Deadly Triangle (Galaer)
    Death’s Cold Embrace 1: Murder Most Foul (klatremus)
    Death’s Cold Embrace 2: A Formula for Success (klatremus)
    Death’s Cold Embrace 3: Rendezvous at the Harlequin (klatremus)
    Death’s Cold Embrace 4: Fate Intervenes (klatremus)
    Death’s Cold Embrace 5: Seeking Counsel With Shadows (klatremus)
    Death’s Cold Embrace 6: Cold Reception (klatremus)
    Death’s Cold Embrace 7: Waking the Dead (klatremus)
    Death’s Cold Embrace 8: The Ritual (klatremus)
    Death’s Cold Embrace 9: The Wailing Keep (klatremus)
    Death’s Cold Embrace 10: The Ending Is Just the Beginning (klatremus)
    Death’s Turbid Veil (Galaer)
    A Debt Repaid (dafydd)
    Debt to Nate (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Deceptive Perception (Vanguard) (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Deceptive Perception 2: Phantasmagoria (Galaer)
    Dedicated to the People of TTLG (Vanguard)
    Deep Trouble (dafydd)
    Defamation of Character (Galaer)
    Defense Assassination (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Defense Assassination 2 (Galaer)
    Delford Abbey (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    The Den [L’Arsene 4] (goldsla)
    Derelict Dock District (Galaer)
    The Diamond (Vanguard)
    A Dire Return (Galaer)
    A Dire Venture (Galaer)
    Dirty Business (Galaer)
    Disorientation (Deadfall/Hexameron) (marbleman) (klatremus)
    The Docks (All Aboard!) (dafydd)*
    DooM (Galaer)
    Doschtles Beginn (Galaer)
    Doschtles Labyrinth (Galaer)
    Double-Crossed! (Campaign) (Galaer)
    Double or Quits (Galaer)
    Down In the Bonehoard (Remake) (Bone Collector)
    Down We Go! (Galaer)
    Down With the Mechanists (Galaer)
    Dracula Reloaded 1: The Love Thief (Galaer)
    Dracula Reloaded 2: The Return (…of Darkness and Evil) (Galaer)
    Dracula Reloaded 3: Traitors of Poenari (the Beginning) (Galaer)
    Dracula Reloaded 4: The Darkthrone (Galaer)
    Dracula Reloaded 5: The Final Chapter (Galaer)
    The Dream of Tyrus (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Dreamlord: Time Is Gold (Galaer)
    Dreamslide (Vanguard)
    Droid (Galaer)
    The Drop! (Galaer)
    The Drymian Codex (Galaer)
    Durant (Vanguard) (dafydd) (goldsla) (Galaer)
    Dwelling Insanity (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Dyers’ Eve (Vanguard) (Peter Smith) (Galaer)

    Eastwater Bank (Vanguard)
    Easy Bank (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Easy Money (dafydd)
    Eclipsed (Peter Smith) (marbleman)
    Elevator Mission 1 – Beginning Is Always Night (Galaer)
    Elevator Mission 2 – A Doubtful Corridor (Galaer)
    Elevator Mission 3 – Factory (Galaer)
    Elevator Mission 4 – Submarine Base (Galaer)
    Elevator Mission 5 – Transiency (Galaer)
    Elevator Mission 6 – Virtue (Galaer)
    Elevator Mission 7 – Betrayal (Galaer)
    Elevator Mission 8 – The Last of EMT2 (Galaer)
    Elevator Mission 9 – Men’s Tale (Galaer)
    Elizabeth Bathory – Chapter 1 (Peter Smith) (goldsla)
    Embracing the Enemy (Peter Smith) (Vanguard)
    Emilie Victor [L’Arsene 2] (dafydd) (goldsla) (Galaer)
    Equilibrium (Vanguard) (goldsla)
    Escape From Blackstone Crypt (tacky) (Vanguard)
    Escape Hammer Hill (Galaer)
    Evendale (Galaer)
    Evil Thievery (Galaer)
    Evirath’s Misery (Galaer)
    Exile: Part 1 – A Busy Night (Galaer)
    Exile: Part 2 – The Next Sunset (Galaer)
    The Eye of Ruthaford (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Eye of the Gems: Shadows and Fog (Acideus Saga 3) (Galaer)

    The Fables of a Penitent Thief, Mission 1 (Galaer)
    The Fables of a Penitent Thief, Mission 2 (Galaer)
    The Fall of Anduin Karol (Galaer)
    Falling Down (klatremus)
    The Farm (Galaer)
    Fate of the Art (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Father Hirvakia’s Portal 1-4 (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Father’s Pride (tacky) (Vanguard) (ultravioletu)
    The Favour (Galaer)
    Feast of Pilgrims (klatremus)
    February (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    La Fete du Voleur (Galaer)
    The Fever (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Fierce Competition (Galaer)
    Finals at the Academy (Grandmauden)
    Finkelberry (Galaer)
    Firefly (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Fireshadow’s Barrow (Peter Smith)
    First City Bank & Trust Annex (Vanguard)
    First City College (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The First Day of Winter (Galaer)
    Five Nights at Dayport (Acideus Saga 4) (Galaer)
    Five Tigers 1: HBS Iron Butterfly (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Five Tigers 2: Eye of the Tiger (Peter Smith)
    Five Tigers 3: Claw of the Tiger (Galaer)
    Fletcher’s Final Mistake (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Flip a Coin (Galaer)
    Flowers For a Friend (Galaer)
    The Flying Age, Mission 1 (Galaer)
    The Flying Age, Mission 2 (goldsla)
    The Flying Age, Mission 3 (goldsla)
    The Flying Age, Mission 4 (Galaer)
    The Flying Age, Mission 5 (Galaer)
    The Flying Age, Mission 6 (goldsla)
    The Focus (Peter Smith) (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Folly of Youth (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Forbidden Rites (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Forgotten Forest 1 (dafydd) (goldsla)
    Forgotten Forest 2 (Galaer)
    Forgotten Tomb (Galaer)
    Fortress by the Sea (Galaer)
    Fortress Valth (Galaer)
    Fortune and Glory (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Forty Eight (Galaer)
    Four Weapons (Galaer)
    Freedo Finds One (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Freedom for Nepumuk (Galaer)
    Frest World (Galaer)
    Friend Basso (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    A Friend In Need (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Frobable Cause (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    From Beneath the Sands (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Frozen Mines (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    FTM Life (Galaer)

    The Gallery (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    The Gambling Man (Peter Smith) (Vanguard) (goldsla)
    The Game (Vanguard) (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Ganbatte, Thief-San! (Galaer)
    Garrett and the Beanstalk (dafydd)
    Garrett and the Princess (Galaer)
    Garrett to the Rescue (Peter Smith) (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Garrett to the Rescue 2: The Auction House (RiCh) (Peter Smith)
    Garrett’s Nightmare (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Garrett’s Young Years: Mission 1 (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Peter Smith) (Galaer)
    Garrett’s Young Years: Mission 2 - A Visit To Castle Nasenstein (Galaer)
    Garrett’s Young Years: Mission 3 - Again That Damned Talisman! (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Garrett’s Young Years: Mission 4 - Ordeal (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Gathering at the Bar (klatremus)
    Gathering at the Inn [CoSaS 1] (Vanguard) (dafydd) (Peter Smith) (goldsla) (klatremus)
    Gauntlet 2 – Dromed’s Revenge (Vanguard)
    Gearheart (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Gerrard’s Temple(Vanguard) (dafydd)
    Gervasius’ Archery Tournament (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Gheldorf’s Towne House (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Vanguard)
    The Ghost House / The Haunted Hospital (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Ghost Town (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    The Gift (Galaer)
    Gladiator (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    The Goblins [L’Arsene 3] (goldsla)
    Godbreaker, Mission 1: Slipping Away (Galaer)
    Godbreaker, Mission 2: Impious Pilgrimage (Galaer)
    Godbreaker, Mission 3: The Trickster’s Tail (Galaer)
    Godbreaker, Mission 4: The Final Thread (Galaer)
    The Gold Skull of Lord Frobb (Vanguard)
    The Good Samaritan (Galaer)
    Graduation Day (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    The Great Tree (Galaer)
    Greenbay (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Peter Smith) (klatremus)
    The Greyfather Gems 1: The Shipment (Vanguard) (Peter Smith)
    The Greyfather Gems 2: Rodamill (Galaer)
    The Greyquarter Heist (Galaer)
    A Guard Called Benny (Galaer)
    The Guardmen of Haddur (Galaer)
    Gussie’s Dream (Galaer)

    Haddur (Campaign) (Galaer)
    Half-Assed Wedding (Galaer)
    Half Blind (Galaer)
    Hammered (Galaer)
    Hammerite Deathmatch! (Campaign) (Galaer)
    Hammerite Hideout (Galaer)
    The Hammerite Imperium 1: The Seven Shades of Mercury (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Hammerite’s Brutality (RiCh) [(Vanguard) URL=""]([B/Galaer[/B])[/URL]
    Happy New Year Mister Lambert! (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Harlequin (Galaer)
    The Hashishans (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Haunt Stadium (Galaer)
    The Haunting (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Having a Ball (Galaer)
    Having Regrets (Galaer)
    Hazelshade Cemetery (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Heading Out (Galaer)
    The Heart of Gems: Night of the Red Moon (Acideus Saga 2) (Galaer)
    Heartcliff Islands (klatremus)
    Heaven In the Garden of Stones 2: Secrets of Avidan (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Hedgerows & Hammerites (Vanguard) (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Heist at Hilbert’s Highrise Hotel (Galaer)
    Heist at Night (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Heist Society (Deadfall/Hexameron) (marbleman) (klatremus)
    Heretic 1: The Docks (Galaer)
    Heretic 2: The Azure Fortress (Galaer)
    Heretic 3: Heretic/The Guard House (Galaer)
    Heretics and Pagans (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Hidden Agenda (Vanguard) (Sneak) (goldsla) (marbleman) (klatremus)
    The Hidden Stone (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    The Hightowne Museum (tacky) (Danventry) (Vanguard) (goldsla)
    His Own Medicine (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Hole (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Home Sweet Home (Galaer)
    The Homeless Dude (klatremus)
    Homo Arbor (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Hookshot Demo (Galaer)
    The Horn (Galaer)
    Horns of Canzo 1: A Long Way Up (Galaer)
    Horns of Canzo 2: The Dragon’s Claw (Galaer)
    Horror In St. Urbain (Galaer)
    House of Random (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Houserob (Galaer)
    Hunting Treasure 1: Unrest (Deadfall/Hexameron)

    Ice Base 1 (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    In Dubio Pro Garrett (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    In These Enlightened Times... (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Incubus (Campaign) (Galaer)
    Insanity’s Crescendo (Galaer)
    Insurrection (Galaer)
    Into the Dark Forest (Galaer)
    Into the Dark Forest Remastered (Galaer)
    Into the Maelstrom (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Into the Odd (klatremus)
    Invasion (Galaer)
    The Inventor’s Tower (tacky) (Danventry) (Vanguard)
    The Inverted Manse (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Iron Heart (Galaer) (Vanguard)
    Iron Man (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Vanguard)
    Island of Iron 1: Fortress of Steel (Vanguard)
    Island of Iron 2: Confrontation (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Island of Madness (Galaer)
    Island of Sorrow (Galaer)

