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Thread: Dromed custom resolution outside program files

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    Dromed custom resolution outside program files

    I use for set custom Dromed resolution and it works when the Thief 2 location is in Program Files (x86) (Dromed must be opened for second time) but because it's not recommended to have Thief in that location I tried to have it outside Program Files (x86) but this time I can't set the desired resolution in Dromed. Otherwise, I don't have problems with running Thief 2 fan missions or with Dromed when using Program Files (x86) (GOG release).

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    Moved this to The Editor's Guild where the Dromed folks hang out.

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    um, set the editor resolution up in DromEd.cfg, done and working forever from any location? assuming a proper T2Fixed install.

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    I need to set override high DPI scalling behavior. Now it works.

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