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Thread: Lady Rowena birthday!

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    Danke @baeuchlein
    The title of her thread is so direct. In two words. And a lovely story about the portrait of Flavios Father appearing in a Lady Rowena game. Reading the huge response from the community to her post brought a tear to my eye.
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    What an honor it is to have you, Flavio, tell us more details about your precious mother. Lady Rowena has left her mark on all us Taffers! She's been the subject of our conversations more these days, specially after playing her last FM "Home Sweet Home" for the past 2 days now. Seven Sisters, another all time favorite, she was so talented in her creativity. Her contribution will always be appreciated and her legacy will never be forgotten. Thank you for your heartfelt homage and your humble disposition, she must have been proud of her dear son.

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    I don't know how I missed this thread but thank you, Flavio, for posting. I miss her.

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    I really miss Lady Rowena, she was the one that got me into Thief 2 Fan Missions, back then I wouldn't care about them because I'm not actually the kind of man who is into mods, let alone "fan missions", I just tended to have a big mistrust with community content.

    But playing her "Lady Rowena's Curse" fan mission? Oh momma, I got into Thief FMs, hard. I think Thief is my most played game now in terms of hours, more so than even Neverwinter Nights.
    I never knew her personally, but she is great, especially in making these missions. Just absolutely amazing. I'd say Flavio is lucky to have such amazing parents.

    I never ever felt scared in a videogame until Lady Rowena's Curse, she's the lady that opened my heart to the wonders that are Thief fan missions. Amazing game, amazing fan missions, even amazing community.
    A Legendary Game for a Legendary Lady.

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    Gone but never forgotten. She was one of the greatest examples of the diverse talent of this community.

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