    JailBreak (Vanguard) (Deadfall/Hexameron) (dafydd)
    The Jarlson Manor (Galaer)
    Jenivere De Ja Vu (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Jewel of Ghandaru (Galaer)
    A Job Well Done (marbleman)
    John Dosios Compound (Galaer)
    The JoKeR (Galaer)
    Journey Into the Land of the Poor (Galaer)
    A Journey Into the Underdark (Galaer)
    Just Another Hole (Galaer)
    Just for Show (Nightwalker) (Vanguard)
    Just Friends 1 (Galaer)
    Just Friends 2 (Galaer)
    Just My Luck (Galaer)
    Just Take a Look (dafydd) (Deadfall/Hexameron)

    Karras Apartments (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Karras’ Diary: Prophecies of Gold (Peter Smith) (Vanguard) (dafydd) (goldsla) (Galaer)
    The Karrassinian Threat (Old Man) (goldsla)
    Katharsis (klatremus)
    Keep of Deceit (Bane 1) (Galaer)
    Keeper Investigations 1: Dawn of a New Age (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Peter Smith)
    Keeper Investigations 2: Ocean Freight (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Peter Smith)
    Keeper Investigations 3: at the Wrong Party (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Keeper Investigations 4: Tanis Station (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Keeper Investigations 5: Returning Home (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Keeper of Infinity: Bad Venture (Standalone) (Galaer)
    Keeper of Infinity, Mission 1: Bad Venture (Campaign) (Galaer)
    Keeper of Infinity, Mission 2: Raven’s Nest (Galaer)
    A Keeper of the Prophecies 1: The Enterprise (Galaer) (klatremus)
    A Keeper of the Prophecies 2: Hallucinations (Galaer) (klatremus)
    A Keeper of the Prophecies 3: The Insurrection (Vanguard) (Galaer) (klatremus)
    A Keeper of the Prophecies 4: Oracle of the Prophets (Galaer) (klatremus)
    A Keeper of the Prophecies 5: The Other Side of Time (Galaer) (klatremus)
    A Keeper of the Prophecies 6: Reversing the Order (Galaer) (klatremus)
    A Keeper of the Prophecies 7-9: The Inheritance (Galaer) (klatremus)
    The Keepers are Thirsty (Vanguard)
    A Keeper’s Betrayal (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Vanguard) (Peter Smith) (Vanguard) (dafydd)
    Keeper’s Medallion (Galaer)
    Keyhunt (goldsla)
    Kidnap (Galaer)
    Kill Factory (Galaer)
    Kill Factory 2: Escape From the Planet of the Robots (Galaer)
    Kill the Guard (Galaer)
    The Kindred Vault (Deadfall/Hexameron) (klatremus)
    King Abedzen’s Tomb (Galaer)
    Kingsbridge (Galaer)
    King’s Story: Mission 1 - Overture (Galaer)
    King’s Story: Mission 2 – King’s Chant (Galaer)
    Konkurrenten (Galaer)

    Lady Lisa’s Harbor (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Lady Lomat’s Flute (Galaer)
    Lady Mossy (Galaer)
    Lady Whitman’s Disease (Nightwalker) (Vanguard) (dafydd)
    Last Caress (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Last Gleaming of the Rising Sun (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Last Lighthouse Keeper (Galaer)
    Last Stand (RiCh) (Vanguard)
    The League of Grim Thieves (Galaer)
    Legacy of Knoss (WheretIB)
    Legend of the Four Elements (goldsla)
    Legend of the Four Elements 2: The Last Hope (Galaer)
    Legend of the Four Elements 3 (Galaer)
    Les Paolis – Part 1: La Discorde (Galaer)
    Les Paolis – Part 2: Reglement de Comptes (Galaer)
    A Lesson Learned (Vanguard) (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Librarian (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Library 1: The Town (Vanguard) (dafydd)
    Library 2: The Basement (Deadfall/Hexameron) (dafydd)
    The Library of Babel (Galaer)
    Life of the Party – Winter Edition (Galaer)
    Lingering Whispers (Galaer)
    A Long Way Down (Galaer)
    Lonmore Campaign – Mission 1: Lonmore South (lordhern)
    Lonmore Campaign (Galaer)
    Lord Alan’s Basement (Vanguard) (dafydd) (goldsla)
    Lord Alan’s Factory (Galaer)
    Lord Alan’s Fortress (dafydd) (goldsla)
    Lord Alexander’s Mansion (Galaer)
    The Lord Ashton Series (dafydd)
    The Lord Ashton Series 1: A Visit to Lord Ashton (Vanguard)
    The Lord Ashton Series 2: A Night’s Stroll (Vanguard)
    The Lord Ashton Series 3: Escape! (Vanguard)
    The Lord Ashton Series 4: Revenge (Vanguard)
    The Lord Ashton Series 5: In Search of Leon (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Vanguard) (Peter Smith)
    The Lord Ashton Series 6: The Secret of Sir Stefan (Vanguard) (Peter Smith) (dafydd)
    The Lord Ashton Series 7: A Winter’s Night (Vanguard) (Peter Smith) (Danventry)
    The Lord Ashton Series 8: The Wedding of Sir Andre (Peter Smith) (dafydd)
    Lord Bafford’s Secret (Galaer)
    Lord Burkhard (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Lord Fishkill’s Curse (dafydd) (Peter Smith)
    Lord Hammerarse’s Manor (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Lord Gibson’s Estate (Galaer)
    Lord James’ Retreat (Vanguard) (dafydd)
    Lord Lomat’s Flute (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Vanguard)
    Lord Maguire’s Estates (Galaer)
    Lord Matt (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Lord of the Thieves: Attack of the Orcs (Galaer)
    The Lost Castle (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Lost Crusade (Peter Smith)
    Lost In the Far Edges (klatremus)
    Lost Souls (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    A Love Story (dafydd) (goldsla)
    A Love Story 2 (goldsla)
    A Love Story 3 (goldsla)
    A Love Story 4 (goldsla)
    A Love Story 5, Parts 1 & 2 (Galaer)
    A Lovely Night (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    A Lucky Hand (Galaer)
    Lucrative Opportunity (Vanguard) (Galaer)

    Mad As a Hatter (dafydd)
    MainShock T2 (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Makiko (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Malazar’s Inscrutable Tower (Galaer)
    Mann Mansion (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Mask (Galaer)
    The Mask of Agamemnon (Galaer)
    Masque of the Red Death (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    McLeod’s Revenge (Galaer)
    Mech Angelo (Galaer)
    The Mechanist Cathedral (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Mechanist Facility (Galaer)
    Mechbank (Galaer)
    The Medal Age (Galaer)
    Meeting (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Melancholy In Porto (Galaer)
    Melian’s Method (tacky) (Burt) (Vanguard)
    Memoirs of a Dead God (Galaer)
    Merchant’s Manor (Galaer)
    Midday Eclipse (Galaer)
    Midday Escape (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    A Midsummer Night’s Heist (Psych0sis) (marbleman)
    Mighty Joe Young (Galaer)
    Mind Master (Vanguard)
    Mine Affairs (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Mirror (Galaer)
    The Mirror of Return – Part 1 (Galaer)
    The Mirror of Return – Part 2 (Galaer)
    The Mirror of Return – Part 3 (Galaer)
    A Mission With No Name (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Mission 3 (Shadows of the Past) (Galaer)
    Mission X [CoSaS 2] (klatremus)
    MISTRZ: Efekty Specjalne (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Mixed Messages (dafydd) (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Monastery of St. Fera (dafydd)
    Monster Arena (Galaer)
    Morbid Curiosity (klatremus)
    More Time to Foil Karrass (goldsla) (Galaer)
    Mortuos Liber - Mission 1: The Book (Galaer)
    Mortuos Liber - Mission 2: Getting Home (Galaer)
    Mortuos Liber - Mission 3: The Asylum (Galaer)
    Mortuos Liber - Mission 4: The Hideout (Galaer)
    Moth to a Flame (dafydd) (Nebs)
    A Mother’s Love (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Mountain Maya (Galaer)
    The Mountain Monastery (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Mr. J’s Ring (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Mr. Turmoil (Galaer)
    M.S. Gold – Rust (Campaign) (Galaer)
    Mstrz (Galaer)
    Museum Heist (Peter Smith) (Vanguard) (goldsla)
    The Music of Sibel (Galaer)
    My Favorite Year (marbleman)
    Mylokh’s Tower (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Mysterious Invitation (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Mystery at the St. Anne’s Inn (Galaer)
    Mystery of the Upper Quarter (Galaer)
    Mystery of the Upper Quarter 2: Secrets of the Old City (Galaer)
    The Mystic Estate (Galaer)
    Mystic Gems 1: Unlucky Soul (Deadfall/Hexameron) (klatremus)
    Mystic Gems 2: Heart of Bohn (klatremus)
    Mystic Lady (dafydd)

    Nameless (Galaer)
    A New Place For Ghosts 1: The Garden (Galaer)
    A New Place For Ghosts 2: The Mansion (Galaer)
    The New Sheriff (Galaer)
    A Nice Game of Chess (Galaer)
    A Nice Stroll (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Niggsters Erste FM (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Night at the Theatre (tacky) (Pibb)
    The Night Before Christmas (Galaer)
    The Night Falcon (Nebs)
    The Night Falcon, Mission 1 – A Shopping Walk (Galaer)
    The Night Falcon, Mission 2 – Lord Wellhofer (Galaer)
    The Night Falcon, Mission 3 – The Hammerite Monastery (Galaer)
    The Night Falcon, Mission 4 – The Cathedral (Galaer)
    The Night Falcon, Mission 5 – The Mysterious Tower (Galaer)
    The Night Falcon, Mission 6 – Christmas Present (Galaer)
    The Night Falcon, Mission 7 – The Brotherhood of the Falcon (Galaer)
    Night Flight (Vol De Nuit) (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Night I Ghosted Berkshead (Vanguard) (Danventry)
    A Night In Rocksbourg 1: A New Beginning (Peter Smith) (klatremus)
    A Night In Rocksbourg 2: Discovery (Peter Smith) (klatremus)
    A Night In Rocksbourg 3: Ink and Dust (klatremus)
    A Night In the Pub (Pibb) (Vanguard) (tacky)
    Night of the Singing Potion (Danventry)
    The Night Shift (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Night Visit to the Natural History Museum (Galaer)
    The Night Watch 1: Infiltration (goldsla) (Galaer)
    The Night Watch 2: Elicitation (goldsla) (Galaer)
    The Night Watch 3: Reorientation (goldsla) (Galaer)
    The Night Watch 4: Confrontation (goldsla) (Galaer)
    A Night’s Profit (Galaer)
    Night’s Recourse (Vanguard)
    Nightmares – Mission 1: Hard Waking (Galaer)
    Nightmares – Mission 2: The Quest (Galaer)
    Nightmares – Mission 3: Fragments (Galaer)
    Nightmares – Mission 4: Remember Garrett (Galaer)
    Nightmares – Mission 5: A Sinner’s Song (Galaer)
    No More Clients for Monty (Danventry)
    Nosferatu (Galaer)
    Nosferatu 2: The Weird Sisters (Galaer)
    Nostalgia (Deadfall/Hexameron)

