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Thread: Winzip

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    I wanted to install the Darkloader or one of its equivalents, but I haven't done this kind of thing in ten years and computers have changed. I think I need to buy winzip. I've used up the trial period without getting things working. Trouble is they want 50 bucks. Thief 2 cost me about 2 bucks. It rankles me a little that I might need to spend 50 to get fan missions working. Is there some other legitimate free program that can unzip things?

    Are they ever going to let me have another free trial?

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    What you want is 7-zip. There is really no reason to use anything else these days, and it even opens those pesky RARs.

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    And Windows has natively supported opening ZIP files since Windows XP.

    And NewDark already has a perfectly good FM loader built in.

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    You don't need to buy anything (I don't think you ever did..?) And don't use Darkloader, it's outdated.

    Use something newer like AngelLoader or NewDarkLoader. The New Dark patch also comes with FMSel built in.

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