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Thread: The Turtle Has Passed.

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    The Turtle Has Passed.

    I donít post here much anymore, even though I pop in a couple of times a week.

    But I thought that the old gang from the
    mid-to-late 2000ís would want to know that, sadly one of our buddies, Turtle passed away yesterday at the ridiculously early age of 44.

    I enjoyed chatting with him back in the day, I remember him as a very funny chap, and even though itís been a number of years Iím still sad that heís gone.

    Rest in peace, buddy.

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    Oh man. I never really knew Turtle or have any kind of a "connection" with the guy, I sort of didn't even realise that it's been such a long time since he was a regular in here. However, I still associate the word "turtle" with him, despite of not even knowing him personally, so he must have left some kind of an impression with me! It's always sad to see a fellow TTLGer pass away, especially at such a young age. So long, Turtle.

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    I didn't know him well either, but he was one of the crew and 44 is way too early. RIP Turtle.

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    One more Hyperballad for you, Turtle.

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    Well sonofabitch. I liked turtle. This is truly the most shitty year on record. All I can recall of him is that he had daughters, liked Sangria, and was a fan of Clutch, all of which puts him aces in my book. I hope his family weathers this okay. It's always a blow when a good guy like him leaves us and double so if he is kin. Do you know what got him David? Not that it matters. Shit this sucks. Thanks for letting us know though. That was decent of you.

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    Turtle was cool, and 44 is too young.
    Looking at his Facebook page, it's pretty clear he was well liked by everyone. That's a telling sign of someone's good character.

    @Tocky, on his Facebook page, someone explained in a public way that it was complications from diabetes.

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    Rest in Peace, Turtle.

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    Yeah I remember him being a funny guy. Damn, 44?

    Rest in peace, Turtle.

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    I don't know what to say, I'm pretty stunned by this. I saw it on Facebook and sort of didn't believe it until I checked here. I never interacted a whole lot with anyone here, but I've been hanging around for twenty years, and I remember Turtle well.

    RIP dude.

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    I never met Turtle here but I send my condolences to all of you and to his family. That is too young to go.

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    I remember him from the old days, I was really shocked to see the news on FB. 44 is so tragically young

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    Sad news. Far too young. Rest in peace.

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    FUCK 2020

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    oh my god

    One of the original early TTLG crew who contributed heavily to the nervy, humorous energy this place had back then. Met him at the TTLG Chicago meet back in...2003, was it? I think he might have slept on the floor of my hotel since he didn't get a room, although I might have invented that memory in the 17 years since. I absolutely remember him being a sweet guy for someone who was so hilariously profane online.

    He had a daughter.

    fucking hell

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    I like not this news. Bring me a different instead.

    Starr's crying, too.

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    RIP Ken

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    My condolences to his family. Rest in Peace Turtle.

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    El Pato
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    Descansa en paz...<3

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    Registered: Feb 2001
    We didn't interact much but remember some of his posts. Sorry to hear this.

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    Wow. Another big presence gone, and far too young. RIP turtle.

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    Wow, this thread is like a wake. So many old familiar names I haven't seen around here in a while.

    I don't remember early Turtle because I missed the formative years of CommChat, but he was still pretty active when I drifted over here and I remember him being a fun poster with a contemporaneously sarcastic wit. Nobody should die at 44 and hearing he had a daughter who won't see her father grow old makes me feel pretty bad even if I didn't really know him.

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    That's far too young RIP, Turtle.

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    Now that I've had time to process this a bit, Turtle deserves more than just a single word from me.

    This really hits me hard, on multiple levels. Mainly, I feel like a piece of shit, because I realized that I hadn't really talked to him much in a few years and hadn't checked in with him personally, even though I knew he'd gone through some tough times. Like everyone I get complacent and substitute scrolling past on facebook for maintaining nostalgia, in lieu of reaching out. We had just connected on twitter a couple of weeks ago and I even goddamn had the thought right then that I needed to e-mail him. Fuck me.

    The fact is, he was always the bellwether of this place for me. If I could make Turtle laugh, I knew I was on the right track. In fact, I don't think there's anyone whose approval meant more to me when it came to "funny" because he was so wickedly clever himself, just on another level from everyone else. Go back and read some of his posts here, he routinely made jokes that read like dad jokes, but there was always a layer and a thought process under it that made me say "Damn, I wish I had thought of that connection."

    And if he agreed with something you said, I would always give it a chance, because he really was fundamentally a good and thoughtful person (unlike a lot of the rest of my favorite people around here, who are mostly degenerate reprobates like myself). He was genuine with a heart of gold, and absolutely humble.

    He didn't talk about it much, but his family has been through some shit in the past couple of years. He had two daughters, both teenagers now, his wife has serious health issues that basically incapacitated her, and his sister had health issues as well. He just soldiered on, supported all of them and never did complain that I ever saw. He deserved a shit ton better than he got, and I'm sorry he didn't get to an easy stretch in the road to relax and enjoy life a bit. He was a really good man, and I can honestly say that I both respected and loved the guy. I'm going to miss him terribly.

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    This is so sad to hear. I never interacted with Turtle much, but he was always a delight both on the forum and even on Facebook. He will be missed.

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