    Obligatory Prison Mission (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Of the Sinister Awakening (Galaer)
    Of Thieves And Rubies (Galaer)
    Off the Record (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Off to Milhorn Manor (Galaer)
    Off to Milhorn Manor – Overhaul Edition (Galaer)
    Oh L’Amour (Galaer)
    Old Bad Fellows (Galaer)
    Old Comrades, Old Debts (Vanguard)* (dafydd) (goldsla)
    An Old Friend (klatremus)
    Old Habits and Dead Wives (Galaer)
    Old Tribe (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    OMG Get Your Blackjack Back (Galaer)
    Ominous Bequest (Vanguard) (goldsla) (klatremus) (marbleman)
    Orthodox Wedding (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Osama Bites the Dust (Vanguard)
    Oswald’s Patisserie (Vanguard)
    Overlord’s Ending (Galaer)
    Out for a Revenge (Peter Smith) (Deadfall/Hexameron)

    Paladine Manor (tacky) (Vanguard)
    Partytime! (Galaer)
    Patriot 1: Marauder (Galaer) (klatremus)
    Patriot 2: Prisoner (Galaer) (klatremus)
    Patriot 3: Spy (Galaer) (klatremus)
    Patriot 4: Partner (Galaer) (klatremus)
    Patriot 5: Saboteur (Galaer) (klatremus)
    Patriot 6: Pathfinder (Galaer) (klatremus)
    Patriot 7: Heretic (Galaer) (klatremus)
    Patriot 8: Detective (Galaer) (klatremus)
    Patriot 9: Enemy (Galaer) (klatremus)
    Patriot 10: Reanimator (Galaer) (klatremus)
    Patriot 11: Patriot (Galaer) (klatremus)
    Payback (Galaer)
    The Perdurance (Galaer)
    Pereira’s Mansion (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Perfect Job (Galaer)
    Pestis Cruenta (Galaer)
    Pirates Ahoy! 1: Cast Off! (goldsla)
    Pirates Ahoy! 2: Pirate Island (goldsla)
    Pirates Ahoy! 3: Ghost Ship (goldsla)
    Pirates Ahoy! 4: Treasure Island (Galaer)
    A Pirate’s Downfall (Galaer)
    Plagiarism (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Playground of Doom (Galaer)
    The Plot Thickens (Galaer)
    Portisco Head (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Power of Suggestion (marbleman)
    Powerslaves (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Precarious Business (Galaer)
    Precious (klatremus)
    Prezent (Galaer)
    The Prison of Garrett (Galaer)
    Profane Ascension (dafydd)
    Properly Paranoid (dafydd)
    The Pursuance of an Inscrutable Reciprocity – Mission 1: A City With Opportunities (Galaer) (Galaer)
    The Pursuance of an Inscrutable Reciprocity – Mission 2: Collecting It All (Galaer) (Galaer)
    The Pursuance of an Inscrutable Reciprocity – Mission 3 (Galaer) (Galaer)
    The Pursuance of an Inscrutable Reciprocity – Mission 4: An Urgent Get-Away (Galaer)
    The Pursuance of an Inscrutable Reciprocity – Mission 5 (Galaer)

    Quamtotius Purgamentum (Galaer)
    Quick Cash (RiCh) (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Quiet Heat (Deadfall/Hexameron)

    The Radiant Garden (Galaer)
    Raid On Washout Central (dafydd) (Nebs) (goldsla)
    Ranstall Keep (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Raven Creek: Mission 1 – A Sunny Sunday In Raven Creek (Galaer)
    Raven Creek: Mission 2 – Escape From Raven Creek (Galaer)
    Raven Creek: Mission 3 – The Hammerites of Raven Creek (Galaer)
    Raven Creek: Mission 4 – A Little Walk (Galaer)
    Raven Creek: Mission 5 – Lord Wilson’s Party (Galaer)
    Ravencourt’s Mansion (Vanguard)
    Ravensreach (Galaer) (marbleman)
    Rebel (Galaer)
    Rebellion of the Builder 1: Mission 1 - The Mystic Estate (Galaer)
    Rebellion of the Builder 1: Mission 2 - Forest of Despair (Galaer)
    Rebellion of the Builder 1: Mission 3 - The Contradiction to the Builder’s Children (Galaer)
    Rebellion of the Builder 1: Mission 4 - The Doomsday Project (Galaer)
    Rebellion of the Builder 1: Mission 5 - The Unstable Destination (Galaer)
    Rebellion of the Builder 2: Mission 1 – In the Sands of Fire And Ice (Galaer)
    Rebellion of the Builder 2: Mission 2 – A Travel Through Smelter Volcano (Galaer)
    Rebellion of the Builder 2: Secret Mission 1 – Garrett’s Nightmare (Galaer)
    Rebellion of the Builder 2: Mission 3 – An Unexpected Confrontation (Galaer)
    Rebellion of the Builder 2: Mission 4 – A City With Problems (Galaer)
    Rebellion of the Builder 2: Secret Mission 2 (Galaer)
    Rebellion of the Builder 2: Mission 5 – The Secret of the Occult Woods (Galaer)
    Rebellion of the Builder 2: Mission 6 – King’s Request (Galaer)
    Rebellion of the Builder 2: Mission 7 – An Unwilling Secret Travel (Galaer)
    Rebellion of the Builder 2: Mission 8 – The Imposter (Galaer)
    Rebellion of the Builder 2: Secret Mission 3 – Urban Conflicts (Galaer)
    Rebellion of the Builder 2: Mission 9 – The Forgotten Kingdom (Galaer)
    Rebellion of the Builder 2: Mission 10 – Sir Edward’s Plan of Invention (Galaer)
    Rebellion of the Builder 2: Mission 11 – Destination Zeppelin (Galaer)
    Rebellion of the Builder 2: Mission 12 – The Falling Albatross (Galaer)
    Red Ridge (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Redemption (Galaer)
    Reflections (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Relic (Peter Smith)
    Relic – Left for Dead (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Relics (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Religious Conflict (Galaer)
    Rendezvous (Galaer)
    Requiem For a Thief (Galaer)
    Rescue! (Vanguard) (Danventry)
    Resonance (Galaer)
    Resurgence: The Ancient Crown (Vanguard)
    Retaliation (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Retribution (Galaer)
    Retrieval (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Retrieval of the Soul (dafydd)
    Return to Tarnhill (Galaer)
    Return to the Dark Temple (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Return to the Lost City (Galaer)
    The Reunification (Campaign) (Galaer)
    Reunion With Basso – Mission 1: Garret Takes a Cure (Galaer)
    Reunion With Basso – Mission 2: On the Hammer’s Tracks (Galaer)
    Reunion With Basso – Mission 3: Reunion With Basso (Galaer)
    The Revenge of Lt. Hagen (Galaer)
    Reverse Robbery (lordhern) (Galaer) (lordhern)
    RGB (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Ride the Butterfly (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Right Up There On the Mountains (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Ring (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    The Rise of the Mechanists – Mission 1: Mechanist Tribulation (Galaer)
    The Rise of the Mechanists – Mission 2: Homeward Bound (Galaer)
    The Ritual (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Roman Domus (Galaer)
    Roofs of Gold (Acideus Saga 1) (Galaer)
    Rosaries Are Red (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Rose Cottage (Galaer)
    Rowena’s Curse (Galaer)
    The Royal Garmyth (yubetcha) (Vanguard) (Deadfall/Hexameron) (dafydd)
    Ruined – Part 1 (Galaer)
    Ruined – Part 2 (Galaer)
    Ruined – Part 3 (Galaer)
    Ruins of Originia 1: Mines of Margroth (klatremus) (Galaer)
    Ruins of Originia 2: Guilded Rivalry (klatremus) (Galaer)
    Ruins of Originia 3: Fire and Ice (Galaer) (klatremus)
    Ruins of Originia 4: Ashes to Ashes (Galaer) (klatremus)
    Run Thief...RUN: Director’s Cut (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Run! (Galaer)
    Rust Belt Prison (Galaer)
    The Rustler (Galaer)

