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Thread: Flight Unlimited vs Microsoft Flight Simulator

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    Flight Unlimited vs Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Has anyone had a try of Microsoft Flight Simulator?

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    There are three versions of Flight Unlimited and around a dozen versions of MS Flight Simulator. Which fracking whats are you asking us to compare?

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    Quote Originally Posted by milrivels View Post
    Has anyone had a try of Microsoft Flight Simulator?
    Wow, I was so pleased when I saw activity on this site today 👍 I had fun here a decade ago 😊.

    I am guessing you want a comparison to the newly released MS flight Sim. I haven't tried it but I expect it to be amazing.

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    It's a red letter day, with new TN:SFC and FU posts! :)

    There's been discussion of MSFS2020 in General Gaming:

    * Initially
    * And then

    It sure does look pretty!

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