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Thread: Prefering Thief Gold over The Metal Age

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    Prefering Thief Gold over The Metal Age

    Upon replaying The Metal Age for the millionth time. I can't help to feel that the game feels lacking.
    Maybe it's the fact that Thief Gold/The Dark Project had more time to flesh out and evolve?
    For me there are great concepts for Thief The Metal Age I feel falls flat. I almost want to say
    that they were heading in the right direction in which fans had to pick up and develop more so
    through their own using lore that was already present.

    While there, Thief Gold has great atmosphere. Characters are more fleshed out. You know why
    Garrett is motivated to do what he must instead of just nudging the story along ever so slightly
    in The Metal Age. Don't get me wrong. I love the Metal Age, but I feel as if though it had abruptly
    ended maybe through lack of creativity or lack of resources. Where I think overall Thief II Gold
    would have benefited most when it comes down to design and execution.

    Would it have been better if Thief II Gold would have released with more fleshed out missions that
    didn't require that you repeat the same map from Casing the Joint and Masks? Honestly it's hard to
    say that hardcore DromEd collectors (such as myself) saw the base design of the missions. Enjoyable,
    but would it hinder The Metal Age's Reputation?

    The reason why I think this is because it was going in an odd off course plot that would have been
    suited more so for Thief Gold/The Dark Project being that in extension they would involve the
    Hand Brotherhood. Which, if you are like me... I wish they could have extended on that lore.
    Believe me when I say that I loved The Hand Brotherhood Mission in which I came up with my own
    concepts to someday release to the world. I owe a lot more to the Thief Community than that though.

    Long story on that circumstance. I'll detail it more if I can discipline my mindset and mental illness to
    tackle on completing missions.

    Overall I'm trying to say that I saw where The Metal Age was going in terms of setting and environments
    in which the Thief Community had better ways of fleshing out and developing. I could understand why they
    wanted to develop and branch out the story in another direction if it meant adding onto lore that "could have been".

    If I had the time I would write an essay about the matter and how Thief Gold is underrated when it comes down to
    the Thief Community and them preferring Thief II for setting and overall feel. Because Gold is more fleshed out doesn't
    mean that we shouldn't add more to its setting. I mean... afterall we do all have a copy of DromEd.

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    I wouldn't say Thief Gold is underrated at all. I'd say the community is split more down the middle. For me it's TG all the way. My main reason is pure level design. 1/3 of the missions in T2 are outright boring, or too easy, or both.

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    Every once in a while we have a thread where we all state our preference for TG or TMA. Although I am partial to TG, TMA is great as well. For me it is hard to forget the great feeling the first time I played Lord Bradford and heard the Bear Pits conversation. I still remember that.

    I think as a community we are split but there does not seems to be a lot of love for T3.

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    my personal feeling is thief 1 is better then thief gold due to mission order and i hate how the talisman missions were screwed up in thief gold,but the extra missions in thief gold were a nice touch,thief metal age added dewdrop which is the best thing in all thief games,and thief 3 is amazing but the game engine ruins it,i always said if thief 3 would have thief 1/2 movement it would have been the best out of the 3,excluding the lack of dewdrop

    also thief 3 sounds/music/voices was hands down the best compared to thief 1/g/2

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    this isn't a hot take at all, and as klatremus said, i think the modern day remnants of the thief scene are somewhat evenly split between thief 1 and thief 2 fans. if anything, the divide's actually gotten worse in the last few years - even in the mid 2010s, around 2015 or so, when i first became obsessed with the series, most people seemed to unanimously agree that thief 2 was the GOAT and that absolutely nothing could ever top it. as time went on i noticed more people growing to appreciate the dark project's more raw and grotesque aesthetic, and now every single thief-related conversation i see outside of sites like ttlg turns into an epic DARK PROJECT VS LE METAL AG3!!! shitflinging contest and while i may be exaggerating things, i have absolutely no idea how things reached this point. it's still a little aggravating

    i don't remember which one i liked more initially (maybe tma, briefly) but i've been a tdp diehard for years, it's so relentlessly dark and sinister and oppressive and i absolutely love it, it still resonates with me... and most of the game is actually good and fun to play, unlike tma where the latter half of the game is a miserable slog. i'm not confident thief 2 gold would've "fixed" the game's pacing issues wither - looking back at thief (1) gold, only one out of the three new missions it added was genuinely good, it didn't really do anything to fix the "bad" missions in tdp and in fact it somehow managed to make lost city slightly worse? doesn't mean i wouldn't want to play a fanmade t2g, but still...

    and even then, a good portion of the people who prefer thief 1 (like me) do so because it's surprisingly different stylistically, and i don't think an extra undead mission in thief 2 would've changed that. they're both unique takes on the city and not everyone is going to prefer karras's steampunk utopian robot hellscape (although i do prefer him as a villain to constantine and gamall...) ultimately both games are absolutely amazing and we will never see anything like them again in this industry so who cares

    and of course there's thief 3 but lol who cares

    god i missed downwinder's posts

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    One amazing thing is that everyone enjoys both Thief 1 and Thief 2, just to a different degree.

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    You're not the only one. I replied to a thread earlier this year about it after finally playing both games.

    Thief 1 had excellent mission variety, with constant surprises thrown your way. For reasons I cannot fathom, a lot of people disliked the horror-themed missions focused around dungeon-crawling (these were honestly some of my favorites), and they veered towards pure burglary and stealth in the sequel. While T2 is a great game in its own right, it also has some of my least favorite missions (Trace the Courier, Casing the Joint, Soulforge) and is lacks the creative spark I felt playing the first game. Plus, I dislike how the movement was altered and the difficulty design is less interesting.

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    I think if Thief Gold included Thief 2's Bank mission, as well as Life of the Party, it would be the perfect game. I'd even throw in Soulforge, if the mix of missions would result in a story of Garrett profiting off the conflict between the pagans and Mechanists (kinda like Clint Eastwood in Dollars). I'd probably take out Strange Bedfellows, Escape, and Mage Towers.

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