    Sabotage In Eastport (Galaer)
    Safe Haven (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Saint (Galaer)
    Saints and Thieves (Deadfall/Hexameron) (marbleman)
    Sakura’s Dragon Eye (Vanguard) (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Same Sh*t, Different Day 1: Tipping the Scales (goldsla) (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Sammy Pays His Dues (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    SandBride Police Station (Vanguard) (Danventry)
    Saturio Returns Home (Vanguard) (dafydd) (Peter Smith) (goldsla)
    Saving Caroline (klatremus)
    The Scary Castle (Galaer)
    Schizophrenica (Galaer)
    Scepter of Dor Am’Al Part 1: Shipwreack (Galaer)
    Search for Crom’s Blade (Old Man) (Vanguard)
    Second City Bank and Trust (Galaer)
    Secret Breaking of a Pyramid (Galaer)
    Secret of the Keepers (Galaer)
    Secret Weapon (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Serge Bank (Galaer)
    A Servant’s Life (Galaer)
    A Servant’s Revenge (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Settling a Score (Galaer)
    The Seven Sisters: Night One (Deadfall/Hexameron) (klatremus)
    The Seven Sisters: Night Two (klatremus)
    The Seven Sisters: Night Three (klatremus)
    The Seventh Crystal (Old Man) (Peter Smith) (Peter Smith) (Vanguard) (Peter Smith) (Grandmauden)
    Shadow Moon (Galaer)
    Shadow Plans (Galaer)
    Shadows In Our Blood (Galaer)
    Shadows of Darkness (Galaer)
    Shadows of Eidolon (Galaer)
    Shadows of the Past/A Spooky Interlude (Galaer)
    Shining Standards, Mission 1: Lord Vernstien’s Manor (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Shining Standards, Mission 2: The Prometheus
    Shoes and Dresses (Galaer)
    A Shopping Stopover (Galaer)
    A Short Night’s Work (Galaer)
    Show Off (Galaer)
    Silent Nightmares (Galaer)
    Simple Enough (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    A Simple Job Planned for This Evening (Galaer)
    Sinful Opportunities (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Sinister Night (Galaer)
    The Sinkhole (Galaer)
    Sinking Demo (Galaer)
    Sir Lector Comes to Dine (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Danventry) (Vanguard)
    Sir William’s Keep (klatremus)
    The Sister (Galaer)
    Sisterhood of Azura 1: Estheridge (Vanguard) (dafydd)* (Galaer)
    Sisterhood of Azura 2: The House (Galaer)
    Skeletons In the Closet (dafydd) (Nebs) (Peter Smith)
    The Skull of St. Yora (Vanguard) (dafydd)
    The Skygem Connection (Galaer)
    Slow But Steady Progress (Galaer)
    Slugg’s FM Pack 1: Setup (Vanguard)
    Slugg’s FM Pack 2: Ferrying the Iceman (Vanguard)
    Slugg’s FM Pack 3: Locked-In (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Sly’s U.T. Arena (Galaer)
    Sly’s U.T. Arena 2 (Galaer)
    A Small Blackout (Galaer)
    A Smuggler’s Request (Old Man) (Vanguard) (goldsla) (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Snatch and Grab (Vanguard)
    Sneaking Through Venice (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Snobs Part 1 (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Snobs Part 2 (Galaer)
    Snowball Fight! (Galaer)
    Snowstorm (Galaer)
    So Long Hammers (dafydd) (Grandmauden)
    Some Shopping (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Something Up There (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Vanguard)
    A Sorrowful Farewell (Galaer)
    Soulforge Revisited (Galaer)
    The Space Project: Mission 1 - Skylab (Galaer)
    The Space Project: Mission 2 - Walkin’ On Mars (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Space Project: Mission 3 - The Strange Temple (Galaer)
    Space Thief (Vanguard)
    The Spear of Destiny (Librarian 2) (Galaer)
    The Spear of Destiny, Mission 2 – The Old Compound (Galaer)
    Spider Caves (Galaer)
    Squeeky’s Secret (tacky) (Danventry)
    Stiff Competition (tacky) (Danventry)
    Stone and Glass Houses (Campaign) (Galaer)
    Stowaway (Galaer)
    Strange Meeting (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Strife Campaign – Mission 1: Town (Galaer)
    Strife Campaign – Mission 2: The Sewers (Galaer)
    Strife Campaign – Mission 3 & 4: The Docks (Galaer)
    Strife Campaign – Mission 5 & 6: The Prison (Galaer)
    Strife Campaign – Mission 7: Borderlands (Galaer)
    Strife Campaign – Mission 8: The Commons (Galaer)
    Strife Campaign – Mission 9 & 10: Temple of the Oracle (Galaer)
    Strife Campaign – Mission 11: The Bailey (Galaer)
    Strife Campaign – Mission 12: Temple Ruins (Galaer)
    Strife Campaign – Mission 13: Factory Receiving (Galaer)
    Strife Campaign – Mission 14: Hideout (Galaer)
    Stronghold (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Stupid Grimrock Quote (Galaer)
    Stupid Grimrock Quote Reloaded (Galaer)
    Sturmdrang Peak (Campaign) (Galaer)
    The Suffer Catalyst (Galaer)
    The Summit (Galaer)
    Sun Within and the Sun Without (Galaer)
    The Sunken Temple of Dielya (Galaer)
    Sunset In Darkdale (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Surrounded by the Metal Age (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Swamped (Vanguard) (dafydd)
    The Swindle Job (Galaer)
    Switching Rails [CoSaS 4] (klatremus)

    T2X Shadows of the Metal Age 1: Unexpected Shelter (klatremus)
    T2X Shadows of the Metal Age 2: The Trials That Shape Us (klatremus)
    T2X Shadows of the Metal Age 3: While the City Sleeps (klatremus)
    T2X Shadows of the Metal Age 4: Shadowing the Enemy (klatremus)
    T2X Shadows of the Metal Age 5: The Redistribution Game (klatremus)
    T2X Shadows of the Metal Age 6: A Question of Knowledge (klatremus)
    T2X Shadows of the Metal Age 7: Down Among Dead Men (klatremus)
    T2X Shadows of the Metal Age 8: The Art of Deception (klatremus)
    T2X Shadows of the Metal Age 9: Into the Fray (klatremus)
    T2X Shadows of the Metal Age 10: ...of Ill Repute (klatremus)
    T2X Shadows of the Metal Age 11: The Grand Hotel (klatremus)
    T2X Shadows of the Metal Age 12: The Cure (klatremus)
    T2X Shadows of the Metal Age 13: Betrayal (klatremus)
    Taffer’s Shooting Gallery (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Taffer’s Bank (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Taffer’s Tower (dafydd)
    Taking a Risk (Galaer)
    Tales From the Cleft: Vandal (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Tales From the Cleft 2: Ladytaker (Galaer)
    TCrap (Galaer)
    Teddy Bear’s Curse (Galaer)
    Tell Tale Heart (Galaer)
    Temple of Death (Galaer)
    The Temple of the Tides (goldsla)
    Ten Little Taffers (Galaer)
    A Theft In High Town (Galaer)
    These Unfortunate Ones (Galaer)
    Thief 2 – CTF (Vanguard)
    Thief 2: Thievery? (Danventry)
    Thief Dungeon Crawl (Galaer)
    Thief Noir (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Thief Nonetheless (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Thief – The Chain Project (Galaer)
    Thief Trinity (Galaer)
    A Thief’s Holiday 2004 (Galaer)
    Thieves’ Highway (Grandmauden)
    Third Time’s the Charm (Galaer)
    This FM Haz No Sense! (Galaer)
    Thork (Galaer)
    Three Crowns (goldsla)
    Three Mages Tomb (Galaer)
    Throne Room (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Through the Lookin’ Glass (Galaer)
    Through No Vault of My Own (Galaer)
    Time For Change (Galaer)
    Time For Culture (Galaer)
    The Ties That Bind (Danventry)
    Till Death Do Us Part (Galaer)
    The Time That Has Passed (goldsla) (Galaer) (Galaer)
    Timoteus (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Vanguard) (dafydd)
    To Send a Message (Galaer)
    To the End With Nothing (Galaer)
    Too Good to Be True (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Torn Apart (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Torner Island (dafydd)
    tOt 1..the Escape (Galaer)
    A Tough Night (Galaer)
    The Tower (Deadfall/Hexameron) (klatremus)
    The Tower In the Forest (Galaer)
    The Tower of Jorge (Galaer)
    The Tower of Karras (Galaer)
    Tower of St. Moria (Galaer)
    Trail of Blood 2 (Galaer)
    TrainSpotting (clayman) (dafydd)
    Transitions In Chaos Part 1: Conspiracies In the Dark (Deadfall/Hexameron) (marbleman)
    Treason and Plot (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Tribal Breeze (Galaer)
    The Trickster’s Castle (dafydd)
    The Trickster’s Gem Mine 0: Training (Galaer)
    The Trickster’s Gem Mine 1: Errand Boy (Nightwalker) (Galaer)
    The Trickster’s Gem Mine 2: Shore Leave (Galaer)
    The Trickster’s Gem Mine 3: Up Sh*t Creek (Galaer)
    The Trickster’s Gem Mine 4: Making Tracks (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    The Trickster’s Gem Mine 5: The Trickster Rift Gem Mine (Galaer)
    The Trickster’s Gem Mine 6: Elsewhere (Galaer)
    The Trickster’s Gem Mine 7: Chasm of the Lost – Part 1 (Galaer)
    The Trickster’s Gem Mine 7: Chasm of the Lost – Part 2 (Galaer)
    Troubling Transitions (Galaer)
    Turn of the Tide (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Vanguard)
    The Turning of the Leaves (Klatremus)
    The Turtle On Its Back (Vanguard) (Galaer)
    Two Fathers (Deadfall/Hexameron) (goldsla)
    The Two Towers (Deadfall/Hexameron)

    Ultima Ratio (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Umbelina (Galaer)
    Unbidden Guest (Deadfall/Hexameron) (marbleman)
    Undead Reckoning (dafydd)
    Under Templehill (Tannar)
    Underground Escape (Vanguard)
    Underneath (Galaer)
    Unfinished Business (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Unfortunate Formulae (Danventry) (dafydd)
    Unholy Vivid Innocence (Galaer)
    The Uninvited Guest (Galaer)
    United Bank of Auldale (Galaer) (dafydd)
    Unknown Danger (Galaer)
    The Unknown Treasure – Mission 1 (Galaer)
    The Unknown Treasure – Mission 2 (Galaer)
    UnMasked (klatremus)
    Unnecessary Risk (Galaer)
    The Unsung Villain (Galaer)
    Unusual Conditions (Galaer)
    Upside Down (Galaer)
    Ura – Mission 1 (Galaer)
    Ura – Mission 2 (Galaer)

    Vadrigar’s Prison (Galaer)
    Vagabond (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Peter Smith)
    Vampire Skull (klatremus)
    Vanishing Point (Galaer)
    Vault Chronicles: Scorched Earth (Galaer)
    Victralia’s Realm (Galaer)
    Viktor Gaspar (Galaer)
    The Violent End of Duncan Malveine (Galaer) (klatremus)
    A Visit For the Knights (Galaer)
    Volcano Island Prison Facility (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)

    Walkin’ Da Moon! (Galaer)
    The Wall – St. Edgar’s Cathedral (Galaer)
    Warehouse 51 (tacky)
    A Water Arrow In the Fire (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Waterfront Racket (Galaer)
    Waterlogged (clayman) (tacky) (Vanguard)
    The WaterWay Tunnel Part 1 (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Peter Smith)
    The WaterWay Tunnel Part 2 (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Peter Smith)
    Watery Grave (Galaer) (marbleman)
    Way Home (Galaer)
    The Way of the Sword (Galaer)
    We Miss You, Bob! (klatremus)
    Weak Links (klatremus)
    A Wedding at the Bar (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Wedding of Lady Dark (Galaer)
    A Weekend Getaway – Part 1 (klatremus)
    A Weekend Getaway – Part 2 (klatremus)
    A Weekend Getaway – Part 3 (klatremus)
    The Weird Masquerade (Galaer)
    What a Drag! (Peter Smith)
    What Lies Below (goldsla) (klatremus)
    What You’ve Found Little Fly (Galaer)
    Whatever Happened to Sir Agutt? (Galaer)
    When Angels Refuse to Die (Galaer)
    When Still... – Mission 1: Lord Robert Lelder (Galaer)
    When Still... – Mission 2: The Way (Galaer)
    When Still... – Mission 3: The Ritual (Galaer)
    When Still... – Mission 4: The Mystery (Galaer)
    Where the Unknown Lurks (Galaer)
    Whispers In the Desert (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Who Is Hugo? (Galaer)
    Wicked Relics (Galaer)
    Wicked Webs We Weave (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Wickerman (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Willow Island (Vanguard)
    A Winter Holiday (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    A Wonderful Reception (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    The Wooden Box (Galaer)
    Working the Mines (Galaer)
    Worlds Collide (Deadfall/Hexameron)

    Your Last Breath (RiCh) (Vanguard)
    Yume No Rozen (Galaer)

    Zealot’s Hollow (Galaer)
    Zombie Killer (Galaer)

    Thief 3

    Furious Flames (Old Man)

    The Dark Mod

    Accountant 1: Thieves and Heirs (Galaer)
    Accountant 2: New In Town (Galaer)
    Alberic’s Curse (Galaer)
    The Arena (Galaer)
    Awaiting the Storm (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Galaer)
    Away 1: Air Pocket (Galaer)

