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Thread: The Mighty Eddie Van Halen has departed for Valhalla

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    The Mighty Eddie Van Halen has departed for Valhalla

    Eddie Van Halen, Rock Legend and Guitar Hero, Dies at 65

    Farewell to one of the greatest guitar players the world has ever known...

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    Breaks my heart, I grew up on their music. Saw this little snippet recently, thought it was awesome:

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    Yeah, first it was Peart, now Eddie...both musical demigods taken from us in 2020.

    Here's his classic guitar solo from back in the 80's...

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    I believe he was best known for Jump and Eruption.

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    A lot of folks were disappointed when jump came out because we were looking forward to new guitar licks. He was so different and inventive we couldn't wait to see what followed Eruption. It's not that Jump was a bad song but this was a guy who invented his own guitar (Frankenstein) and his own style of getting the most from it. Nobody had heard anything like his guitar sound and he was a worthy follow up to Hendrix.

    Truly a rock god has left us.

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    I grew up with Van Halen. Sort of. I was into heavy metal in the 80s. They were not my favourite band, but I was quite impressed with his technique of playing up on the neck of the guitar, in a way I had not seen before. But it became a stale genre, I turned my back on metal to Kraftwerk, the diametrically opposite enemy, and bought a synth. And then Van Halen released Jump, so of course I used that to try to learn how to play. I never did, because I lack talent.

    As much as I tried to escape that era, I can not deny that Eddie Van Halen had a very strong impression on me. And I still can't play the keyboard worth crap. Then again, I'd never would have made a decent guitarist anyway. I'm just grateful that somebody so talented embodied both.

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