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Thread: Custom sitting motions

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    Custom sitting motions

    Hey everyone. I'm currently interested in custom sitting motions. What has the community created so far? The standard sitting motions would benefit from more variety, fidgeting, moving around on one's chair, moving the AI's arms, feet or head. I'm still unfamiliar with many of the newer FMs, where would be a good place to start? Also, are these custom motions reposited anywhere?

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    Salut, you could try the settings ...

    Add>State>Current Mode>Dead
    Add>Creature>Current Pose> (motion, Frac="position")

    ... as motion you could use the "knee bend" conv42 (or Sit2Lie, Lie2Stand), then try several positions (= knee angles) ...

    And I remember a sitting AI in "Kings Story" with a book on his knees, maybe another useful motion.
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