    Behind Closed Doors (marbleman)
    The Beleaguered Fence (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    The Builder’s Influence (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Business as Usual (Deadfall/Hexameron)

    The Crown of Penitence (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Peter Smith)

    Full Moon Fever (marbleman)
    Fiasco at Fauchard Street (marbleman) (klatremus)

    Glenham’s Tower (Deadfall/Hexameron)

    Iris (klatremus)

    King of the Mountain (marbleman)

    Living Expenses (Deadfall/Hexameron)

    Mad’s Mountain (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Mission 1: A New Job (Galaer) (klatremus)
    Mission 2: Tears of St. Lucia (Galaer) (klatremus)

    Noble Affairs (marbleman)

    The Outpost (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Peter Smith)

    The Parcel (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Patently Dangerous (Peter Smith)
    Penny Dreadful 1: The Grail of Regrets (klatremus)
    Perilous Refuge (marbleman)

    Return to the City (Deadfall/Hexameron) (marbleman) (klatremus)

    Seeking Lady Leicester (klatremus)
    The Sons of Baltona Part 1 (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    A Special Delivery (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Swing (Galaer)

    Thief’s Den (Deadfall/Hexameron) (klatremus)
    Thief’s Den 2: The Chalice of Kings (Deadfall/Hexameron) (Peter Smith) (klatremus)
    Thief’s Den 3: The Heart of Lone Salvation (klatremus)
    Thief’s Den 4: The Alchemist (klatremus)
    The Thieves (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Too Late (Deadfall/Hexameron)
    Training Mission (klatremus)
    Trapped! (Deadfall/Hexameron)

    Written In Stone (marbleman)

    *Report claims success, but mission is not ghostable
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    Thief 1

    Condemned Catalogue
    Coveted Formulae
    Mysteries of Tolham
    Rage of a Man
    Rogue’s Lair

    Thief 2

    Godforsaken Locale
    Matriarch (campaign)
    One Man’s Trash
    Raising Corpses
    A Shadow On the Water
    The Sword of the Stones
    Towers of Twilight
    A Visit to the Baron

    Thief 3

    Abandoned Kingdom
    All the World’s a Stage
    Avoiding Mistrust

    Bad Feeling
    The Blue Rose
    The Bridge

    Creature Clash 3
    Crystal Clear Conscience

    Defender of the Crown

    Escape From Castle Black

    Forgotten Stash

    Happy Halloween!
    Heart of the Deal
    Hearts and Minds
    The Hobbit
    The Hotel

    Impurities In the Mix

    The Keeper
    Knife to the Heart
    Krellek’s Labyrinth

    Lord Julian’s Labyrinth
    Lord Raven’s Mansion

    The Medallion

    Night of the Long Knives
    Night of the Trickster

    Oldstone Castle
    On the Trail of a Fence

    The Secret Room
    Special Vintage
    Starting From Scratch

    Thief’s Rising
    Thief’s Rising 2
    Two Steps

    Unknown Temple

    Veil of Deceit

    The Walk

    The Dark Mod

    The Adventures of Thomas: Lucy's Quest
    All the Way Up
    Away 0: Stolen Heart

    The Bakery Job
    La Banque Bienveillante
    The Beleaguered Fence
    The Black Mage
    Blackgrove Manor
    Braeden Church
    Breaking Out the Fence
    Briarwood Cathedral
    Briarwood Manor
    A Bridge Too Far
    The Builder Roads
    The Builder Blocks
    Business as Usual
    By Any Other Name
    By the Cookbook

    Caduceus of St. Alban
    Cauldron of the Gods
    Cleaning Up the Neighbourhood
    Cleighmoor (WS3)
    Closemouthed Shadows
    Cole Hurst 1: Eaton
    Commerce Bank (WS5)
    CoS0: To Catch a Thief
    CoS1: Pearls and Swine
    CoS2: A Precarious Position
    CoS3: Sacricide
    The Creeps
    Crystal Grave

    Dead Drunk
    Deceptive Shadows
    Down and Out On Newford Road
    Down by the Riverside
    Dragon’s Claw

    The Elixir
    Erasing the Trail
    Eye On the Prize

    The Factory Heist
    Flakebridge Monastery

    The Gatehouse
    Glenham’s Tower
    The Golden Skull
    A Good Neighbor

    The Hare In the Snare: Part 1
    Hazard Pay
    The Heart of Saint Mattis
    Hidden Hands: Anomaly
    Hidden Hands: Initiation
    Hidden Hands: The Lost Citadel
    Hidden Hands: Vitalic Fever
    Home Again (WS2)
    House In Blackbog Hollow
    A House Call
    A House In Locked Secrets
    The House of deLisle
    House of Theo

    Illusionist’s Tower
    In a Time of Need
    In Danger of Judgment
    In the Black
    In the North (WS1)
    In Remembrance of Him
    Inn Business

    King of Diamonds
    Knighton Manor

    Langhorne Lodge
    Let Sleeping Thieves Lie
    Lich Queen’s Demise
    The Lieutenant 1: In Plain Sight
    The Lieutenant 2: High Expectations
    The Lieutenant 3: Foreign Affairs
    Lockner Manor
    Lord Dufford’s
    Lord Edgar’s Bathhouse
    Lords & Legacy

    Mad’s Mountain
    Marsh of Rahena
    A Matter of Hours
    Mission of Mercy
    Moongate Ruckus
    Mother Rose
    Moving Day 2: Look Who’s Moving Now

    The Night of Loot: One Man’s Treasure
    The Night of Reluctant Benefaction
    A Night to Remember
    A Night In Altham
    No Honour Among Thieves
    A Noble Home
    Not an Ordinary Guest
    Now and Then

    Old Habits 1
    Old Habits 2
    One Step Too Far

    The Painter’s Wife
    Pandora’s Box
    The Parcel
    Paying the Bills 0: Moving Day
    Phrase Book
    Poets & Peasants
    Protecting the Flock

    Quinn Co.

    The Rats Triumphant
    The Ravine
    Reap as You Sow
    A Reputation to Uphold
    The Rift
    Rightful Property

    Sam Wilson 1: Eastbound
    Samhain Night
    A Score to Settle
    Scroll of Remembrance
    Shadows of Northdale ACT 1
    Shadows of Northdale ACT 2
    Siege Shop
    Sir Taffsalot’s Sword
    Sir Talbot’s Collateral
    The Smiling Cutpurse
    Sneak and Destroy
    Sneak & Soufflé
    Snowed Inn
    Solar Eclipse
    Somewhere Above the City
    The Sons of Baltona Part 1
    A Special Delivery
    The Spider and the Finch
    Spring Cleaning
    St. Alban’s Cathedral

    The Terrible Old Man
    Thief’s Remorse
    The Thieves
    The Threepenny Revue
    Too Late
    The Transaction

    Vengeance for a Thief
    Vengeance for a Thief 2
    Vengeance for a Thief 3
    Volta and the Stone

    The Warrens (WS4)
    Window of Opportunity
    Winter’s Harvest
    Who Watches the Watcher?
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    Short, not very well polished mission. Many times there is no sound of footsteps, there is no sound of picklocking. You can hear through walls and enemies too. And mission doesn't end, so after returning to starting point I need to use skip mission cheat.

    I needed to be careful with fire elemental. It's sensitive and don't like when somebody goes to close behind him. Killing priest was also easy, because no sound working in this room. So nobody could hear that even if I heard their voices through wall. I doused 3 torches in the inner courtyard. To escape I jumped from roof near SW Tower to roof of west house and mantled on it.


    Time: 0:13:10; Loot: 1015/1015
    Pockets Picked: 2/2; Locks Picked: 4
    Back Stabs: 1; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 30; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 1


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    Mission is about careful usage of water arrows and moss arrows. I also find gas arrows, so I can use them to put down torches. Moss arrows will be useful at the very end of the mission. Objective items sometimes are right in front of your eyes, but it's just hard to spot them. There are still some bugs: falling into water doesn't make sound, 1 piece of loot is worth 0 and mission doesn't end (I read in the forum that for some people it ends and for some it doesn't).

    Grab your equipment and use water arrow to douse torch on the left. This will allow you to grab other 3 water arrows. Douse another torch to safely sneak into Library. There are lockpicks. First go to front entrance to Fortress and douse 2 torches. Grab 2 gas arrows on the side and fall into water (no sound) to grab 11 water arrows. Return to starting point and go to 2 guards behind gate. You need to douse 1 torch, but be careful, guards are sensitive. This will allow you to barely sneak to grab 6 coin stacks.

    Go to Mage Office (guard has key). Inside is lever behind banner. This will open you passage to Cemetery. Douse 2 torches on the side, in chest is key to Tower #2, there is also Golden Skull to grab. To get to hole you need to strafe jump over it and enter from that side. From cemetery enter Fortress grounds. Take all water and moss arrows and douse every torch here. Look out for frog, it can 2nd alert.

    Next part is about climbing 4 towers to top and getting key to next tower. Tower #2 has Dagger on display. Avoiding Hammerites is easy, they always turn in the same direction. Also under some chests or purple box is enough shadow to be safe from them. Tower #3 has chest with 2 rope arrows. Interesting thing is these 2 rope arrows can be taken through chest, which isn't normally possible. So I don't need to picklock it. In Tower #1 I douse 2 torches to get to top of the tower and to the elevator. Also in chest are 4 gas arrows. In the end use elevator to ride down.

    In Dining Room you need to douse all torches and fireplace. Here is Medal and Letter Opener. On fireplace is flute worth 0. Hammerites near door have 2 keys for Vault. You can slowly enter inside. Vault has some traps on inner side of tables and behind pedestals. There are lamps instead of torches and lots of loud floor. Also there are 2 Barracks keys on table. Time to use moss arrows on outer sides of tables. Start from left side, then jump on middle pedestals and go to right side near door. There is some shadow near door.

    In Barracks you need to douse all torches. I'm using 4 gas arrows and 1 water arrow for that. Both Hammerites have 2 Engineering keys. In Engineering Room the first I do is KO Hammerite (ghost bust #1). I'm doing that, because soon I will be forced to destroy 3 planks (ghost bust #2) behind crates and there is no shadow here. Also there is Book of Secrets on table. In cave gas fire, so Malaki (thief) will be gassed too. Pass spider slowly from right wall. Move Malaki to the ladder while going along left wall and kill him there. Then use ladder to go to the city. Mission doesn't end, so I'm forced to use skip mission cheat.


    Time: 0:46:36; Loot: 8567/8767
    Pockets Picked: 12/17; Locks Picked: 20
    Back Stabs: 1; Knock Outs: 1
    Damage Dealt: 31; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 1


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    Short, impossible to ghost mission. First use ladder. On metal bridge go right, mantle on metal beam. From there jump+mantle on metal ledge on the left below. Slowly go forward, wait for fire shadow to pass below. Drop to gate and open it. Next guard is impossible to nudge, but you can quickly run to shadow on the right.

