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Thread: The Clock Tower - A New Thief Fan Site

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    The Clock Tower - A New Thief Fan Site

    Hey all. I’ve been working on designing a site that will bring together a number of sources of information and media from across the franchise and community. That said, I realize Thief fans have always been dedicated ones, and as such have already created numerous fan sites, mission repositories, and message boards as well as thief-inspired artwork, podcasts, fiction, and more. So why one more fan site?

    The answer is a simple one. The community has been stagnating for some time now, with the most obvious reason for this being that Thief is effectively a dead franchise; Square Enix holds the rights to the series, but doesn’t want to do anything with them after the flop of 2014’s reboot. As a result, many prominent community members have long-since abandoned their sites and databases. While a few remain, it seems like the vast majority of fans remain in small, disparate groups.

    The idea behind The Clock Tower is to create a more modern and accessible site that contains or links to any and all of the Thief information and media that’s accumulated over the years. I’ve been collecting lots of hidden gems (fan artwork, developer interviews, etc) over the past few weeks, and I’d love to share my findings. More than that though, my ultimate goal is to help breathe some new life into a fanbase that’s felt abandoned for a while now. While I’m a graphic designer by trade and have worked on the look and feel of the site, I’m hoping to recruit some help from you, my fellow taffers, to get it fully operational.

    I’ll be reaching out to lots of different people-other fan site creators, wiki contributors, discord server admins, walkthrough authors-in the hopes of getting their endorsement and support. Ultimately, the more fans we can get involved with the project the better. So if you’re like me and want to see our community continue to prosper while ensuring that the series’ legacy endures despite the fate of the franchise, then please reach out. I’d love to chat with you about the Clock Tower and hear why you’re still walking the City’s shadowed streets at night.

    Cheers & Happy Thieving!

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    Please tell us this site's name isn't an homage to Emo Garrett's hideout from Worst Thief.

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    I knew someone would call that out. No, it's not a reference to Thi4f, just a notable landmark from the series.
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    I wish this site grows up!

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