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Thread: Help requested: Shadow of Doubt re-edition (Tears of Blood)

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    Help requested: Shadow of Doubt re-edition (Tears of Blood)

    I've found it useful to post my progress for the different missions in my upcoming Shadow of Doubt re-edition. A post the penultimate mission Broadsword of Sheol allowed me to get considerable help, and while there's still a bit left to do, I'm well on my way. As for the antepenultimate mission All Astir, I've understandably received less feedback, but have been able to receive some help elsewhere. The forum posts nonetheless remain an important reference point, and I'll be updating them whenever significant progress is made.

    Now for the current situation. For the past 2 months or so, I've been working on "Tears of Blood" re-edition, and progress has been very satisfactory. I've been able to expand the mission considerably (especially the endings, which are now multiple), the overall mission is now more than twice the size of the original.

    I've included a list of things to do (and for which I may need assistance) for "Tears of Blood" below:

    • Firstly, I need some custom crowd objects: crowds of people, groups of peasants. The context a small town street in the daytime. On one end, there will be a small market. Maybe groups of 5 to 10 NPC, low poly models, which should be static, or perhaps have a few jointed limbs which can be animated through tweq (head, arms, or torso). This is merely to create the illusion that the town is inhabited rather than empty. I'm hoping that these inanimate objects, alongside moving NPCs, can suffice to create the illusion of the town being inhabited. If anyone can help here, I'd be very grateful.

    • Secondly, I was wondering how to implement a "secret mission" in my campaign depending on how the player finishes the "Tears of Blood" mission (either item acquisition or ending location).

    This is all the help I require so far for this upcoming mission, which will hopefully be finished soon. If I need extra help, I'll be updating this list.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Here's how I have hidden missions in TROTB 2. Basically, I just use the KDScript and have KDTrapNextMission with next_mission_on=xx in the design notes (xx being the mission number) activate when certain conditions are met.

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    Thanks Gort, I'll look into it.

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