    And that's where ghost run ends. You can't sneak along right wall without being spotted by guard (ghost bust #1). I climb on barrel and on wall. Then I drop for Scepter, which launch alarm in the whole city (ghost bust #2). I am forced to run away from every enemy and newly spawned haunts back to starting point.


    Time: 0:08:01; Loot: 0/0
    Locks Picked: 0
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0


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    This mission is based on Strange Bedfellows. On Expert I'm forced to collect all loot. Also there is a bug. Sometimes after reloading game you can trigger new objective of following ghost. If it happens, just reload game. Otherwise later cutscene will not trigger and you will be unable to continue.


    AI of the Hammerites is weird. Sometimes when they will 1st alert, their patrol route slightly change, they will start turning and may spot you. It's visible on Cemetery. I decided to first activate 5 switches, so I will have easy access to Vault at the end of the mission. For that I needed to activate only conversation at Cemetery and Museum.

    I started from Museum, because it's hard to ghost. I used 4 moss arrows to moss my way behind Hammerite. Unfortunately he spotted me when I was exiting back to balcony. So I nudged him slightly and could escape, but I didn't use switch. And after using switch he spotted me when I was leaving. So then I went behind him, pressed switch and waited 10 seconds, then left with only 1st alert. Then I went for switch in Garden, 2 switches in Basement and in the end went for switch in Cemetery, because this place is well guarded.

    Then I decided to loot Crypt. I had only problem with vase in front of stationary Hammerite. I nudged him right, so he will not see me, but when I went for vase, he suddenly decided to run and stopped past vase without any alert. That was very weird.

    Golden hammer at the entrance is the hardest loot to get. When Hammerites notice that it vanished, they become more sensitive. Sometimes they can immediately 2nd alert. So I went back to starting point and roped up to the bridge in front of Cathedral. Then I nudged stationary Hammerite right into hole below bridge. Then I went all the way to room with golden hammer, went behind stationary Hammerite and used 3 moss arrows on floor. I nudged him all the way to his companion at the bottom of bridge. I needed to backtrack into shadow whenever patroller was coming to Barracks. I took golden hammer, patroller 1st alerted and became more sensitive, but that's all.

    Passage to the Undergrounds is located in Church. There isn't too much shadow and there is no way to ghost 2 Hammerites, so I gassed them (ghost bust #1). I opened passage and moved bodies there. Then I went to portcullis to activate fighting scene. This will teleport also lever controlling portcullis. Enter and ghost will show up. Also you finally get objective of following ghost. But you don't need to follow him. You need to get letter. At this point you should have 2000 loot from both street and Cathedral.


    Here my target is to steal 4 elemental keys from mages. Also I doused 4 torches in cell and 3 torches in the passage to bridge. There are neutral Hammerites and red spider. I also too 2 water arrows from water. I roped down to cell to get nugget. Then I climbed up and entered lower levels. Here the only tricky part is sitting mage, he's very sensitive and you must douse torch to ghost him. Also there is nugget behind banner. I went to lowest floor for more loot and Sword of Hope, then I returned to 4 mages who had elemental keys.

    I need to kill these 4 mages. 1 slash from Sword of Hope is enough. For each death you will get 1 water arrow. Also each death alerts everyone (ghost bust #2-5) and in the end bunch of fire elementals spawn and fly to the center of bridge. So my strategy is to sneak to west side of bridge and from there kill 3 mages. Fire elemental should kill 1 frog and wound Hammerite patrolling this area. For fire mage you will need to go to the center of bridge. After killing him rope up to higher level and kill earth mage.

    Afterwards it's time to grab talismans. Sneak for Earth Talisman, so frog will not spot you. Then quickly run past fire chamber and sneaked from other side. I backtracked to the top and waited for elementals to calm down. One of them returned to fire chamber, rest stayed on the center of bridge. I dropped on bridge from west side and run behind corner to get Water Talisman, then crouch walked to air chamber. I used 3 talismans to get Air Talisman and went down to haunt area. I doused 3 torches, grabbed loot from chest and freed prisoners (lever vanished afterwards).

    Time to get out. I used 2 crate stack and put on railing, but it wasn't high enough. Luckily thanks to stack it was possible for me to jump to north part of bridge. I just needed to moss floor. Then I jumped+mantled to east side of bridge and went right. I didn't spot Hammerite's body or himself anywhere. I went back to priest's body and buried him with no problems, then used passage to Crypt, went to Prison and to Vault. I roped up, used lever and put Air Talisman on pedestal and got out to not get locked (nearby level vanish).

    Then I decided to go up via stairs near Garden, but I noticed wounded Hammerite returning via Crypt to Undergrounds. It forced me to hide. Also he probably alerted everyone in Cathedral, so it's a good thing I disabled alarm (lever is at the top of stairs in Cathedral). I went to Garden, mantled on tree and went over wall. Exit is open, but I don't have enough loot just yet. By the way, after Undergrounds you should have 3650 loot.


    Time to return to the city. In 2nd house lives Baron. When you enter his house, he will run to guard post. Also after meeting with patrollers, he will send them to check his house. But for some reason, they will not spot you if you are standing on fireplace. Get key from box and keys from desk and also use lever. Baron's escape is scripted, so I don't count it as a ghost bust. The rest of loot is in Bank. There is no protection, so it's easy to get.


    Time: 1:47:15; Loot: 8065/8065
    Pockets Picked: 4/5; Locks Picked: 14
    Back Stabs: 1; Knock Outs: 0 (2 - gassed)
    Damage Dealt: 16; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 4


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    Short mansion mission. When getting out of Kitchen you need to worry to not get spotted by front entrance guard. To enter Lord Gregor's Bedroom I douse torch in corridor, I also douse fireplace and moss corridor. I also douse torch in servant's room on 3rd floor, so I can picklock chest in his room. To get a key from Chapel I'm fully opening side door. For some reason priest doesn't see me and I can't highlight key if door isn't fully open. I ignored turning off lights in Machine Room, because it barely makes any difference and forces pointless backtracking.


    Time: 0:25:47; Loot: 2534/2609
    Pockets Picked: 2/3; Locks Picked: 11
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0


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    Remake of Projekt Hammer. Most of the places, patrol routes and loot is the same, but some places are changed or totally new. There is slightly less loot too. And there is more shadow. But my strategy is pretty much the same. I visited new location - Dungeons. It requires using Pickaxe to destroy floor. I'm using it like key item, so I don't call it a bust. But I ignore secret objective there, because as a result it spawns illuminating haunt who is impossible to avoid, because he also has a good tracking ability. So I avoid spider cave and sewers where rope arrows are located.

    This time outside patroller has lantern. It has much bigger range than in other FMs, which makes me wonder why FM creators give player a lantern with so short range. If it's possible to increase it's range, then increase it. Anyway, front entrance guard is the same sensitive. Kitchen servant and priest from Chapel are now patrolling between 2 points, make break in them and walk back. This time I don't need to douse torch in servant's room on 3rd floor, because chest is open. Chapel's safe is on wooden beams and you can climb them from nearby closet. I end in Garden while standing behind archer. I also got 1 secret objective from secret attic.


    Time: 0:38:40; Loot: 2304/2506
    Pockets Picked: 2/3; Locks Picked: 15
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0


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    IN & OUT

    Thief 1 Anniversary Contest mission. There is a lot of enemies to avoid, but in Hammerite Cathedral the only tricky place is Priest's Bedroom. Priest is walking fast, so you don't have too much time to loot this room. In Sewers I disabled electricity, which allowed me to enter Thieves Hideout via spider cave. Cave is small and contains 4 small spiders and green spider. Some of them are walking in random way. I went through small dark way and registered few 1st alerts, then jumped to next shadow and to exit.

    Thieves Hideout is easy. Then are Catacombs. Here are zombies surrounded by flies, which can hurt you, so don't walk too close to these zombies. On highest floor there is room near haunt with zombie walking on wooden ledge. I doused 2 torches to grab 2 goblets from up there, because I need to worry about walking zombies and zombies patrolling below. Middle floor is the most confusing and contains some traps. And also here are fast ghosts. Lowest floor is the hardest to ghost, because many zombies using stairs and entrance to it. To get vase protected by haunt I mossed the floor.

    Ruins are tricky, because burricks are very fast. Especially main entrance stationary burrick. He can turn few times at once, so getting diamond behind him is a bit harder. Other beasts are also faster, so I doused 3 braziers in this area. Maw has fast bugbeast and naked ratmen. Here I found Hammer of St Martello.

    Time to get out. There are 2 ways: open portal by using 2 red stones (one of them in bugbeasts area is tricky, but possible) or backtrack. If I open portal I will appear in Hammerite Cathedral during monsters invasion. If I backtrack instead, monsters invasion will not happen. So I decided to backtrack. There were few annoying areas.

    Getting to middle floor of Catacombs was very annoying, because zombies going down, start dancing and have hard time to go down on lower floor. So I needed to wait 10 min for good occasion of going up behind zombie and jump from balcony on bridge. Spider cave was also tricky. This time I ignored dark cave and did 2 jumps to cross to the other side faster. Escape from Cathedral was also tricky. I roped up and mantled on wooden beam above window, quietly jumped on middle beam. I couldn't run on beam, so I mantled on slippery roof. It allowed me to run and jump towards statue. I barely managed to save myself by mantling on pedestal under statue. Then I went to exit.


    Time: 1:16:24; Loot: 2572/2992
    Pockets Picked: 3/5; Locks Picked: 3
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0


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    This mission looks like very old Thief 1 FM. It's very short too and sadly impossible to ghost. After collecting bottle, tofu men spawn and spot us (ghost bust #1). This also spawns lots of haunts outside. Impossible to ghost, so I shoot couple of arrows into lampposts and walls to lure them out of starting point (ghost bust #2). Alerted servant will get killed by them. Then I just strafe run through door at the starting point and run along wall to avoid being hit by haunts (ghost bust #3).


    Time: 0:04:12; Loot: 170/170
    Pockets Picked: 0/0; Locks Picked: 1
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 0/0


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    Wow, that's a huge difference from original mission. City part isn't hard at all and problems start in Crypt. I am forced to throw Odd Hammer in order to destroy boulder on wooden beam and unlock path to blue fog room (ghost bust #1). In room with green fog I douse torch. For fire arrow I mantled on doused torch, dropped on right edge and jumped to collect it. I closed passage to blue fog and this way I avoid alert from spiders when I shot fire arrow into red gear (Ritual of Opening). I believe that jumping skulls only 1st alert to this fire arrow and explosion arrow trap after getting blue gem. In room with jumping skull enemy I douse torch. Unfortunately I am unable to ghost skull waiting in passage (ghost bust #2), so I just run away from it while avoiding it's explosion. From room with dead body I doused 2 torches. Magic bolt traps don't alert skulls, but fireball traps do (ghost bust #3). They are connected to Harlequin Masks I need collect for objective.

