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Thread: Fallout 4 question

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    Fallout 4 question

    During the opening we see the nuke go off and see a blast of air hit us, or very nearly. Wouldnt this have radiation accompanied with it? I've thought about this since they say Shaun is the only human child without corrupted genes due to radiation. Has anybody else wondered this? I love this game, I took a loan here to upgrade my PC for this game.
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    The flash won't make you radioactive if you're far enough away - the really nasty rays don't penetrate atmosphere that well. Most of the radioactivity is going to be in the dust kicked way up in the explosion's mushroom cloud. When that deadly radioactive dust drifts down from the sky, it's called... ...Fallout.

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    I've just started playing Fallout 4. The game is really good.

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