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Thread: Autumnal Music, Books, and Films

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    Autumnal Music, Books, and Films

    Hello, guys. Are you excited that autumn is slowly coming to greet us with her falling leaves, glowing pumpkins, and chilly nights? What are your favourite cultural works associated with this season?

    To start with, I will post my favourite song by Blue Öyster Cult. Those who play Thief will probably recognise it from the intro video to "Autumn in Lampfire Hills", a classic Thief: The Dark Project fan mission.

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    I would be excited but I reside in the southern hemisphere, where it is spring

    this is my fave cultural work from the season
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    Gothic Song to go with the Movie

    Must be 'Just in your country' Icemann because it works for me.

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    It’s raining and it is November:
    Autumn lays siege now to the heart
    That sadly, though more wont than ever,
    Endures its secret pains apart.

    And in the room, where resignation
    Sees daily life pass as it may,
    From streets that speak of desolation
    A bleak light falls at close of day.

    The years pass by but never alter,
    The difference will soon be gone
    Between dim memories that falter
    And what is lived and is to come.

    Lost are the ways I knew of gaining
    Release from time in earlier days;
    Always November, always raining,
    Always this empty heart, always.

    Original text: Het regent en het is november.
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    Edit: Oh, and I can't forget this one!

    For good measure, some people like the Dusty Springfield version.
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    Since it's Halloween and this movie wasn't the worst I've seen and this music isn't the worst I've heard...

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