    To get into Cathedral I am forced to throw rock into 2 wooden planks to destroy them (ghost bust #4). I avoid rat secret, because it forces me into killing 4 rats and also after killing them, they start to alert to me. I loot this place completely before going for Hammer Book. I also don't turn on generators. In Library I opened secret passage, then used last moss arrow on floor to get quickly into shadow inside room with book while braziers are turned off. Then I returned to lever and closed passage.

    After getting book undead appear in Cathedral. Sometimes 2nd floor haunts can get stuck. You need to get to Dining Room. I only had 1 water arrow and for easy ghosting you need at least 2. Sneak along pillar on right side of zombie archer, mantle on table. On the other side of table on the left side of pulpit is good shadow. Then lean for Back Door key inside ghost and return all the way to entrance.

    Above Undead Cave I doused brazier with urn and quickly got out before I got crushed. To get out of Crypt I opened passage in spider room and closed it behind me. Then I hid in shadow leading to ladder. When haunts passed I left Crypt. After dodging last haunt in Cemetery I went to Hospital to finish this mission.


    Time: 1:17:54; Loot: 8775/8870
    Pockets Picked: 0/0; Locks Picked: 14
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 6/7


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    Crazy japanese mission. It has weird pipe structure and obligatory fight with bugbeasts. It's very easy to make huge noise when going from one pipe to another. And it's hard to avoid noise when going for Chest key located behind right column. And it's impossible to kill 3 bugbeasts without being spotted (ghost bust #1-3). They observe entrance to their cells and there is no shadow. Then we need to visit frog room, which can be ghosted, but path to it cannot. You will get spotted by haunts and fire elementals (ghost bust #4) and when you leave to exit house you will get spotted again (ghost bust #5).

    This is short mission, but it's annoying to play. And since it can't be ghosted, I decided to not do actual ghost run. So no stats. It would be hard for me to read them too, because japanese objectives are a picture and it's displayed on stats screen as well. Also I wonder if japanese side of making mission really died or are they making new missions, but on some japanese site.


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    This mission uses teleportation when frobbing doors. It happens very often when you want to enter house. All places feels very claustrophobic. Opening Hammerite Church will destroy 2 wooden planks. I don't call that ghost bust, because I just opened door instead of physically damaging them. Also later I could remove them with Crowbar (used as a key item).

    2nd area is a bit more tricky. You need to wait under gate for guard to turn around, so you can sneak to metal helmet guard and open lock for this gate. Higher archer must be dodged by jumping on roofs around him. You also need to be worry of patrollers below.

    In Undead Area I doused torch on 1st floor to get 2 nuggets from 1st locker. Then I get key from stationary haunt and unlock exit from this place. Then ring the bell in Mechanist Church and return to Undead Area. This is a time event, so you need to be fast.

    In Crypt near Prison is a lot of shadow, so you will be safe even if haunts will walk on you. Falling into water doesn't make any noise. Area with haunts under walking Keeper is tricky. Use other ladder down to use stone gargoyle and return to water. In room with Medallion you are forced to destroy 4 obelisks (ghost bust). This is damage property, but it also alerts haunts. What's interesting - it only alerts haunts on higher floors, not below. And below are some reinforcements. It's easy to sneak between them.

    I return to tricky room with alerted haunts and douse torch on the right, then go along right wall to avoid alerting zombie. For Office key I go along right wall. Then I get Orion Stone and used Stone Gate to leave. After getting reward nugget from Builder, I mossed bottom of fireplace. After teleportation thanks to moss you will avoid 2nd alerting guards. I returned to Library to stash Orion Stone. Then I got objective to kill Keeper Gothus.

    Time to return to Crypt, but there are Hammerites. First one is in search mode, so it's tricky to dodge him. I went to top. There are 2 searching Hammerites. We need to steal letter from one of Hammerites and frob body of dead Keeper. This requires a lot of luck. Go down and in middle of ladder new room has opened. I used last water arrow to douse torch near water arrows, so I could grab all of them and douse all torches in this room. Then I grabbed everything from here and returned to Simon's House.


    Time: 0:51:47; Loot: 1003605/1003655
    Pockets Picked: 6/8; Locks Picked: 1
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 0/0


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    Another mission that I decided to not do ghost run. There is a lot of walking and a lot of ghost busts. At the very beginning you must destroy 7 walls (ghost bust #1-7). Between these walls are 3 big groups of spiders (around 20 in each group). Path is narrow, but spiders are alerted after destroying walls. Also destroyed walls make s many unfrobbable rocks that blocks your path and vanish after 10-15 seconds, so in order to survive you will be forced to gas all these spiders (ghost bust #8-10). After getting 1st key from chest you are forced to fall into water surrounded by many spiders (ghost bust #11).

    In order to get Ruby Stone you must destroy mummy, which will alert 4 spiders in this room (ghost bust #12). To get up through narrow path 3 single spiders on the path will spot you (ghost bust #13-15). I gassed them, because I will be forced to return down that way. After using switch at the top of pyramid you will get spotted by 2 skeletons waiting near ladder (ghost bust #16). When returning down narrow path you will spot zombie blocking path. He must be KO-ed with your sword (ghost bust #17). The rest is straight forward - just collect loot and go to exit. By the way - I'm avoiding 1 room with loot, because it's covered by planks.


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    Winter city mission. To get Flaight Rod I need to get key from altar in Cathedral. For this I need to moss floor to it and use invisibility potion found in nearby shop. To get to chest on bell tower I need to mantle on gate, then on wall and go to bell tower while avoiding 2 patrollers below. Can't loot Casino, because it's too well lighted. It's possible to loot it with invisibility potion found in Watch Station, but I don't want to backtrack to Casino.

    In Small Library I used switch on 2nd floor opening Basement. To get there I nudged blue woman left to the stairs. At the bottom I doused 2 torches to get to Raibber. To get to Tavern I first doused fire and candle inside house with guard in front of it. This gives me a bit more shadow. Then I go from west side to open Tavern door, backtrack to guard, so I can douse Tavern's candle from there. Then I go into shadow in doorway from the west and douse small fireplace on the right. Even if it's closed, fire can still be doused. This allows me to loot Tavern.

    In south area in right house I'm nudging noble more to the right, so I can mantle on sink and get money from higher shelf. Also I'm skipping Bookstore. This place can't be looted even with invisibility potion. Also there is the only secret of this mission. Again I'm gonna skip it.

    To get to ruined house I disabled all light mushrooms, then quickly roped to chest with key. I opened door and from outside I doused 4 torches. Then I went inside and right. I roped to ceiling, so I could mantle on roof. The rest is easy - just use key to open chest with Talisman of Life. This will finish this mission.


    Time: 0:51:36; Loot: 6080/6880
    Pockets Picked: 0/0; Locks Picked: 13
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 0/1

    PERFECT GHOST: IMPOSSIBLE. It's impossible to loot Bookstore even with invisibility potion.

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    Short puzzle mission. Guard in Basement is hyper sensitive. Even if you are far away behind him, if you enter light for even split second, he will go into search mode. Using Wet Cloth on window, breaks it (ghost bust #1). Normally I would excuse it, but this time window don't vanish, it's visible destruction even if I didn't use force. Also guard can hear the sound of breaking window, so he must be walking to Wash Room.

    Haunt must be killed with Haunt Killer arrow (ghost bust #2). He vanish and his death doesn't appear in stats, but I'm using force to deal with him. You need to attack scarecrow with sword only when guard is very far away. After getting something to eat you must dodge ghost of haunt and swim to exit.


    Time: 0:17:34; Loot: 10/30
    Pockets Picked: 1/1; Locks Picked: 0
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 1/1


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    Very good 6 missions campaign about pirates. The only annoying thing is that walls and ceilings are all solid, so KO-ing someone or slashing banners in test runs, was quite annoying. As for ghosting - it was quite easy. I would say it would be good training for people starting with ghosting.


    This is just briefing mission. Wait for Garrett's speech to end, grab and read letter, then wait for Garrett's speech to end again.


    Time: 0:00:41; Loot: 0/0
    Pockets Picked: 0/0; Locks Picked: 0
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 0/0



    City mission where most of AI is friendly. Enemies in houses can spot you, but they are easy to dodge. At the beginning I focus on getting to Inn's Room #1 and then to Watch for equipment. To get out from Inn's roof where secret chest is located, I dropped on lamppost and then on street. I also made shortcut from north house's balcony. I mantled on railing and jumped+mantled on lamppost. That's all. Pretty easy mission.


    Time: 0:27:36; Loot: 1912/1912
    Pockets Picked: 1/2; Locks Picked: 5
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 5/5

    SUPREME GHOST: IMPOSSIBLE. You can't close gate leading to exit elevator and return key for lever at the same time.


    This mission is slightly harder than previous, but thanks to ventilation shaft and lots of shadow it's still quite easy. The hardest part is looting Sanguine Guest Room, because there is pirate patrolling inside. So you are forced to go behind him and pass him from the left. At one point he stops and look at vent. Other than that there is objective to lock Grent in Library. I wait with that until I will get Iron key from War Room and unlock Armory near start of the mission. This gives me bonus objective. Afterwards I lock Grent in Library.


    Time: 0:39:03; Loot: 2124/2184
    Pockets Picked: 2/2; Locks Picked: 5
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 5/5



    This mission is the hardest so far. There is more light and more patrollers. In Great Hall you need to loot chandeliers. To return to the floor from high wooden beams you need to drop+mantle on lower ledge, then on table below. The hardest place to ghost are Servant Quarters. There is patroller in Common Room and really annoying stationary guard in Servants Room. Stationary guard is turning, but he can stay in one spot for a very long time. At least I don't need to go past him. Loot in Guard Post is only accessible from East Tower.

    At the top of East Tower is lever for brazier. This starts counter of 6 min to activate 2 other braziers and get into passage in Library. It's tricky and I did some shortcuts. First I ran to well and roped up on balcony. Here is 2nd brazier. Wait for guard to turn and run into Commander's Quarters. I didn't loot this place, so I did it now and through door I went to Common Room. Guard was returning, so I waited for him to turn towards table and quickly strafe ran upstairs. I used nearby roof access to get to last brazier. Then I went to west side of roof and jumped to ramp going down. Then I ran to Library, jumped over fence to secret purple box on wooden beam and dropped down on stand. There is secret passage and nearby on table is note informing how to use it. I barely managed to enter in time.


    Time: 0:32:31; Loot: 2478/2478
    Pockets Picked: 0/2; Locks Picked: 2
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 7/7



    This is short puzzle mission. No enemies, so there is no ghosting challenge. Notes for blue and purple areas are incorrect, so I needed to solve them on my own.


    Time: 0:18:28; Loot: 1185/1205
    Pockets Picked: 0/0; Locks Picked: 0
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 3/3

    SUPREME GHOST: IMPOSSIBLE. You can't close gate to 3rd area in Sewers and enter it at the same time.


    Mission on ship with pirates. There is more light, but still a lot of shadow. Pirate in Vivianne's Cabin is tricky. I hid behind wooden pillar near bed from him. Also something unexpected happened. Pirate near Brig killed civilian. Because of that he became very sensitive and he could hear me through wall, so normal walking on floor was alerting him. I needed to be more careful about him.

