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Thread: Any coffee aficianados here, or Nespresso users?

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    Quote Originally Posted by heywood View Post
    Like caffeinatedzombeh said, they did seem very needy, which is not what I want, but they had a lot more users at work. At home, it will just be my wife and I most days, so it might be low maintenance enough.
    My experience(1 user, 2 cups per day):
    Refilling water: 3-4 times per week
    Emptying drip-tray: ~2 times per week
    Cleaning the brewing unit: you're supposed to do this every week but, uh... pretty much never. :P
    Integrated cleaning program: I do this when the symbol starts flashing ~3-4 times per year. Takes half an hour, kinda a hassle. I clean the brewing unit here as well.
    Integrated desclaing program: Same deal, the symbol starts flashing maybe once a year.

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    I've been trying to limit myself to one coffee a day, I'll take a 10-15 minute break from work, grind the beans (I'm currently going throug a Sumatra Gayo phase, stuff's delicious) with a manual Porlex grinder and prepare the coffee in an aeropress. It's a small ritual and the resulting coffee is so satisfying.

    Also, fuck Nestlé.

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    That doesn't sound too bad henke.

    It looks like the cheapest super-auto machine that has decent reviews is the Gaggia Brera:

    $449 on Amazon

    Any last advice I should be aware of before I buy?

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    I like my coffee either 100% black and bitter or just basically 98% milk with no in-between.

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    I would not advocate the Nespresso. We had one and it was terrible. However, the thing I would advocate probably isn't available in your country. I try not to be snobbish about coffee, I don't care about all the fancy new types, I just want a good plain black cup, no milky contaminants whatsoever, frothy or otherwise. For that, a plain cheap Swedish brew machine would do the job, about £12, but of course I can't get one here in the UK. Yes, paper filters, but much better than the weak dishwater I got in the US. You might perhaps want something else, though. Swedes drink a lot of coffee, usually black and strong.

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    Do you have a picture of a Swedish brew machine? I put "Svenska kaffemaskin" and "Svensk kaffebryggare" into image searches and got the same sort of hits I get with an English search of

    I ordered a fully auto Espresso machine. Haven't got it yet. So it may be a moot point, but I'm kind of curious about what you mean.

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    Hmm, I couldn't quite find a good example, but this is close enough. A little bit pricier though, maybe £25-ish, but there are cheaper, simpler ones. You can just walk into any major supermarket and pick up a cheap thing, they're everywhere, it's a nation addicted to coffee. You already solved your problem, so pointless to do more research, but what I was talking about is pretty much like the thing in the link, only cheaper.

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    The important thing with these brew machines is that they get the water hot enough. Most cheaper ones actually don't, so they aren't able to extract as much out of the coffee. You want it pretty close to 100 degrees Celsius (not quite boiling) to get the best extraction. Then you can adjust your amount and your grind to taste; for consistency it's best to fix as many variables as possible.

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    Been using this machine for 18 months, very good coffee, I would only swap it for a Sage

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    I grind my coffee and use a French press, wouldn't have it any other way really...

    Though, I tried an Italian one (the moka pot one) but for some reason it never cured well so I stopped trying. I do want to get one again, a good, original one from Italy, because that's what I plan to use on the boat (French press break too easily for boat life). We'll see.

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    I still have my french press. but I only use it occasionally on weekend mornings when I'm in no rush. During the week, time is always tight from getting the kids out of bed to driving them off to school. I love just being able to press a button and have a cup ready a minute later.

    Gray - that looks exactly like the small drip machine I had when I was a university student.

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