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Thread: Box art and promotional images

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    Box art and promotional images

    Hey all,

    I am looking for high resolution images of box art and ads from the first Three games.

    Did an advances search but my keywords didn't return any threads, so I was wondering if any of you have scans of any of the original media or could link me to places they can be found?

    To clarify a little better, I am not necessarily looking for high resolutions scans of the box, but the original art FEATURED on boxes and promo materials.

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    Phantom had this thread on Thief 1 pre-release material. There are some articles on Thief and ads from PCZONE magazine in there too.

    I had this thread on Thief 2, couple of ads there:

    Thief 1 box covers and lots more media:

    Thief 2 box covers with lots more media:

    Thief 3 covers with yet again more media:

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