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Thread: Upcoming FM Contest - Fall 2020

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    Upcoming FM Contest - Fall 2020

    Hey all - Just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be starting up a new FM contest later this week - hopefully it's not too soon after the last one. It's going to be a smaller and shorter contest that the last few that we've had, more in the line of what some of Komag's earlier contests were from the early days of Dromed and fan missions. I believe it will be ideal for both newcomers and veterans alike.

    Mainly just wanted to make sure everyone is aware of it, and also looking for any suggestions or ideas for the contest in general. To be honest, I'm mostly set on what kinds of limitations and rules will be involved, but I'm always open to suggestions too.

    I plan on posting the announcement on Thursday, October 1st in The Editor's Guild, so check there for details.

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    I think another 6 room contest or a 64^3 contest could be fun. I don't think I'd be able to take part, myself, unless the deadline is quite late in the year.

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    Hurray! New FMs... Have you seen that thread "my fm" or something? I've finished that mission. Why? Because no known unfinished missions left

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    6 rooms or 64^3 is too small, I like the idea of 96^3, or just 100x100x100 for 1 million units. 500K could be neat as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A.Stahl View Post
    Hurray! New FMs... Have you seen that thread "my fm" or something? I've finished that mission. Why? Because no known unfinished missions left
    Jarlfrank has a mission he is working on that was supposed to be released after the contest. Donít know the status of it but it should be coming out soon

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    That's a very great idea! Also, the T2 anniversary had some of the brightest moments in FM history, but everyone would have been glad to see more entries.

    I would love to get the feel of those early contests, and the quality but compact missions participating in them as well.

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    I'd like that the rules let people to use custom textures and sounds, so we can see their full creativity.

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    Now, what if the theme of the Fall contest was... "fall"?

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    my idea for theme would be "surreal/non eulidean" since a smaller contest would be perfect for that theme

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    What about another 72 hour contest? Those missions were tight yet amazingly fun. That Zealot mission was certainly fantastic to play around in.

    Or maybe a vertical contest.

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    72 hours was tossed around as an idea but in my opinion these aren't suited for novices, mostly because DromEd is not very user-friendly and most of its operations are slow and require some busywork that only people who are comfortable with it can do fast. I mean it was a real struggle for me to make it on time with both the 48hrs and 72hrs contests, and that's with being really acquainted with it.

    In any case the theme for this one is one million units.

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    Also, Zealots Hallow was a 64^3 contest, not a 72 hour contest.

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    I've posted a separate thread for the contest. Check it out here:

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