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Thread: Lady Rowena birthday!

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    Lady Rowena birthday!

    Lady Rowena would have turned 70 today!
    You don’t know much about her, I can tell you something more so her work that you appreciate so much will have even more value.
    Lady Rowena's real name is Adriana, she was Italian and she was born in 1950.
    He stopped studying at the age of 14/15 without having a diploma, he obtained it by studying self-taught when he was about 27 years old!
    She was 17 when she escaped from a boarding school in Venice and went to Rome where she started attending the world of painters, in 1968 she met her lifelong partner Aldo who was 19 years older than her!
    In 1969 their only son Flavio was born… me!

    Mom and Dad both painted and lived by selling their paintings. It was not easy, the money was scarce but they were two creatives, they would never have done "normal" jobs.

    Adriana as well as painting played the guitar and sang, she learned English (always self-taught) to translate the lyrics of the songs and also to understand the instruction manuals of the various recorders, effects, mixers and everything else needed to play well. sample and record.
    Everything that was technologically new became a new passion, the first approach to the world of video games was PONG, then he bought the first PC almost as if it were an accessory to record music.

    Little by little the passion for video games took over, then the editor and so Lady Rowena was born.

    The last few years have been difficult because Aldo was ill. This forum, you all were very important to her, was the only escape from the sad reality, here she could express her creativity and have fun.

    The one who managed to entertain and excite you was a lady born in 1950, who studied alone, learned English, to use a PC, to program etc. without any preparation.
    Adriana was shy and reserved,
    She would never have told you these things. I hope he doesn't get mad at me! I think it is right that you know because knowing you will appreciate his work more and maybe some of you will become a little less shy, so you will achieve more in life. I am proud of my mother but I can no longer tell her.

    Excuse me if I made some mistakes in English, I'm much less good than Adriana! Thank you all.

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    Thank you for the story of her life. She will live on in the fan missions and all the other wonderful things she created and gave life to.

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    Thank you

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    Dear Flavio , You don't believe how important it is to find out who the person behind the computer keyboard and the screen is. To know who programmed the fan missions and what kind of person it was, in big and small things. It is interesting that a woman turned to the development of the personal computer from the artistic and painterly side. Normally, artists who are associated with paper and canvas all too often avoid electronic media. Today maybe not like in the old days, but your mother would have turned 70 today! I congratulate from afar and I remember this silent holiday!
    (translated with google translator)

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    Thanks so much for sharing this info, Flavio. We really appreciate you coming here and taking the time to give us some details on Lady Ro's life.

    I recently played The Tower, and was reminded of how amazing and creative she was. I think I'll fire up some of her other missions today in memorial. Its's sad we won't get any new FMs from her, but we can at least cherish the one we have.

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    Thanks for sharing this, I didn't know much about her other than her name.

    I didn't know her very well, but we'd spoken by email a few times, and she always came across as a really nice and friendly person.

    She is still missed here, both for her good nature and her amazing talent (The Seven Sisters is my all-time favourite Thief FM.)

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    happy bday "lady Rowena" you are a legend and will never be forgotton,dewdrop and raindrop miss you lots and one day we all will be toghter with the builder,rest in peace and live on in our memorys forever

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    Thank you for the wonderful eulogy, Flavio.

    Even though I spoke with your mother on several occasions, I wished I'd become more acquainted with her.

    May she rest eternally in peace.

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    Thx Lady Rowena for your wonderful missions. I will hold her and their work in honor :3
    She will not be forgotten

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    I still get chills when I think about her missions and the amazing stories she crafted.

    Miss you, Lady Rowena.

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    I play her missions regularly. They are some of the best ever. You are sorely missed Lady Rowena.

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    It was lovely to see this on the forum, Flavio! I miss her a great deal. We managed to connect with each other through this forum and then emails and I considered her to be a good friend. Her missions were a joy to test and play and it was easy to see from them that she was a beautiful soul. She lives on through her talent and creativity. Happy Birthday, dear Adriana!

