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Thread: Seeds of Doubt in 3D

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    Seeds of Doubt in 3D

    People are shipping and receiving mystery seeds in the mail. The USA and other countries are attempting to follow the courier in hopes of catching the people sending the seeds. The Chinese government is being blamed for sending them but may be running interference with public statements to the contrary. US and other countries authorities are saying even though jewellery was included in one of these shipments this is not precious cargo and that these seeds should not be planted. Security authorities from around the world are eavesdropping on this possible Chinese plot. These packets should not be opened even if people are wearing masks.
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    howeird be like "It's a Chinese government plot!" and all the news articles be like "Someone's trying to inflate their online product review score".

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    This doesn't sound like the typical "brushing" scam. I thought the typical brushing scam requires a falsified sale to be tracked to delivery through an online retailer. Let's say it's Amazon. If Amazon is fulfilling the order, an actual product would be delivered to somebody who didn't order it. Likewise, if the order is fulfilled by a 3rd party seller who isn't part of the scam, an actual product would still be delivered. If the order is fulfilled by a 3rd party seller who IS part of the scam, then there's no reason to ship anything at all. And why seeds? That calls attention to the scam, which is not what you would want to do if you're the scammer.

    Maybe somebody is just trying to stir up some shit? Give some fuel to the China bashing in an election year? For the lulz?

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