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Thread: Thief FM contest - “One Million Units”

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    Thief FM contest - “One Million Units”

    Announcing the “One Million Units” Thief Fan Mission contest

    • The contest will run for 3 months, from October 1st through December 31st
    • The idea is to create a mission that will not exceed one million total Dromed units in size. This is a throwback to the types of contests run in the early days of Dromed by Komag.
    • Missions can be created for Thief 1, Thief Gold, of Thief 2.
    • Authors may use any resources they choose, this is not a stock contest.

    To reiterate - Your completed mission must fit inside a single rectangular area brush that contains a volume of no more than one million Dromed units.

    Some examples…
    100 x 100 x 100 - Cube
    124 x 248 x 32 - Long and flat
    88 x 88 x 128 - Vertical

    To help put this into perspective, the smallest mission in the last contest (Fierce Competition) was 7 million units. So you’re looking at something approximately 15% of that size.

    For inspiration, you might want to take a look at some of the standout missions from previous contests. All of the missions listed below will fit into the space allowed for this contest, most with plenty of room to spare.

    Into The Maelstrom by Morrgan/Vigil
    The Tower by Lady Rowena
    Temple of the Tides by Nameless Voice
    The Hightowne Museum by Spitter
    The Relic by Timon
    Ashes & Dust by Random Taffer
    The Affairs of Wizards by Nameless Voice
    Old Comrades, Old Debts by Bukary
    Deceptive Perception by William The Taffer
    The Burrick’s Head Inn by Yandros
    Keyhunt by Eshaktaar
    The Night Shift by Ottoj55

    Also keep in mind that you do not have to use all the allotted space available, and can choose to go with something smaller instead.

    Any blue rooms or other behind the scene stuff that will not be visible to the player can exist outside of the million unit area.

    Voting - We’ll rig up a voting system similar to what we’ve done for previous contests, based on three categories:

    1) Best use of space
    2) Design/Construction
    3) Atmosphere/Story

    Good luck to all. PM me if anything is not clear or if you have any questions. Also, not required, but if you intend on joining the contest, please send me a PM so I can keep track of all potential entrants.
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    Awesome, looking forward to it! I just played "The Tower" by Lady Rowena and really enjoyed the size and playtime. The 20th anniversary contest was great and the missions were mind blowing but I wasn't able to finish them all because some were so enormous (and great), looking forward to playing more of these so I can vote properly.

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