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    Happy birthday to a lovely lady, who is sorely missed. Thanks so much for sharing. =)

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    Grazie per la bellissima storia, la ricorderemo sempre attraverso le tue parole e le sue stupende missioni, tra le migliori in assoluto.

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    That was a beautiful tribute. Thank you so much for it! I get a notice about her birthday every year from her Facebook page, and so I think about her every year around now.

    I think you may have heard before, but in my opinion, Adriana was one of the greatest game level designers ever, not only just for our game, but for any game. The way should told stories and built her worlds gave me some of the greatest gaming moments I've ever had. And she has been so influential, I see her influence in so many levels still made to this day. I can tell you the level I made had her ideas all over it because she was so influential to me. I am not surprised that she was an artist at heart. She was also such a wonderful person to chat with. She had so many good ideas and observations. I miss her greatly, and it makes me happy that her memory lives on as strongly as it does. Happy Birthday, Adriana. This one's for you.

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    Truly touching writing Flavio, thank you for telling us her story!!

    I've played The Seven Sisters, Rowena's Curse and The Tower. I enjoyed them all greatly and my personal favourite would be The Seven Sisters (maybe my all-time favourite FM). Her memory lives on through her amazing work!

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    Thanks for sharing her story. Her missions are still some of the best around, and it's good to see that so many people remember her fondly.

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    Thank you so much for sharing a little about Adriana. Although I did not know her, I feel I did know her through her beautiful missions. It is wonderful to know more about who she was.

    Happy Birthday Adriana. You have bought a lot of joy to many of us. You will never be forgotten.



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    Flavio, there are no words to express the gratitude we have for your beautiful post about your dear Mother. With all sincerity, she was very dear to us too.
    I had some brief conversations with her about character textures in the past, all too brief, but I always found her to be very polite and ever so enthusiastic about her art.
    While Adriana's Fan Missions are undoubtedly among the very, very best this community has to offer, I believe her most enduring legacy is how she inspired so many wonderful authors to tell their own amazing stories through the medium of this unforgiving, buggy little game engine.
    Albert Camus said" To create is to live twice".
    I would add, to inspire others to create is truly a gift for everyone.
    So, Happy Birthday Adriana. Anyone who could find a place for 'Venus in Furs' in their fan mission truly has the 'heart of a poet'.


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    Flavio, thank you so much for coming here and posting such a wonderful eulogy and story of who your mother was! We all loved her and her works here, but to here more about her personal life and legacy is a special gift you have given us. Thank you!

    P.S. I will be sending you a PM soon to follow up on an email from earlier this year.

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    Lovely words, Flavio. Happy birthday do Adriana! She was very creative and talented. Thank you for sharing

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    Thank you for your post, Flavio! As you can see here, and even more in other threads of this forum, your mother was not only respected for her character, but for her works (which are at least partially a form of art) as well. This includes stories and storytelling in the bounds or frame a computer game can offer. And just in case you did not know: There are already several fan missions with small rooms dedicated to her memory. As far as I know, only a few authors (and other Thief fans) have been liked so well by other authors that they even got several grave sites in the fictional world.

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    Happy birthday to lady rowena! I didn´t get to know her but I love her fanmissions and it made me really sad when I heard that she was already gone. I don´t even dare to play her "home sweet home" cause it makes me sad to know she had to go before she could finish it. She was a great artist, which is clearly shown in her fanmissions.

    And as baeuchlein already mentioned, there are some fanmissions that have small rooms dedicated to her, for example one in sensut´s "Nosferatu". If you´d like to see it for yourself

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    Home Sweet Home was one of the first FM games I played which I chose because of its title. It was only when I read the Briefing Notes and Credits that I discovered the author had died and the game was her last. My attention was grabbed by how the mission started. It had a style I liked and I searched the forum for more information about Lady Rowena. I always feel games say something about the author and your Mother was clearly a very talented person. Reading your wonderful post, I'm sure she would not be mad at you I think she would be very proud. You don’t say if your father recovered from his illness Flavio but I know looking after an ageing parent can be very hard and hope that you yourself are well! All the very best and Thank You Adriana!

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    According to this thread, Flavios father died even before Lady Rowena.

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