    Also my escape route was the hardest thing. I decided to go straight up on south part of ship (left side). So I went up and 1st problem is pirate near stairs. To avoid 2nd alert from him I needed to mantle on stairs. Next floor has stairs situated in often visited by pirates corridor. There is good shadow near barrel (where on of loot bags is located). Thing is pirates can use these stairs and there is stationary pirate on top of it. So I went on stairs and to avoid patrollers below, I mantled left on higher floor. Here I had luck and pirate turned in other direction, so I could run to shadow. I also picked loot bag I missed. Grabbing 10 of them gave me bonus objective.


    Time: 0:16:34; Loot: 1314/1314
    Pockets Picked: 1/1; Locks Picked: 2
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 0/0



    The longest mission. The only hard part is surface of the island, because it's patrolled by many pirates. I can't get all loot and complete 1 optional objective. Pages of Sturmdrang's Diary and almost half of loot is behind 4 purple barriers that can be destroyed with crystal sword, but that would be damage property. So I'm gonna avoid that.

    The hardest part of the mission is getting Runestone of Air from Mine. It's guarded by stationary pirate who sometimes turns. He can stay in one position for a very long time and there is other patrolling pirate we need to worry about. Getting to his floor is easy - just rope up from below. Also mine has a lot of loud gravel.

    Another tricky part is getting over wall of South Library to get bonus objective. You need to quietly drop from roof of it's tower. To get out you need to jump on skeleton and mantle on wall, then go along left wall to avoid stationary pirate.

    Rest of this mission isn't very hard. In Temple I can make shortcut in Red Tongue challenge. Before taking it I mantled on tongue, took it and then strafe jumped to entrance. This way I can skip all traps. I can't do the same with Blue Tongue. From lever after water elementals corridor you can make shortcut down by falling on one of water elementals. They are neutral, so that's not a problem.

    At the end of Temple I get Weed of Barathias. It works as infinite potion. In other words it doesn't vanish from my inventory after use and because it's a plant instead of potion and even it's for solving puzzle, it's not means that my run is chemical. I needed 7 uses of this root. If I would be more efficient I would reduce this to 6 times and if I would always strafe swim, then maybe to only 5 times.

    Then happens final battle with Mohana. I start from the hardest NW Tower. It has tricky platforming and doing it while avoiding haunt's gaze would be hard. After using 1st sword on top pedestal, haunt at the middle of towers spawn. Descending down while avoiding getting spotted by haunt is easier than climbing and I don't need to fully go to him. I can make shortcut and fall on rocks.

    Next is NE Tower. Using 2nd spawn will spawn haunt at the top of towers. At the bottom of ladder is hole. To avoid dropping loudly on floor you must descend to the bottom of ladder and jump over hole on the edge of floor. The rest is easy. Next is SW Tower. After using 3rd sword haunt at the bottom of towers will spawn and avoiding him is the hardest challenge in this tower. Still it's not that hard. Last is the easiest SE Tower. You need to climb rocks to climb to top, so you will skip bottom and middle haunt. Using 4th sword will make explosion, which kill Mohana, but don't alert haunts. After credits mission will end.


    Time: 0:59:07; Loot: 1487/2329
    Pockets Picked: 2/2; Locks Picked: 2
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 3/3

    PERFECT GHOST: IMPOSSIBLE. Rest of loot is behind 4 purple barriers than can be destroyed with crystal sword, but that would be damage property.
    SUPREME GHOST: IMPOSSIBLE. Same as above. 4 Pages for optional objective are behind purple barriers.
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    There is lots of walking in this mission. At the very start I use 2 crates to get to spider cave and nudge green spider, so I can grab ring and necklace. Then return to starting point and go forward. I used 1 crate to mantle to upper cave, which took me to burrick cave. I crossed river to take some easy crystal and purse in front of green spider. I returned to river and went along it;s left part and went behind stationary burrick. The rest of cave system is easy.

    Eventually you will fall into waterfall area and go through Crypt to the Chapel. Priest is walking from altar to door where we are standing, but very often just patrols half of this route. To avoid him I doused 2 torches near altar, then went to altar and attic to loot this place. Then I sneaked to double door from shadow under wooden pillars to next shadows.

    I went right to next area of city. Here the biggest problem is civilian with key. He's walking to his house and stops. The problem is he doesn't move. He can't be nudged and he can't be ghosted. He will always spot you. But there is a way to restart his patrol by going through Library to next area of city and returning here. This is also how to leave this part of city.

    Speaking about next part of city I doused torch near tables on street, so I could grab 2 coins on table. In Tavern I also doused 2 torches, mantle on counter, slid to it's edge to use switch under counter and immediately back off to not block opening of secret stash.

    To get back to Prison I needed to go to Forge. In order to do it I needed to cross part of city patrolled by 2 very sensitive guards. If they are in your sight, then that means they can spot you even if you are behind them. In Forge I needed to nudge Hammerite to the right.

    Prison is very straight forward place. Much harder is return path through mine. Spider cave must be carefully crossed. There is loot in middle chest, but getting too close to it will alert green spider. Then the only problem is last zombie. Luckily he turns, so just go behind him and pass him when he will turn.

    Then you just need to return to Inventor's House and nudge newly spawned guard to the right. Luckily there is full shadow in corridor. Also I managed to barely get 3000 loot, which gives me bonus objective.


    Time: 1:16:34; Loot: 3092/3732
    Pockets Picked: 6/8; Locks Picked: 9
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 2/2

    SUPREME GHOST: IMPOSSIBLE. Nudging is necessary to complete this mission.

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    Quite annoying key/switch hunt mission. From ghosting perspective you must be careful of metal tile when leaving your cell. Also cook has a bad habit to get freeze in Kitchen, so just get 2 plates and her key between sinks and go forward. Don't stay in Kitchen. I looted 1st floor, then 2nd floor, which let me complete loot objective. To get out I need to drink White Potion, which is a cure, but other than opening last door has no effect. Outside I'm getting secret syringe. It is low gravity reusable gas arrow. I used it to douse all torches in Basement, but I needed to be careful to gas patroller, when syringe slowly falling down. Sneaking through guard was still tricky. He has random path and can turn around in random spot. Later I get objective to KO Doctor and bring him to Old Hammerite Cathedral, but it's easy. Also one of the secrets is triggered by throwing scarecrow (act as flash bomb). It makes a lot of noise, so I did that in Doctor's Bedroom.


    Time: 0:39:08; Loot: 690/690
    Pockets Picked: 4/5; Locks Picked: 0
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 1
    Damage Dealt: 1; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 10/11


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    Very short, but impossible to ghost mission. You can't avoid green spider, ghost and thief (ghost bust #1-3). I used magic missiles trap to kill ghost and weaken thief. I realized a bit too late that it is I who must make final blow, so I was forced to block couple of magic missiles with my body and then kill thief. Loot is easy to get. Coin stack is on upside-down bench in spider room.


    Time: 0:02:58; Loot: 112/112
    Pockets Picked: 0/0; Locks Picked: 0
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 6; Damage Taken: 6; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 1
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 0/0


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    Very short mission based on Counter Strike. You need to get into hangar and kill Lord Hostag. I go along right side through door, because ladder doesn't let you to go to the top. At the top level I use vent to KO Lord Hostag. I took him to vent, doused all light mushrooms on roof, so I could drop body on street, which kills Lord Hostag and finish this mission.


    Time: 0:04:58; Loot: 0/0
    Pockets Picked: 0/0; Locks Picked: 0
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 1
    Damage Dealt: 1; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 1; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 0/0


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    Another short mission. To get 2 masks from masks tent you need to lean from shadows near both entrances. Precursor Mask can be taken through glass. The same with 3 nuggets in maze. You can frob switch in left target. I don't know is getting all loot is possible - one of purses in maze I found invisible under floor.


    Time: 0:04:23; Loot: 1200/1600
    Pockets Picked: 2/2; Locks Picked: 0
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 0/0


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    The intended way into city is through crypt. You do that by destroying banner. That's a big no for ghost, so instead mantle on rock and then mantle on wall. Go around to wall with guard standing in front of house and drop down. Loot this area. Guarded house may be tricky, because patroller can see you through windows. Also there are 3 urns behind banner. I'm also taking gas arrows. I will need 1 later. Then go to chapel and enter crypt. Here I needed to douse both torches in haunt's room and left torch in zombies room to get all loot and blackjack.

    Leave chapel, steal key from guard and enter house. Then go to passage leading to city part with guarded house and jump over metal fence. We are entering Apes Area. From wooden bridge you must drop on ledge of canal, mantle and quickly cancel mantle. If done correctly you will not make noise of falling into water. Get 3 diamonds from canal. To get further strafe run along right wall. Thieves room was more annoying. Go along left wall to table and then shoot water arrow into torch. If nobody will 2nd alert, then that means you can douse all other torches. Grab all loot and Precursor Mask and leave.

    To get to last part of city mantle on metal fence and mantle on wall. Mantle on fence on wall and go to ladder behind archer. Go down and enter tavern via side door. This place must be visited, but it's impossible to ghost it, because of barkeeper no light to douse/turn off. So I was forced to shoot gas arrow into counter between guard and barkeeper (ghost bust). Move guard's body behind counter and loot tavern. Also you can open front door and loot other side of street. You can safely crouch behind 2nd market stand.

    Problems with tavern don't end here, because of noble. Moss tavern's floor. Now you need to nudge noble to locked door. There are 2 problems though. First - noble can sometimes observe left and spot you if you are close to his left side. He signal this by raising his right hand to his head and then turns left for short time. Second problem is outside patroller. He can spot you when he turns and walk towards other patroller. So you need to nudge noble and watch for guard on short patrol route. That's annoying. Also chairs can block you, so you will need to lean towards noble. This can catapult you backward. That's why I mossed floor.

    When you will be closed to door, patroller will stop being a problem. Nudge noble into little vault. I douse both gas torches there and mossed metal floor. Loot the whole room. Once you leave mission will end.


    Time: 0:53:33; Loot: 9880/9980
    Pockets Picked: 4/6; Locks Picked: 3
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 0/0


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    This mission is easy. That's why I decided to supreme ghost it. The only problem is going to right passage, because engineer is observing it. But solution isn't hard. You just need to mantle on slope between left and right passage. When going back go near bottom of slope and face top of it to mantle quietly. That's all. The rest of mission is easy.


    Time: 0:08:46; Loot: 500/500
    Pockets Picked: 1/1; Locks Picked: 0
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 0/0


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    Short museum mission in which you need to grab 50 out of 60 paintings. For some you will need to jump and make noise on marble. And there is a lot of marble. But very few guards. The hardest paintings to grab are too high paintings in tower on middle and top floor. On top floor you only need to time middle floor guard and archer from top floor to be far away. On middle floor you also need to take into account ground floor patroller. Still mission is easy.


    Time: 0:24:39; Loot: 0/0; Paintings: 60/60
    Pockets Picked: 0/0; Locks Picked: 0
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 0/0


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