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Thread: The Golden Boy is gone

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    The Golden Boy is gone

    It really shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone, but somehow I never thought that this day would really come: Diego Maradona is dead.

    I'm fully aware that most people in here don't care about football, but El Diego was much more than just a football player - he was a cultural icon, a crazy but more colourful version of today's Messis and Ronaldos, and quite possibly the greatest footballer of all time. Yes, of course Maradona was a cheating drug addict too and not always such a nice person, but he was also a troubled soul whose life under constant pressure probably wasn't very easy despite of all the fame and fortune. Diego's story is a tragic one really, and while I mourn his passing, I'm somehow pleased that at least he's at peace now.

    Just look at that. Truly legendary stuff, that and the other (in)famous goal of his in the same match. I was only three at the time and can't remember the actual game, but since my country didn't have any international superstars back then (still don't really), Diego Maradona became my childhood hero (that might also have been because he was just about the only footballer that I knew, but even today I still like to see Argentina do well), and probably the reason why I even became a football fan. He broke my nave young heart in the 1994 World Cup for failing the drugs test; I remember feeling so disappointed, but at that point my footballing world was just about to have a new king anyway. It's a real shame how Maradona's life was all downhill from there, but considering his lifestyle and previous near-death experiences, it's a miracle that he even saw his 60th birthday (a couple of weeks ago). I hope that he found some happiness in his later life, despite of all those moments of craziness.

    Sleep well Diego!

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    Lol that commentator though. The enthusiasm from those countries' commentators is always amazing to see.

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    Maradona made it look downright unfair that he was even allowed to play.

    I've sometimes wondered why you don't see quite the same level of flair as you used to in the '80s & '90s in football.
    I can't figure out if it's just the nostalgia clouding my judgement, or if the science / strategy of football has become so developed that there is just less breathing space in the modern game for as many opportunities for that kind of play.

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    I think it's because the level of athleticism is much higher.

    Teams from the 80s role be able to keep up I don't think.

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    Even I know who he was. He was a real character and really fun to watch. RIP.

    It's interesting. A group of my American friends have started this thing in the last few weeks where we pick the closest premier league football team of our home city in the old world, like where our families came from if you went back, well in my case 270 years ago straight down the paternal line to Birmingham (allegedly), and become fans for a season, following the team and all the drama of it. Kind of stupid I suppose, but they wanted to get a taste for some of the madness, and what other team are we going to pick?* So I thought to play along, and the closest for me is evidently Aston Villa, but only because Birmingham City isn't Premier League this year, whatever that means.

    So begins my long education in this strange, crazed world.

    * My actual hometown, Fort Worth, although my high school friends were mad about high school-level soccer (I was even starting forward for a season, okay for the JV team, until I learned soccer & track don't mix!! You try running 2 miles after being kicked in the shins a dozen times.), the state itself doesn't represent it so much. Like hockey is a bigger deal. ... Texas is a hot state, so that tells you something.

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    Might as well start with a patronising explanation of the thing:

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