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Thread: T2 FM: Malazar's Inscrutable Tower (Text walkthrough)

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    T2 FM: Malazar's Inscrutable Tower (Text walkthrough)

    While writing this walkthrough I assume that the reader is rather intelligent
    person who also likes this game and is able to read readables, loot lootables
    and explore explorable by himself without my stimulating.

    The walkthrough was made for the hardest difficulty.

    1) Enter the tower. You already have the needed key in your inventory.
    2) Take the "LIBRARY KEY" from the pile of logs near the hearth at the kitchen.
    3) Go to the closet opposite the library door and crawl into the ventilation shaft.
    There you'll find a switch that opens the chimney pipe above the hearth.
    4) Go to the chimney pipe and move forward until you see a scepter, grab it and
    you will be transported to the room with many paintings, documents, and a BOW
    with ARROWS. Arrows are infinite so help yourself. You'll need only 1 to finish the game and 2 to finish the game almost cheating.
    5) Go out of the room. Pay attention to the right: those woman statues are dangerous and indestructible.
    Go to the left until possible and pick up "GOLD SNAKE'S HEAD"
    6) Return to the corridor and pay attention to the sealed window near the woman-statue.
    Hit the lock with an arrow and the window will open.
    7) Jump to the window (yes, you should lure the statue out of your way)
    8) Descend to the ground and pick up the "METAL GEAR" from metal case near metal pipes.
    9) Mantle the statue and then onto the pipe junction box.
    10) Go forward and eventually you'll find yourself in the mushroom attic.
    11) Jump out the window and go to the left balcony.
    12) Take a "BAG OF MAGIC BEANS" there (red "spice" bag on the table on your right hand)
    The statue may notice you. Return to the cornice.
    13) Now descend with the help of vine-rope (grows from the mushroom attic balcony)
    14) Take "STAFF END" through the window near the rotten barrel.
    15) Ascend back to the cornice and go to another balcony (apprentice rooms)
    16) Take a "POT OF GLUE" from the table in the cabinet/bedroom room
    17) Now assemble the staff with the vice, staff end, glue, and snake's head.
    18) Descend again (you can do it by the staircase from the room with worktable and vice)
    and move to another staircase (where another woman-statue is standing). You'll find
    a grated passage there which can be opened by using the "SERPENT STAFF" on the torches.
    19) Go to the passage until you find yourself in a room with a marble green/white chess floor
    and a huge square hole. Notice the ring in the hole. Jump in the hole and grab the ring.
    20) Return to the yard with the statue where you have found the metal gear.
    Now you can open those purple shimmering doors by using the ring.
    21) The door under the staircase (near the chest and a pile of books) will lead you to the lava cave. The Ifrit can be destroyed with an arrow but I think that is a bug (or joke?):
    later you will be able to destroy it properly with a huge amount of water.
    22) Pick up the "KITCHEN KEY" near the incinerated corpse.
    23) Return to the kitchen and again crawl to the chimney pipe. Use the metal
    gear to open the new passage and turn on the valve to turn on the water to lure the mop
    from its place.
    24) Behind the far left door at the dining room, you'll find the sword.
    25) Now go to the library. Explore it and go to the lowest level. You'll find there a small room
    with statues (normal, harmless ones) and magic-ring openable door. Mantle yourself
    to the statues. There is an "EYE WATERING KEY"
    26) Go through the magically closed door and you'll traverse to the lava cave again.
    Push both levers and go to the now accessible ladder. Ascend it and switch on the water. Now you can
    pick up the golem's head.
    27) Return to the dining room and use "EYE WATERING KEY" to open the door on your left. Wooden
    planks are easily destroyable with a sword. Explore the maze and find the "GOLEM LEFT ARM."
    28) Proceed up and up until you find a way to the XWYZ section of the library.
    Take the "BLANK PARCHMENT" from the table. Take the "HORN OF WINTER." To take it out from this section just throw
    it to the lowes level through non-grated section (W-column)
    29) Now go to the tunnel behind the desk.
    30) Plant a "MAGIC BEANS" under the huge tree with a wooden platform and water with a water arrow.
    You'll find a "HALL OF ASHEN SOULS KEY" in the chest on that platform.
    31) Climb a ruins a bit (you'll need to repeat a bean trick once more in a different place)
    and find a "GOLEM RIGHT LEG" on the ledge near the waterfall.
    32) Now jump inside the ruined tower with a closed metal door. The position where the LEG was is perfect
    for this jump. And dive into the tunnel. The tunnel is swimmable without breath potion but there is one near the tower.
    33) And again you're in the library. RS-zone now. Use the "BLANK PARCHMENT" on
    the rune and you'll get the "WORD OF AWAKENING" to your inventory.
    34) Go to the lowest (ABC) level of the library and get the HORN. Return to the room with green/white marble floor and find a huge metal door with the horn insignia above it and use a horn to open that door. Take the "GOLEM RIGHT ARM."
    35) Now go to the outdoor area with ruins, rusted swords, and another huge metal door with horns insignia.
    Open it and go until you see a golem assembling machine. Put golem's limbs into the socket
    and "WORD OF AWAKENING" to the golem's head. Now the 2 golems will open the big gates.
    36) See the balconies and ladder on the top floor at the right? Your goal is there. Go! (Be careful about dark wooden tiles -- they are unstable and will surely break under the player's or monster's weight)
    37) At the top, you'll find the mage's quarters. And even higher the needed crystal.
    Take it, activate the vine rope, and go home.
    38) THE END.
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    It would be nice if someone who actually know English could read and fix this text. My English capabilities aren't very good.

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    Thank you sir!

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    That is a shame that you can't record videos

    But seriously, good job!!

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    Good walkthrough, but I think it would be good to mention about instant death falling tiles in Winter Fortress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galaer View Post
    Good walkthrough, but I think it would be good to mention about instant death falling tiles in Winter Fortress.
    Maybe you're right. But that is a rather trivial nuance which is easily discoverable by the player himself

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    Quote Originally Posted by A.Stahl View Post
    Maybe you're right. But that is a rather trivial nuance which is easily discoverable by the player himself
    I mentioned that mostly, because you warned players about living statues. And that's also the stuff easy to discover.

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    Voila, did you recognize the fresh walkthrough on yt ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Sahnebacke View Post
    Voila, did you recognize the fresh walkthrough on yt ?
    Thx, but I think that having a readable walkthrough and a video is great, different taffers prefer different things

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